Thursday, May 10, 2012

{ Meet Jessica King... }

Jessica King is a 26-year old Office Assistant from Hailey, Idaho.  She served a mission in Spain and loves to travel.  Jessica has too many favorite movies that she can't pick just one but if she did it would be based on her mood at the time. If she wants to laugh she'll watch a movie like What Happens in Vegas. If shes in the mood for a classic she watches Singing In The Rain or My Fair Lady. If she want some Drama, she'll choose movies like The Count of Monte Cristo, Most Recently she has loved The Avengers because she thinks everything about it is awesome, and it makes her laugh, which she always loves.  If she had to be a character in a movie she would be Rapunzel because she wasn't afraid to step out of her tower and chase her dreams.

In Jessica's own words about why she thinks that she and Kent are a good match, "On paper he seems like a good match for me. We have a lot of similar interests and the Lord seems to be a priority in his life as He is in mine. It seems with our common interests we could create an exciting adventure that would be worth exploring."

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ncg204 said...

Me gusta!This girl seems like she'd be fun to hang out with. Ella es muy linda, tambien!