Thursday, July 26, 2012

{ Date #8 - HEIDI KULICKE }

Spending the evening with Heidi was really nice.  She had planned a wonderful date in the crazy city of Venice Beach, where the people watching is entertainment enough for a whole night and the restaurants are outstanding.  The date started by us driving to Venice Beach and eating at a wonderful restaurant by the water called C&O Trattoria.  The dinner was amazing but the conversation was a little bit awkward which I knew was partly my fault because I found it difficult to find things to talk about.  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was really cool.  

After dinner we fought our way through traffic to the Venice Canals.  I had never been to the canals and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  LA being such a crazy and wild place it was nice to find a place of tranquility and peace.  I am very thankful to Heidi for introducing me to a place that brought me that feeling.  While we were walking along the canals we had a great missionary experience when a group of young adults called at us while sitting on their porch.  We discussed what we were doing and why we had cameras following us around.  We were able to share a bit about the gospel with them and it was a nice touch to see Heidi interact in a situation where she might have been caught a little off guard.  

After our walk along the canals we went onto the pier and painted with spray paints and poster board.  We both made some really good pieces of art and I really enjoyed that part of the date because it wasn’t in an awkward romantic setting but it was a place in which it was easy to play and be myself.  Heidi made a fantastic poster of the galaxy.  She is so artistic and talented.  It was great getting to know her better as the night progressed.  I think Heidi was a little nervous throughout the date but the times when the camera was turned off she was a little more comfortable and natural so the art project gave us an amazing opportunity to just have fun and be ourselves. 

Overall the date with Heidi was a really nice time getting to know a wonderful girl but I really don’t think there is any chemistry there so there will probably not be a second date.


Rachel said...

I think Heidi looks a lot like the actress Amy Adams. Seems very sweet but maybe Chris would not be a good fit for her since they have very different interests and personalities.

Sharisse said...

So do we get to see one tomorrow too?

Anonymous said...

I don't like how there is no suspense as to whether or not there is a second date. I like to be left hanging!!

Lizzy said...

Heidi is a very talented artist. As my nephew watched this he said, "She created a masterpiece."

I'm wondering why she is wearing two different outfits for one date?

Mollie said...

Yeah, is this how the girls find out if they get a second date? By reading the blog? That's weird. She looks just like Amy Adams. Beautiful girl.

Sistas in Zion said...

We knew Chris thought he was the Mormon Fresh Prince of Belair! Did y'all see that Carlton should be mandatory for Chris to do a little dance at the beginning of each date. Maybe his next date could have them participate in a flash mob! Heidi is really creative and planned a great date, we wanna paint with you Heidi.