Monday, August 23, 2010


Many of you have been asking us how this little journey of love is going to work.  Here are the details.  Please e-mail us at if this post doesn't satisfy your curiosity.

The Rundown:
Round 1 - 22 eligible bachelors will be chosen by The Mormon Bachelorette staffers.  They will be scheduled for dates that they will plan and pay for with Aubrey between September 16th-October 7th.
At our mid-season "Mocktail" Party Aubrey will hand out a rose to 7 of the 22 Bachelors to move onto the next round.  The community (all of you followers) will vote for the remaining spot.
Round 2 - 8 remaining bachelors will take Aubrey on a second date that will be planned by The Mormon Bachelorette staffers between the dates of October 8th-15th.
Round 3 - 1 lone bachelor will be chosen by Aubrey to continue on this journey of love on October 16th.

*Please see the calendar of events for each "Mocktail" Party.  Of course, as loyal members of our following community you will have a VIP pass to each party and might even find a little love of your own*

May Aubrey's journey to find true Mormon love begin...


Brooke Wilkins said...

Aubrey is the perfect choice for "The Mormon Bachelorette." She is gorgeous, down to earth, fun and just plain awesome! So excited to watch the journey unfold!

carrie said...

This is awesome, I hope she finds a good match!