Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{ In Ashley's Words }

I can still remember exactly when I first heard the phrase “The Mormon Bachelorette.”  My roommate had been told by her friend to watch their cousin on his date with Aubrey.  It was date #12, Kyle Teichert.  We watched the video and became instantly intrigued.  What was all of this?  We had fun watching a few more dates.  It wasn’t here that I got totally sucked in, but the idea of it all was fascinating to me. 

The Mormon Bachelor had just wrapped up and had seemed to end successfully.  I reached out to the TMB staffers to learn more about the process and what they were planning with TMB.  They explained that they were expanding, and that their next round would include applicants from anywhere in the US.  It wasn’t my intention to be the Mormon Bachelorette myself, but after the conversation I milled it over, and then thought to myself, “You know, why not?   Why not me?  Maybe it’s my turn?“  My greatest wish is to be married and raise a family so I took a leap of faith and decided to make a video.  The only problem was I had no equipment and no editing experience…I needed to find some help!

I threw the idea out to Jason and Jeff Linford, who are some of the biggest social connectors I know.  They got excited and suggested I talk to Denver Porter to have him help me with my video.  Denver has always had interest in film but had just gotten hooked up with his first big project (which is awesome and you need to check it out at  The video tells you all about their inspired project).  To be prepared for it, Denver needed to get more practice in with filming, and editing.  So when I asked if he’d be willing to help me, he jumped at the chance.  I truly owe him so much for the countless hours he spent on my video.  Once the video was posted to YouTube, and eventually the website, I was immediately impressed by all of the positive comments, especially from people who didn’t even know me personally.  I continued to realize just how much this whole endeavor could bless the lives of every single applicant, and I loved it! 

It seemed like a long time between my video being posted to being chosen as the next Mormon Bachelorette but all along the way I felt very at peace.  I felt confident that no matter how it turned out, it would be the way that it was supposed to be, the way that the Lord wanted for me.   I fasted and prayed, went to the temple, and received a priesthood blessing in order to determine if I really was ready for this, if I were to be selected.  I received a confirmation that it would be a good thing for me, the right thing for me.

Not only has it been my faith and prayers involved in this process, but that of many others.  I really respect that the TMB staffers have maintained their vision of involving the Lord in the decisions for the show.  Add in my family and good friends and we’re building some power.  But also, I have had several friends of other faiths tell me that they were praying for me throughout the application and waiting period.  There was so much strengthen given to me to sustain me. I really feel that this endeavor can bring together all those that rely on the Lord to guide them in their relationships.  And there are many who believe!  It gets me so excited!

And who do you think I’ll find love with?  What kind of a guy will it take?

When it comes to physical appearance, I have been attracted to every kind of physique, hair color, and style you can imagine!  I don’t have a list of pre-approved professions, hobbies or locations.  I’m really quite open on those items.

There are some traits though which are more consistent in the men that I get really interested in.   Their commitment to the Church and our faith is imperative, and it’s important that we match on the way we live it in our daily lives – as much as possible.  I keep up a pretty quick pace in my life so I need someone who can keep up with me.  There’s just too much good to accomplish that I have to be up and going!  I also need a man that can be strong enough to hold his own with me, and strong enough to truly step up and lead, and preside in my home.  I can be feminine and gentle, but that comes out more when I have a confident and driven man.  I want someone that I can easily converse with, that we can discuss every topic under the sun and still have more to talk about, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company.   

But who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong even on some of those things once I find my match.  I can admit that I don’t know it all but I am so looking forward to meeting each of the Bachelors who will be taking me on a date, to get to know them and what makes them great.  I’m so flattered that they would take the time and make the effort to get to know me.  I welcome all to join me on this journey.  It’s going to be a wild ride!

A huge thank you to my friend Brad Burnham.  He was into photography and thought he might be interested in helping by taking my head shots.  I started looking at his pictures online and was blown away by how great they are!  You have to check out to really see what I mean.  I especially love his Nature album and Places & Things album.   When I asked him if he’d like to help, he was so kind to enthusiastically accept.  Again I enjoyed the opportunity to connect on a greater level with someone as we spent time together and discussed life.  I love building all of these friendships!


Matt Laidlaw said...

I think a lot of guys are gonna like Ashley

Uaintdown said...

Dang she's gorgeous!

Kim Messick said...

Oh, this is gonna be a great season! I can't wait to see all the bachelor's and the great dates! Have fun Ashley - you're gonna be great! :)