Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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The date with Natasha was fantastic.  When the production team of TMB told me that most of the footage from my date with Natasha was damaged in the uploading process I was really bummed out because I feel like Natasha and I had a natural chemistry that doesn't really show in the footage we had left.  I will try my best to describe how great it was here and hope there will be a second date so we have another chance to show how much of a connection we have on the screen. Since I watched the Season Premiere I was really excited to meet the beautiful brunette that kicked butt at Roller Derby.  I have to admit an athletic and competitive girl has always been very attractive to me.

Natasha is a super fun girl with a ton going on for herself.  As soon as I opened the door the date started off wonderfully and just continued to get better and better.  The best thing that I remember about picking her up was the beautiful and enchanting smile she had when I opened the door.  As soon as we got to the car we started talking about each others' passions and interests.  Natasha had planned a wonderful date - we drove down to Anaheim to a restaurant called the White House and then spent some time in Downtown Disney.  I know this is kinda of sad after such a well thought out date, but the drive down was one of the most interesting parts. The traffic was absolutely terrible and a drive that should have taken us no more than 40 minutes took us nearly 2 hours because of Southern California traffic.  We were laughing the whole time mostly with each other but often at each other as well.  

When we finally arrived to the restaurant we were greeted by the owner and founder which was a really cool experience.  The dinner was wonderful and one thing among many that I loved about Natasha was that she wasn’t afraid to try Escargot for the first time.  We enjoyed sharing our dinners and getting to know each other throughout the entire meal.  After dinner we went to Downtown Disney.  When anywhere near Disneyland I turn into a little kid so she chose a very good place to take me.  There was live music, people and the best of all the fireworks.  Before the fireworks started Natasha bought me Mickey Ears and bought herself some as well.  Watching the fireworks with Natasha was spectacular and majestic.   Being around her was so natural and easy that there is no doubt in my mind that I will ask her back for a second date.  I hope she accepts my invitation...  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{ Date #8 - HEIDI KULICKE }

Spending the evening with Heidi was really nice.  She had planned a wonderful date in the crazy city of Venice Beach, where the people watching is entertainment enough for a whole night and the restaurants are outstanding.  The date started by us driving to Venice Beach and eating at a wonderful restaurant by the water called C&O Trattoria.  The dinner was amazing but the conversation was a little bit awkward which I knew was partly my fault because I found it difficult to find things to talk about.  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was really cool.  

After dinner we fought our way through traffic to the Venice Canals.  I had never been to the canals and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  LA being such a crazy and wild place it was nice to find a place of tranquility and peace.  I am very thankful to Heidi for introducing me to a place that brought me that feeling.  While we were walking along the canals we had a great missionary experience when a group of young adults called at us while sitting on their porch.  We discussed what we were doing and why we had cameras following us around.  We were able to share a bit about the gospel with them and it was a nice touch to see Heidi interact in a situation where she might have been caught a little off guard.  

After our walk along the canals we went onto the pier and painted with spray paints and poster board.  We both made some really good pieces of art and I really enjoyed that part of the date because it wasn’t in an awkward romantic setting but it was a place in which it was easy to play and be myself.  Heidi made a fantastic poster of the galaxy.  She is so artistic and talented.  It was great getting to know her better as the night progressed.  I think Heidi was a little nervous throughout the date but the times when the camera was turned off she was a little more comfortable and natural so the art project gave us an amazing opportunity to just have fun and be ourselves. 

Overall the date with Heidi was a really nice time getting to know a wonderful girl but I really don’t think there is any chemistry there so there will probably not be a second date.

Monday, July 23, 2012



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The Nightline date - haha.  This date was a much anticipated date in which the crew at Nightline was joining us for the whole night.  Before the date started I had the opportunity to sit down with them and get comfortable with additional cameras and directors asking me questions all the time.  During all the fun and craziness I was really excited to see who my date was and to see what she had in store for us.  

To my pleasant surprise my date was Melissa Morales.  Melissa has a big and bright personality and she was the perfect girl to take out on this date.  Her ability to be comfortable in front of the camera made the date even better and made it easier and more enjoyable to be around her.  She has a lot of sass and attitude which is all I could expect from a Dodgers' fan going out with a Giants' fan like me.  We had a great time poking fun of each other all night long and we just goofed around throughout the whole date. 

We drove to downtown LA and enjoyed the atmospher of the a parking lot filled with food trucks, which apparently Los Angeles is famous for.  Melissa did a great job of planning which ones to go to and I enjoyed every delicious bit of the three trucks we visited - neither one of us were afraid to eat a lot and enjoy every bite.  It was pretty funny because we had to spend so much time with Nightline that we ate quickly at each truck to get through all 3.  Melissa handled herself very well and very professionally in front of the camera which made the date better and better.  

After enjoying the food truck fair we walked through the streets to the Art walk and entered a few galleries.   We were lucky enough to rub elbows with some of the artists themselves and get to know where their inspiration came from and the story that they have behind each of their pieces.  It was a really good experience and it was good getting to know Melissa through the activities that she had planned.  She was a great date and the only questions I have for myself is whether she is my type or not.  Shes fun and spunky and has a rocking attitude about so many different aspects of life, and she was very enjoyable.  Overall I had a blast and although dating a Dodger's fan is on my list of red flags, I might just make an exception for Melissa.  I think there is a good chance for a 2nd date to find out for sure.

Friday, July 20, 2012

{ Date #6 - Kent Tuttle??? }


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This entire process has been a great experience so far but it has most definitely taken a toll on me physically and emotionally.  I came to Erin's house today excited to see the next girl on this love journey I am on, so when I opened the door to find Kent there I was shocked and confused.  He told me that my date was held up in Utah which basically means I got stood up.  I know that the switch of me becoming the Mormon Bachelor not only affected me but also the girls involved and everyone has had someone stand them up on a date, so I chalked it up to the reality of dating.  But I was also relieved that Kent was there to lessen the blow and take me on a man date.  It was a nice break from the crazy dating process, and I really got to unwind and tell him about how I have been feeling this last month.  I’ve been running on empty for a few days and I needed something to fill my tank back up. 
The time I spent with Kent was well needed and we were able to catch up on not only his new romance, but my possible 12 new relationships.  We were able to talk again about the reasons he dropped out of the show and how everything was going with he and Carlie, better known as CarlieStylez on YouTube.  He was able to get some information out of me that I hadn’t shared with anyone else about how I have been feeling about the show and some of the feedback people have been giving me over the comments I had made in past dates, specifically my honesty about my attraction to Jessica, which I felt horrible about after it aired.

It is amazing how the intent you have comes across completely the wrong way that you intended and you only realize it after it is too late.  I reached out to Jessica that day and sincerely apologized about hurting her feelings.  What none of you know yet is that a few of the 12 girls I have gone on dates with have not accepted 2nd dates, because they simply weren't into me.  I haven't taken it too personally but I know that women are really tender with their feelings and I should have been much more respectful about that when I talked about Jessica after our date.  The fact is I really enjoyed our date and hoped that we could be friends.  I think that ship has sailed on her end but I really apologize for any harm done.

Kent has been here for me through this whole process and it was good for us to sit down and take some time for ourselves so he could help me realize that it isn't always important what people say to try to get you down - especially in online conversations.  We went to Churros Caliente off of Santa Monica Blvd. and just sat down and enjoyed some of the finest churros anyone makes.  Churros brings me back to my mission in spain where we used eat them all the time so I just felt a lot better after a few stressful days with my best friend, eating my favorite food. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{ Date #5 - SHARLA KLIMT }

After I was named The Mormon Bachelor for this season I knew that I would have the chance to date some amazing women.  This had never been clearer in the journey than when I opened the door to date #5 - Sharla.  Sharla has such a positive and beautiful attitude toward everything and I knew that she would be one of my favorite dates.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Los Angeles and the weather was more than ideal for what Sharla had planned for us.

Being so near to the 4th of July I knew that fireworks or 4th festivities would be worked in somehow to one of my 12 dates. Sharla directed us down to Santa Monica college where they were having a free concert and fireworks show.  From the beginning of the date it was very easy to be around Sharla because she has a sweet and sassy personality with a lot of amazing qualities.  It was super easy to see that I had instantaneous physical chemistry with her, which is really important to me, and that was very apparent throughout the entire date.  We couldn't stop touching each other's arms or hugging the entire night.  It felt so natural to be affectionate with Sharla but more than that - I felt sparks. 
It all started when we arrived at SMC and Sharla made the move to hold my hand which kind of caught me off guard a little bit but in a good way.  We laughed and continued our conversation all the way to the grounds where we laid our blanket down.  The music was fun and it was magnified by the time spent with Sharla dancing and goofing off amidst crowds of random people.  We then went to the food trucks and spent an endless amount of time standing in line wondering if the line would ever start moving.  I didn't mind really because it seemed like we had so much to talk about.  It never became dull and there was no awkward silence.  We made our food order just in time for the fireworks show which was hands down one of the greatest firework displays that I have ever seen.  It went on for a good 15 minutes and I couldn’t have asked for someone more wonderful to share it with than Sharla.  After all was said and done we made our way slowly back to the car and continued to just get to know each other.  The drive back was just as pleasant as the rest of the date and if you ask me I wish I could have spent a little more time with her.  It was easy and natural to be around Sharla and nothing felt forced in the least.  There may have been friends who speculated that there was some kissing behind the scenes of the camera.  I have never been one to kiss and tell so I cannot confirm such rumors, but I can say that I would have felt comfortable kissing Sharla even though it is not my norm for a first date.  I was definitely taken by this beautiful girl.
Sharla was an absolute blast and there is no doubt in my mind that I want to bring her back for a second date but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Monday, July 16, 2012



Courtney was such a pleasant surprise for my 4th date and our date was planned to perfection. It was a beautiful and cool breezy day in Marina Del Rey which made for an interesting date with what she had planned. From the beginning of this whole process I was excited for the opportunity that I had to have Courtney take me out on a date. Our interactions through the casting process were funny and pleasant. She was one of the last girls I interviewed and to say the least I probably came off a little jerkish and done with the whole thing. On the date she didn’t let me forget that, and we laughed over it and over the fact that everything worked out the way it did.

Courtney took us down to the harbor where we laughingly and playfully enjoyed a nice little session of paddle boarding. I love anything that challenges me and I’ll just say paddle boarding was a little bit of a challenge for me. I looked awkward and shaky the entire time and nearly fell in a few times. Setting the awkwardness and shakiness aside the time and laughter Courtney and I enjoyed was beyond memorable. She was so funny and sassy, constantly making fun of me and my, let’s just say, unorthodox style of paddleboarding. The wind was pushing us all over the place and we discovered a little hiding spot for a group of local sea lions. In an extreme effort to impress my beautiful date I began to speak sea lion and surprinsingly enough got a response from them. They just told me that Courtney is a keeper and and a gem in so many different ways and I completely agree with their consensus. We laughed and enjoyed each others company for quite awhile out on the water. Courtney has such a beautiful countinence and she carries herself in such a confident manner. She planned a wonderful date.

After getting back to the dock we playfully skipped up the ramp and back to my car. The drive up to the restaurant was a blast. It was a beautiful day and driving up the 101 to Malibu with Courtney couldn’t have been more perfect. We soon found ourselves at Gladstones Fish House on the coast. The restaurant was so beautiful and was at a perfect location. We arrived at sunset and just enjoyed each others company as the sun was setting over the pacific. The food was only magnified by the presence of Courtney and the light and fun that she brought to the entire date.

It wasn’t easy saying goodnight to Courtney because I just wanted the date to continue. Courtney was an absolute breathe of fresh air and I am crossing my fingers and wishing on a star that she accepts a possible second date.

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Friday, July 13, 2012



Danielle was a pleasant surprise for Date #3 and it was so much fun going on our date.  It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles and I believe the weather gods blessed us with a beautiful and sun shiny day.  Danielle took us down to the Santa Monica pier and we just enjoyed the beautiful day down there, people watching and riding the carousel.  It was nice to just go and have a good time without an agenda.  I have always enjoyed relaxing dates and this was just what I needed and better than that with a girl like Danielle.  I could laugh and be myself instantly.  

For lunch we had the opportunity to relax and talk while walking down the pier to the restaurant Marisols.  The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and sits at the end of the Santa Monica pier over looking the beautiful pacific ocean.  Danielle and I enjoyed sharing guacamole and getting to know eachother.  She is a very interesting girl and has a lot of experience in work and living in fun and interesting places which is something we connected on instantly.  After enjoying our little treat we went and watched some dancing street performers which is something that I love.  I love dancing and I actually started to dance a little while one of the dancers was performing and some even tried to convince us to get up there dancing as well.  Danielle was a great sport because instead of getting embarrassed, she just sat there with a grin on her face acting pretty amused at my random burst of public dancing.  

We then walked up to the carousal, but along the way there were some big snakes.  I didn’t know this but Danielle was terrified of the snakes and she clasped onto my arm like her life depended on it which I didn't mind at all - it felt very natural to be appropriately affectionate with Danielle.  She was so scared that she could barely even talk and I thought it was so cute!  I like it when girls squeal and get uncomfortable after a date.

Danielle's date was simple and I loved the casual nature of the date.  I feel like it helped me get to know her really well quickly.  I had a very good time and hopefully will be seeing her again soon:).

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.  When I opened the door and saw Jessica standing there I immediately felt this sense of peace come over me.  She had this huge bubbly personality and great smile and I went from the nerves of a blind date to the comfort of spending quality time with a quality person.  It was the just the date that I was hoping for at the beginning of this crazy journey.

The date started out with the two of us going to a wonderful little taco shop in Beverly Hills called Benitos.  Occasionally I like fancy dinners but I prefer hole-in-the-wall dining establishments - especially Mexican food in LA.  It hit the spot.  During our simple but fantastic dinner a little kid came up to us selling cookies so he could pay for a field trip to the San Diego Zoo.  Jessica was so sweet to him and immediately made him feel confident when she asked him questions about where he was from and what he was going to do at the zoo.  She didn't hesitate to pull out her wallet and donate to his cause.  It wasn’t forced or fake - it was sincere and sweet because she truly has a heart of gold.  I have always looked for that quality in my future wife - in a few moments I learned a lot about Jessica and know she is going to be an incredible mother.  That is such an important quality in my eyes, because I want to feel confident that my wife will be able to provide a safe place for our children while I'm off working hard (hopefully as a dentist really soon).

After dinner we then went to Swingers where I had pre-arranged the bakery to set up 2 amazingly delicious cupcakes for us to enjoy before heading to our Improv show.  One of the funniest things that I learned about Jessica while eating cupcakes is her love for Justin Beiber.  She has a very bad case of Beiber fever.  It's not that I'm a hater but I just don't have that kind of love in my heart for the Biebs.  It isn't a deal breaker but she may have written me off because I just can't stand the kid.

At the LA Improv comedy club after dinner and dessert we enjoyed an amazing show by the performance group the Thrillionaires.  They were spectacular and absolutely hilarious.  They did a skit about Jessica and I on our first date and it was entertaining and a lot of fun.  We got pulled up on stage and they let us have it.  Jessica has such a great personality and lit up the room.  Everyone around her instantly likes her.  I had a very good time on the date and it will go down and one of the funniest and best dates I have been on in a long time.

I'm not as sure about a 2nd date with Jessica but I would feel like I am missing out if we can't develop a friendship after The Mormon Bachelor.  I want to make sure I am very honest in my feelings about each of these women and I hope they are equally honest with me.  At this point I see her as a friend.  Having said that, maybe the reason things haven't worked out in my former relationships because I don't put friendship first.  I know that Jessica and I would always have an amazing time and I know I would be lucky to have someone like her in my life.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

{ Date #1 - TIFFANY MIGDAT }

About 3 months ago I thought my only involvement with The Mormon Bachelor was Casting Director for Kent Tuttle, my best friend.  When Erin called me and told me Kent had fallen for Carlie while in California filming for show at first I was really frustrated.  I had spent hours and hours on Skype interviews with the girls that had applied to go on dates with Kent and it seemed to be all for nothing.  Little did I know that the stars would align for me to take over as this season’s Mormon Bachelor in only a few short weeks.  When I first expressed interest in stepping into the role I worried that all the girls and TMB fans would be disappointed that it was me and not Kent dating the amazing women I had chosen for him.  At the same time, I was excited about the opportunity to get to know the girls and date them because I already knew that they had amazing qualities and were the kind of girls you bring home to mom.  After prayerfully considering the decision, I decided to step forward and assume the title of Mormon Bachelor – I’m ready to get married after all and I have never been one to turn down a great opportunity.

Erin explained to me shortly after accepting the call to be the next Mormon Bachelor that she had given each girl the opportunity to continue on with the show, or not participate if they had their heart set on Kent.  From what I understand about 6 dropped out and 6 continued on to come out to Los Angeles and date me.  So I had no idea what to expect when I opened the door the first night to Tiffany Migdat.  Needless to say I was thrilled.  Tiffany and I had a great first Skype call and I had thought about her several times after that first interaction.  I was hoping she wasn’t one of the 6 dropouts because I really wanted to get to know her and felt like there could be chemistry at the end of the road.

The date with Tiffany was amazing because it was a simple idea but was a TON of fun.  Simplicity goes a long, long way.  I could tell Tiffany was a little nervous to have the cameras on the date so I tried to make her more comfortable by cracking jokes and putting my arm around her to let her know I was glad she was there.  Tiffany is a stunning woman, with an equally bright personality.  Although she was a little nervous, I still had a great time with her and I was glad we were finally on a date together after meeting through Skype several weeks before.  We were able to get to know each other pretty well on the date and she definitely has a mystery about her that I’m looking forward to discovering in time.  Tiffany has a quiet confidence and swagger that is so intriguing and attractive to me.  I felt like I was around a good friend and it was natural to be myself around her.

I can’t wait to see where this goes with Tiffany.  If it’s just toward friendship that will be amazing but I hope it ends up being more.  We especially connected when we danced at the concert and had fun laughing at each other’s awkward dance moves or lack thereof.  When we walked around the park I felt like I was walking and talking with someone that I could fall for.  Sometimes the best romances and love stories start out as friendships and maybe it’s the same way with Tiffany and I.  I would love to have her back on another date and hopefully the nerves will be gone and we can see where everything will go from here.  I know I’m just starting this journey but I hope she will say yes and see what lies ahead on a 2nd date.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

{ Season 4 PREMIERE is Here... }

Welcome to Season 4 - The Mormon Bachelor.  We are so excited that this journey is finally beginning!  With Chris taking Kent's place less than 3 weeks ago, we have had a blast putting together a season of love for our amazing Bachelor and the 12 lovely ladies chosen to be his dates.  Follow us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to watch Chris' first dates and get to know our Bachelorettes along the way.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

{ Sistas Beehive and Laurel - We Love You }

With all of the press that The Mormon Bachelor has received in the past several months, yesterday we were guests on one of the most fun!  Sistas In Zion is entertaining, spiritual, HILARIOUS and informative - you should all follow them!  Here is the link to our interview yesterday (Mormon Bachelor on Sistas In Zion) - and a sneak peak into one of Chris' dates this season Tiffany.

Sista Beehive ---------------- Sista Laurel
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