Thursday, June 30, 2011

{ A New Addition to TMB This Season }

A few months ago Aubrey and I decided that we wanted to bring on a guest staffer this season - the one and only Tristen Ure - better known to many happy couples as THE MORMON MATCHMAKER. Tristen and Aubrey, Co-Creator and first Bachelorette to find love through TMB went to High School together, and Tristen has also successfully set me up on several dates. We are confident that as she counsels Ashley down the pathway of finding true Mormon love she will be equipped to make those tough decisions and end up with Mr. Right.

If you too want Tristen's help in finding your one and only - go to and get in touch with her ASAP. You won't be disappointed. This girl is good.


She's a natural on camera don't you think? I echo Kari's sentiments - we hope this works out just as well for Ashley as it did for Aubrey and Matt, and Rick and Melanie. Here's to True Mormon Love!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Season Opener Airs JULY 1st - GET EXCITED!!!

Follow our YouTube channel - tmbseason3 to watch all the latest and greatest videos for Season Three.

{ Where Are They Now??? }

Erin Elton here - we are days away from Ashley's first date and we cannot wait to watch her find the man of her dreams.  In the meantime we wanted to catch you up on our former contestants - people ask me almost weekly about Aubrey and Matt, and Rick and Melanie.  No pressure Ashley but we have great things to report:).  Enjoy!

Aubrey and Matt Laidlaw and ???

Hello TMB world!  Aubrey and Matt Laidlaw here!  We are so incredibly excited for Ashley's upcoming season of The Mormon Bachelorette to get underway and hope you've been enjoying all of the sneak peaks at her dates to come.  Matt and I are anxiously awaiting the kick-off on July 1st and know it's going to be full of fun and surprises!  But before the new season gets underway, we thought we'd leave you guys with a little update from our neck of the woods...

So what have we been up to these last 4 months?  Well, after returning home from a FABULOUS honeymoon to Park City where we snowboarded to our hearts content, I moved all my things into Matt's place in Glendora and have been busy turning "his house" into "our home."  We absolutely LOVE being married and think it's so fun to share our story with everyone new that we meet.  

Lately we've both been keeping extra busy with our jobs, Matt at Laidlaw's Harley Davidson in Baldwin Park, and me designing wedding flowers for brides all over Orange County.  On our days off we've been enjoying this fabulous summer weather with dips in our pool, motorcycle rides through the Angeles National Forest, and planning our upcoming vacations to our family beach houses in July followed by Kauai in August!

There's also been some exciting buzz going around the Laidlaw household.  In case you haven't already heard the exciting news, Matt and I are going to have a baby!  We found out on Mother's Day and have been so unbelievably excited ever since.  Baby Laidlaw is expected to join our family January 15, 2012 so we're already thinking of names, wondering about the gender, and designing a nursery for our sweet little one!  

Thanks to The Mormon Bachelorette, we feel like we have had such a blessed journey and wish to thank all those who made it possible through their love, support, and dedication to TMB.  This year has truly been good to us and we hope at the end of this next season that Ashley Chapman can say the same.  Cheers to another successful season of The Mormon Bachelorette!  We'll be watching...

Rick Buck and Melanie Carney - UTAH???

Greeeetings from the land of Utah! Where people talk about the gospel at work and random people recognize Melanie and I on the street. After Melanie made a sacrifice to move to California for a month, to keep the relationship going, it was my turn to make a sacrifice. We both moved to Utah so that she can complete her dream of becoming a nurse. I know, I know I am making the bigger sacrifice, but it’s worth it to pursue the girl of my dreams. Things are going great and we are falling more in love every day. It’s funny a lot of people ask us, “Why did Rick move to Utah when Melanie can forgo nursing school and just stay in California and live off his income?” It actually was never a question in either of our minds. Family and kids will come (hopefully soon), until then I want my girl to feel accomplished and confident anyway she can.

Now that we are here, we are both busy. I work 6 days a week at two dental offices that are in Cottonwood Heights and Springville Utah. Mel is studying like crazy, but I hear she has a great tutor. Studying makes a great date…sorta. Apart from that we have gone hiking, went to a Scottish Festival, visited Temple Square, and gone to rodeos and swimming cookouts with married people and their kids. Yep, we are living the Utah Dream.

So you want the nitty gritty! Dating life is awesome, but its not easy. It’s funny because I was just asked to give a lesson in Priesthood as my initiation to my new Utah Ward. The topic: The Blessing of Eternal Marriage- the conference talk given by Elder Scott. Perfect! Just the lesson every bachelor wants to hear. Amongst many points given in the talk was one about how the longer you are single the more bad habits you pick up. So true! While being the Mormon Bachelor is a great title, you don’t get to being 30 and single without becoming more set in your ways. We have definitely had some heartache over small issues that we have worked out. However, growing together and kicking our habits has taken sacrifice and has ultimately brought us closer together. Just in case you were wondering my lesson was awesome and there is now a ward in Lehi, Utah full of mormon men now prepared for marriage.

Where do we go from here? Stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy some Bachelorette dating and maybe after this season TMB will be 3 for 3.

Larry and Brittany Caughlan - Remember our Camera Guy/Aubrey's date?

Hey everyone it's me, "Larry the Camera Guy". I was the one who filmed the dates, but than weaseled my way into the competition, only to ALMOST take the cake. I think the last time everyone saw me I was dressed in a shirt and tie jumping into Aubrey's swimming pool. Although at the time you may have felt angry, betrayed, sad, or even a little lost, or perhaps you were one of those who even questioned the meaning of life after Aubrey didn't pick me, I assure you just as you were able to move on (or at least one would hope) I too have found meaning again. 

Shortly after the wrap of The Mormon Bachelorette Season One, I took a vacation to Utah to visit family and friends.  While I was there escaping my past, a part of my even further past came back into the picture.  Her name was Brittany Bledsoe. I originally met her almost two years prior, right before she decided to serve a mission to Cincinnati, Ohio. I remember before she left, thinking, "Why can't I get a girl like that?" Right about the time I finished that thought, she left California, and left my heart forever, or so I thought.  She returned home from her mission, and moved to Utah to attend a nursing program. As luck would have it, while I was in Utah, we decided to catch up on the little bit of history we shared. One hanging out, led to one date. One date led to one hand hold. One hand hold led to one kiss. And, one kiss led to one "YES". Needless to say my quick vacation to Utah turned into a "stay-cation" lasting indefinitely. Brittany and I were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on Feb 11th.  We both live in Highland UT, because if we didn't that would be strange. I am now back in school, pursuing my doctorate. Because of my relocation, I am no longer with the T.V. show Fact or Faked, but I am now working as a video editor.  Brittany has a little over a year before she finishes her nursing program and upon completion, we plan on returning to SoCal. Not that this is public business or anything but I feel impressed to say that even though we would have liked to keep up with Aubrey and Matt on the baby having, it looks like Larry the 3rd and 4th will have to wait a little while, i'm still learning how all that stuff works.

I am so happy about how things turned out.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wife to share forever with. I miss the bachelor days, and I miss The Mormon Bachelorette days, but I wouldn't trade today for anything.  

Michael Petersen - You May Remember Him as Contestant #9 for Aubrey:)
I am engaged for the 25th of July!!! Just days after I get out of bootcamp. She will be joining me in Germany until I go to Afghanistan!!! I never knew what love was until I met her!!! It is a true love that will last forever!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{ 3 Days and Counting... }

We are THREE days to D Day (yes, that stands for dating:). Starting this Friday, July 1st, Ashley will embark on the love journey of a lifetime! We hope you will join us in her quest to find Mr. Eternal. In the meantime, see what her friends think about Ash, all of this dating craziness, and forever marriage. We can hardly wait for the excitement to begin!

Monday, June 27, 2011

{ Introducing... KURT }

We love this family man - do you think he will be the one to start an eternal family with Ashley?

Friday, June 24, 2011

{ Introducing... BRANDON }

Our first Dentist, Rick Buck was able to find true love with Melanie Carney - will Brandon have the same good luck with Ashley?  Time will tell...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{ Introducing... ERIK }

A true Renaissance Man, Erik is in this for the long haul.  What more could a girl want?  Good looks, celebrity lookalike, tight skateboarding skills, pro-Monkey bar competitor?  This guy has it all... but will he have Ashley's heart in the end?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{ Introducing... ADRIAN }

Nice cameo Dane. Will Adrian have a leg up on the competition because he is friends with one of the TMB All Stars? We think he can hold his own - do you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{ Introducing... TADD }

Tad is Rad - This Guy is So Cool - Enough Said.

Monday, June 20, 2011

{ Introducing... ADAM }

How can you not love a man who can dress up with the guys at Comic-Con AND show a girl a good time? Meet Adam - can he fulfill Ashley's dreams?

Friday, June 17, 2011

{ Introducing... KEVIN }

"I look forward to the future places we will enjoy together" - How sweet is that??? Meet Kevin one of our first locals... Will Kevin and Ashley have an eternity to discover these new places together? Only time will tell...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{ Ashley at Work }

We have seen Ashley play hard, whether on the football field or with her Arizona friends - but does she work hard?  It seems like half our lives are spent at the office so we sent our camera crews to capture Ash where she spends her 40 hours a week, and found out why her co-workers are excited that she is the Mormon Bachelorette.

Monday, June 13, 2011

{ Introducing... JACE }

With only 3 weeks to go until D Day we have a lot of amazing men lined up to try and sweep Ashley off her feet.  Meet Jace from Spokane, Washington.  Does he have what it takes?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{ Chivalry Isn't Dead! }

At TMB we are all about clean, LDS-standard dating and building a foundation for eternal happiness. So with all the recent press going around about "less than gentlemanly" behavior coming from one of our own, we felt an even stronger desire to profile some of the great guys out there that know how to treat a woman. Chivalry is NOT dead and we have a long list of eligible bachelors that will be dating Ashley in a few short weeks to prove it! Get your application in today if you know how to treat a lady - apply through the site at the top left of this page. The deadline is fast approaching!

Meet Dave from Salt Lake City, the first of our potential Bachelor dates. We think you will fall for him just like we did. Will Ashley?

Monday, June 6, 2011

{ AZ Here We Come! }

We couldn't be more excited to hit the road and head to Arizona for Season 3 of The Mormon Bachelorette! For all you guys on the fence about joining this journey - watch Ashley talk about what she is looking for in a guy in this little video. Take a chance and you won't regret it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

{ Deadline Fast Approaching }

SO many great guys and only 22 first dates!  The deadline to apply for a chance at true love on The Mormon Bachelorette is Sunday, June 19th.  You can find the application on the upper lefthand corner of this site.  All dates will take place in Arizona, Ashley's home turf.  Other questions?  E-mail us at  We can't wait to meet you and neither can Ash:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{ In Ashley's Words }

I can still remember exactly when I first heard the phrase “The Mormon Bachelorette.”  My roommate had been told by her friend to watch their cousin on his date with Aubrey.  It was date #12, Kyle Teichert.  We watched the video and became instantly intrigued.  What was all of this?  We had fun watching a few more dates.  It wasn’t here that I got totally sucked in, but the idea of it all was fascinating to me. 

The Mormon Bachelor had just wrapped up and had seemed to end successfully.  I reached out to the TMB staffers to learn more about the process and what they were planning with TMB.  They explained that they were expanding, and that their next round would include applicants from anywhere in the US.  It wasn’t my intention to be the Mormon Bachelorette myself, but after the conversation I milled it over, and then thought to myself, “You know, why not?   Why not me?  Maybe it’s my turn?“  My greatest wish is to be married and raise a family so I took a leap of faith and decided to make a video.  The only problem was I had no equipment and no editing experience…I needed to find some help!

I threw the idea out to Jason and Jeff Linford, who are some of the biggest social connectors I know.  They got excited and suggested I talk to Denver Porter to have him help me with my video.  Denver has always had interest in film but had just gotten hooked up with his first big project (which is awesome and you need to check it out at  The video tells you all about their inspired project).  To be prepared for it, Denver needed to get more practice in with filming, and editing.  So when I asked if he’d be willing to help me, he jumped at the chance.  I truly owe him so much for the countless hours he spent on my video.  Once the video was posted to YouTube, and eventually the website, I was immediately impressed by all of the positive comments, especially from people who didn’t even know me personally.  I continued to realize just how much this whole endeavor could bless the lives of every single applicant, and I loved it! 

It seemed like a long time between my video being posted to being chosen as the next Mormon Bachelorette but all along the way I felt very at peace.  I felt confident that no matter how it turned out, it would be the way that it was supposed to be, the way that the Lord wanted for me.   I fasted and prayed, went to the temple, and received a priesthood blessing in order to determine if I really was ready for this, if I were to be selected.  I received a confirmation that it would be a good thing for me, the right thing for me.

Not only has it been my faith and prayers involved in this process, but that of many others.  I really respect that the TMB staffers have maintained their vision of involving the Lord in the decisions for the show.  Add in my family and good friends and we’re building some power.  But also, I have had several friends of other faiths tell me that they were praying for me throughout the application and waiting period.  There was so much strengthen given to me to sustain me. I really feel that this endeavor can bring together all those that rely on the Lord to guide them in their relationships.  And there are many who believe!  It gets me so excited!

And who do you think I’ll find love with?  What kind of a guy will it take?

When it comes to physical appearance, I have been attracted to every kind of physique, hair color, and style you can imagine!  I don’t have a list of pre-approved professions, hobbies or locations.  I’m really quite open on those items.

There are some traits though which are more consistent in the men that I get really interested in.   Their commitment to the Church and our faith is imperative, and it’s important that we match on the way we live it in our daily lives – as much as possible.  I keep up a pretty quick pace in my life so I need someone who can keep up with me.  There’s just too much good to accomplish that I have to be up and going!  I also need a man that can be strong enough to hold his own with me, and strong enough to truly step up and lead, and preside in my home.  I can be feminine and gentle, but that comes out more when I have a confident and driven man.  I want someone that I can easily converse with, that we can discuss every topic under the sun and still have more to talk about, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company.   

But who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong even on some of those things once I find my match.  I can admit that I don’t know it all but I am so looking forward to meeting each of the Bachelors who will be taking me on a date, to get to know them and what makes them great.  I’m so flattered that they would take the time and make the effort to get to know me.  I welcome all to join me on this journey.  It’s going to be a wild ride!

A huge thank you to my friend Brad Burnham.  He was into photography and thought he might be interested in helping by taking my head shots.  I started looking at his pictures online and was blown away by how great they are!  You have to check out to really see what I mean.  I especially love his Nature album and Places & Things album.   When I asked him if he’d like to help, he was so kind to enthusiastically accept.  Again I enjoyed the opportunity to connect on a greater level with someone as we spent time together and discussed life.  I love building all of these friendships!