Friday, April 13, 2012

{ What Kent is looking for... By Jill }

Over the next few weeks we are going to give you a better idea of who Kent Tuttle is, through videos, blog posts, and today, through his family.  Jill Tuttle Taylor is Kent's younger sister who weighed in on her blog today about his ideal match - afterall, you marry into a family, not just a person.  For the entire blog post, check out her blog Words By Jill - it made me cry (in a good, I love my little brother way:).  We are even more excited after getting to know the Tuttle family to find the perfect match for Kent!

In Jill's Words:

Here’s my top-10 two cents…
A girl who…
1. Loves the Lord more than anything. More than she’ll love Kent, herself, anyone. Cares more about what the Lord thinks than what others do or say.
2. Is temple-worthy and desires a temple marriage.(Might even be willing to be sealed in Kent’s fav the SD temple!)
3. Wants to be a mom. A NICE mom who loves kids. Won’t yell at them like a crazy-person and has a service-oriented spirit. (As my baby starts to fuss in the other room…haha)
4. Can make Kent laugh. Doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Is fun, spontaneous and lives life to the fullest. Balances fun with deep intellect.
5. Can help Kent feel comfortable. Doesn’t stretch to make conversation. Is easy to talk to and real!
6. Is naturally good-natured and non-judgmental. Doesn’t dwell or feed on drama. Doesn’t talk bad about others or themselves.
7. Can support a family with strong financial common sense. Is smart and college educated. Isn’t afraid to go through dental school with Kent orsacrifice a little. Doesn’t feel entitled to things, or over-spoiled. My parents do SO much for us, so it’s nice to have a grateful heart.
8. Likes to be active, fit and fun. Enjoys sports and has a healthy competitive flair.Doesn’t mind getting sweaty playing vball or dirty when camping.
9. Dresses modestly. Always. Period. (Don’t know why that is so hard for some women…) It is about respecting herself. A girl who is not interested in getting attention from guys, but respect from them. Shoots for attention from the right men and will teach her girls to do the same.
10. Is someone I can look up to as a person of genuine kindness and character. Is willing to love our family as much as we’ll love her.
Loves Kent and can find true joy living eternally with him!
Best of luck to all the ladies, and I hope one of you will someday be my SISTER!


Christifer said...

I hope I get a chance to maybe prove to myself and others that this is the kind of woman I strive to be everyday.

Live at the Library said...

Um, the list describes perfection. Isn't that what EVERYBODY wants but nobody is?

H said...

"Don't know why that is so hard for some women..." You could say that about any flaw, but we all have some.

Gen-v said...

I LOVE this post! That's exactly what I want for my amazing little brother! I can really tell how much you guys love each other, and it's a beautiful thing!

BrittanyAnn said...

Thanks for this post Jill. This is what convinced me to apply for a date!

Ani said...

Love it Jill! You nailed it. Of course you would want only perfect for your brother! We should all be aiming for perfect...that is the goal!