Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ A New TMB Staffer! }

Last season we had the lovely and talented Tristen Ure, Mormon Matchmaker, help Ashley along the path to true Mormon love.  As Kent wrote in his recent blog post about becoming the Mormon Bachelor, everyone deserves second chances at love.  Kent is ready for this journey and we think he needs a love guru to help him along the way.

When we met Zack Oates, one of our Top 12 finalists this season of The Mormon Bachelor we fell in love with his blog Easter Closet where he waxes eloquent on dating, love and relationships.  We think Zack is spot on with his advice so we decided to bring him on board to the staff here at TMB!  Zack will be advising Kent along the way in helping him find his one true love and we will all be there to witness it.  He will also be live blogging about their "love talks" on Easter Closet so during Season 4 check in for the daily dish.

Welcome to the Mormon Bachelor team Zack!  We can't imagine this journey without you!


rachel said...

How did I miss this??? Zack - date me!

Deveny said...

This guy is hilarious - he needs his own show.