Monday, April 30, 2012

{ Meet Chelsea Larsen... }

Our next Bachelorette hopeful Chelsea Larsen, is a 19-year old student, blogger, and PR Manager for (kno)name.  She hails from Edmond, Oklahoma, and if she could spend her time doing anything in the world she would travel all over the world to learn about different cultures and do service work (teaching English, building schools, missionary work). 

Chelsea's favorite volunteer experience was when she helped put together backpacks full of school supplies for students who couldn't afford it. It amazed her to see how much happiness markers, pencils, paper, and a new backpack can bring to a child. Chelsea feels so blessed to have had such a rich volunteering experience and hopes to be able to "give back" throughout her life.

In Chelsea's own words, "Kent and I would be a power couple because we both are well traveled, want a marriage in the San Diego temple, are competitive with a love for sports, and are spontaneous. I want someone who is goal-oriented, enjoys being with family, and enjoys everything life has to offer. I feel like Kent is exactly that! After dating someone who didn't believe in the same things as me, I realized how important it is to be with someone who has similar goals as me. After reading some of Kent's blog, I feel like we share a lot of the same goals such as having an eternal family, doing service in other countries, and want to enjoy everything life has to offer! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

{ Help Eric and Seneca! }

Kent's best friend Eric Wood is getting married!  Since we are all about marriage on The Mormon Bachelor we wanted to help them win their dream wedding in Utah!  Here is how you can help...

1. Go to and watch the video for couple #2
2. Vote for couple #2 on the left hand side
3. Repeat on as many electronic devices as you can
4. Share with friends

Kent and Eric met playing little league football together when they were 10.  They had always been good buddies, but became great friends before their missions.  In Eric's words "I've always looked up to Kent and counted him as one of my closest and kindest friends.  We've been college roommates and I've seen Kent in so many phases of his life.  I can say honestly he is ready for love and all the wonderful blessings that follow it.  Girls would be crazy to not take the risk of getting the chance to date him."

Good luck Eric and Seneca!  We hope you win!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

{ Meet... Allessandra }

Meet Allessandra Caulford, a 24-year-old beauty originally from Commerce Twn, Michigan now living in Provo, Utah.  Allessandra does marketing and customer service for doTerra, an essential oils company, and her favorite inspirational quote is "A calm sea never did make a sailor great" because it's a constant reminder that I will have trials but that they are here to make me better, and one day great."

In Allessandra's own words, "finding an eternal companion isn't about being from and visiting the same areas. It isn't about having similar careers. It is about finding someone that fits you. Someone you can rely on. Marriage is about strengthening and growing together. I think Kent and I can do just that. We are two whole people open and ready for love. I have spiritually prepared for this experience just as he has. We would be that couple everyone loves because we would serve others. And most importantly I think we would be great parents together. We'd have a fun journey."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

{ Meet... Melissa P. }

Our next Bachelorette hopeful, Melissa, lives in Washington DC and works as an Analyst with the Department of Justice.  She loves working for the government and living around military families in our nation's capitol.  Melissa has a gazillion talents, and people love her baked goods and tell her she gives awesome massages.  One of her less obvious talents is in her words "a knack for being able to toss small objects (paperclips, small candies, etc.) into male dress shirt front pockets.  I know it sounds strange, but every time someone (guys are the only ones would would ever challenge and/or doubt my skills) thinks I can't do it, they end up completely shocked.  After that typically comes the "I bet you can't do it again" and I do it again.  Needless to say, I don't ever sit around the house practicing this skill on my nights/weekends...I guess it's just something I picked up!

When asked why Melissa wants to date Kent she replied, "I want to date Kent because he is ready to find someone to share his life with, as am I. I'm looking for someone to challenge me and vice versa.  Someone who can put up with my crap and give it to me straight :) Kent seems to be a kind hearted guy who would do anything for his family, who loves what he does, exemplifies his priesthood calling and finds amusement in life.  These are definitely qualities I'm looking for. I feel we would be a good match and make each other laugh, every day."  

Tell us why you think Melissa and Kent are a match made in heaven...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{ Meet... Brittany Phillips }

Even though applications aren't due until April 30th and we haven't chosen our 12 dates for Kent, we couldn't hide these beautiful Mormon Bachelorette hopefuls anymore so we thought we would share some of them while preparing to begin Season 4!  We need your help choosing the right girl for Kent!  Let us know why you think Brittany could be his "one"...

Meet Brittany Phillips, from West Linn, Oregon.  This beautiful 21-year old works as a Dental Assistant in (Endodontics) and enjoys outdoor sports like mountain biking, She enjoys the Banks-Vernonia State Trail with her family.  She is working on her snowboarding skills and also likes to hone in on her creative side by writing screenplays that she hopes to produce someday, drawing and making clothing. Last but not least, Brittany loves Batman.  Batman is her favorite super hero and she even owns "Batman throwing stars" which she considers her Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

In Brittany's own words, "I want to date Kent because he seems like a really sweet guy who knows who he is and is excited about life and what the future holds.  I think it's awesome that he's putting himself out there and it shows that he's ready for a relationship.  After skimming his blog (yes, skimming, I don't want to stalk too much before meeting him!) I can see that he has love for the Lord and puts his faith in Him.  It's important to me that any relationship I'm in has a spiritual side to it so that one day I can be married in the temple and my future family can have two parents who have their own testimonies of the church, but also that spiritual connection that will keep the family strong.  You marry who you date so I don't mess around when it comes to who I spend my time with!  I'm excited to have this opportunity to *hopefully* go on a date with Kent and I'm really looking forward to it!"

Friday, April 13, 2012

{ What Kent is looking for... By Jill }

Over the next few weeks we are going to give you a better idea of who Kent Tuttle is, through videos, blog posts, and today, through his family.  Jill Tuttle Taylor is Kent's younger sister who weighed in on her blog today about his ideal match - afterall, you marry into a family, not just a person.  For the entire blog post, check out her blog Words By Jill - it made me cry (in a good, I love my little brother way:).  We are even more excited after getting to know the Tuttle family to find the perfect match for Kent!

In Jill's Words:

Here’s my top-10 two cents…
A girl who…
1. Loves the Lord more than anything. More than she’ll love Kent, herself, anyone. Cares more about what the Lord thinks than what others do or say.
2. Is temple-worthy and desires a temple marriage.(Might even be willing to be sealed in Kent’s fav the SD temple!)
3. Wants to be a mom. A NICE mom who loves kids. Won’t yell at them like a crazy-person and has a service-oriented spirit. (As my baby starts to fuss in the other room…haha)
4. Can make Kent laugh. Doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Is fun, spontaneous and lives life to the fullest. Balances fun with deep intellect.
5. Can help Kent feel comfortable. Doesn’t stretch to make conversation. Is easy to talk to and real!
6. Is naturally good-natured and non-judgmental. Doesn’t dwell or feed on drama. Doesn’t talk bad about others or themselves.
7. Can support a family with strong financial common sense. Is smart and college educated. Isn’t afraid to go through dental school with Kent orsacrifice a little. Doesn’t feel entitled to things, or over-spoiled. My parents do SO much for us, so it’s nice to have a grateful heart.
8. Likes to be active, fit and fun. Enjoys sports and has a healthy competitive flair.Doesn’t mind getting sweaty playing vball or dirty when camping.
9. Dresses modestly. Always. Period. (Don’t know why that is so hard for some women…) It is about respecting herself. A girl who is not interested in getting attention from guys, but respect from them. Shoots for attention from the right men and will teach her girls to do the same.
10. Is someone I can look up to as a person of genuine kindness and character. Is willing to love our family as much as we’ll love her.
Loves Kent and can find true joy living eternally with him!
Best of luck to all the ladies, and I hope one of you will someday be my SISTER!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ A New TMB Staffer! }

Last season we had the lovely and talented Tristen Ure, Mormon Matchmaker, help Ashley along the path to true Mormon love.  As Kent wrote in his recent blog post about becoming the Mormon Bachelor, everyone deserves second chances at love.  Kent is ready for this journey and we think he needs a love guru to help him along the way.

When we met Zack Oates, one of our Top 12 finalists this season of The Mormon Bachelor we fell in love with his blog Easter Closet where he waxes eloquent on dating, love and relationships.  We think Zack is spot on with his advice so we decided to bring him on board to the staff here at TMB!  Zack will be advising Kent along the way in helping him find his one true love and we will all be there to witness it.  He will also be live blogging about their "love talks" on Easter Closet so during Season 4 check in for the daily dish.

Welcome to the Mormon Bachelor team Zack!  We can't imagine this journey without you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{ Calling All Bachelorettes! }

By now most of you have heard that our Mormon Bachelor Season Four is KENT TUTTLE!  Now comes the fun part - setting up the ladies that will be going on dates with him!  We have received a lot of questions so here is the 411:

1. There will be 5 rounds of dating this season:
- 12 first dates - the Bachelorettes plan these first dates which will take place in Los Angeles, CA
- 6 second dates - Kent will plan these second dates which will take place in Los Angeles, CA
- 3 third dates - the Bachelorettes will take Kent to their hometowns and plan a date and to meet their families
- 2 fourth dates - Kent will take each Bachelorette to his hometown of Sacramento to meet his family
- 1 final date - Kent will reveal his dream girl and will introduce her to Mesa AZ where he currently lives

But right now we are FOCUSED on finding the right 12 BACHELORETTES for this journey of love.  Get your applications in (upper left-hand corner) of this site.  Each Bachelorette will be asked to create a video all about them and why they want to date Kent. E-mail us at if you have any questions.

Monday, April 2, 2012

{ And the Next Mormon Bachelor Season 4 is... }

We know we have made you wait a long time before revealing our next Mormon Bachelor but the day is here! A quick thank you goes out to each of our Bachelor hopefuls for putting such hard work into their videos and engaging with all of you in their journey to true Mormon love.

The day is finally here... enjoy our journey from Aubrey Messick, Rick Buck, and Ashley Chapman, to the man we have chosen as THE MORMON BACHELOR SEASON FOUR.  We are so excited to begin the dating quest to find him an eternal companion!

If you would like to be a date on this Season of The Mormon Bachelor please submit your application by clicking on the APPLY button above. We are accepting application through April 30th 2012. If you wanted to date one of the Bachelors that we didn't choose for this season e-mail us at and we will make an intro - we are all about matchmaking afterall:).


{ SHOUT winner!!! }

Thank you to everyone who played along with the SHOUT app to get to know our Bachelors better and win a trip to LA to watch Blake Griffen and his team destroy the competition:).  After putting all of our daily winners into a drawing, the winner of the trip is... (drum roll please...)


Merebear we will be in touch with you today!  For the rest of you stay tuned ... in 10 minutes we will be announcing...