Monday, December 10, 2012

Kent Tuttle - The Update...

Hey ladies! We hope you are having fun putting together your applications for Season 5 of The Mormon Bachelorette.  In the meantime we have a little update for you that we hope won't derail your desire to be our leading lady next season.  We caught up with Kent Tuttle this week and asked him all the tough questions - was it worth it to drop out of The Mormon Bachelor 2 weeks before the show to follow his heart to CarlieStylez?  Did it all work out and do we have another true Mormon love story on our hands?  Check out Kent's latest tell-all below...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can You Fill These Shoes???

OK so we know it's been a few months since our Mormon Bachelor didn't find love with the beautiful Courtney Ann... and to be honest, we have been trying to get over the breakup.  But now that the holidays are here we are in the mood for LOVE again!

So... are you ready to fill the shoes of the next MORMON BACHELORETTE?

Apply HERE to find your true Mormon love and spread the word!

Deadline for applications - December 24th, 2012 - Christmas Eve of True Mormon Love!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{ Reality Web Show Helps 'Mormon Bachelor' Find 'Eternal Marriage' }

Chris Barbour, The Mormon Bachelor
"The Mormon Bachelor" is unlike the show that inspired it.  In a way, it's ABC's "The Bachelor" minus the sex and scandal.

"The Mormon Bachelor" -- seen on the web -- features speed dating with distinctly Mormon values.  The dates have less drama, the conversations more wholesome, but the stakes are just as high. Contestants on the show, now wrapping up its fourth season, are hoping to find a marriage partner.
The star of the show is Chris Barbour, a 26-year-old virgin.

"Mormons don't engage in sexual activities before marriage," he said. "You have the physical kisses and what not but past that, not too much."

The rules the Church of Latter-Day Saints go way beyond simply refraining from pre-marital sex. The couple also can't smoke or drink alcohol.

"We definitely do have our standards and our guidelines that we go by, that we try to live by, as much as we possibly can," Barbour said.

It's a far cry from the sort of rule-bending on the ABC version. This summer on "The Bachelor Pad," a bunch of contestants ended up naked in the pool in the season premiere.  
That's not likely to happen on the "Mormon Bachelor."

"I don't even like to kiss on the first date," Barbour said.

The show's creators, Aubrey Laidlaw and Erin Elton, came up with the idea for the reality series after graduating from Brigham Young University and moving to Southern California.

They were frustrated with a dating scene so different from what they had known at BYU, where many of their classmates joked they went for an "MRS degree."

"Our dating practices are so different than the dating practices of mainstream," Elton said. "Holding hands and kissing, which is not very passionate is pretty much all you can do before you're married."
Laidlaw actually auditioned for ABC's "The Bachelor," but didn't make it, which is probably just as well, she said.

"I don't know why I was thinking I would do something like that because in reality, I really wanted to marry an LDS guy," Laidlaw said. "But I was so in love with the show. So we came up with the 'Mormon Bachelorette,' and I was cast as the first bachelorette."

The first season of the web series was a huge success for Laidlaw. Her handsome prince rode up on his Harley Davidson. Six months later they wed in a temple ceremony and now have a baby girl.
They do get some pressure from viewers to sex up their on-line series for the sake of ratings.

"We get emails constantly about doing a fantasy suite," Elton said. "Sorry, you're out of luck. Hand-holding and kissing is probably all you're going to see."

When reviewing contestants' audition tapes for the current season, one thing the producers are not casting for is drama. Elton said she is truly trying to find Barbour a wife he can love for all of eternity.
"He likes girls that are really fun loving, not too serious, good, strong LDS Mormon girls, so active in church, good families," she said.

In the Mormon Church, Laidlaw said couples are not just looking for marriage but for "eternal marriage and an eternal family" and there is no "'til death do us part."

"That means to be married in the house of the Lord, one of the temples, for time and all eternity," she said.  

Another reason for making the show, producers said, was to help clear up public misconceptions about Mormons, although Laidlaw admitted that "the majority of our viewers are LDS."

Popular TV shows such as "Big Love" or "Sister Wives" -- that focus on LDS splinter groups -- have highlighted the fact that Mormonism once allowed polygamy, a practice the church has not condoned for more than a century.

The show's creators said they are often asked why the Mormon Bachelor even needs to make a choice among the prospective brides.  But the fact is, he only wants one wife.

"We don't practice polygamy," Barbour said. "That's not us."

Barbour has yet to find his eternal partner -- at least until the season finale. But the show's executive producer said she finally has. Erin Elton, 32, plans to get married in the Mormon Temple this weekend.

Read the ABC Nightline story here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{ The Mormon Bachelor Finale PART 1 }

As we have followed Chris on his journey to true Mormon love there have been all the makings of a great love story - the ups, the downs, romance, friendship, and all around fun in the process.  The last few days in Utah with Chris and the girl of his dreams turned out to be one of our most meaningful last dates.  Enjoy Part 1 of The Mormon Bachelor Season 4 Finale and thank you for joining Chris in his journey.  Part 2 will be posted this Thursday, September 27th.

Friday, September 21, 2012

{ 3rd Dates - Chris & Courtney }


I have a really strong connection with Courtney - I always have and from day day I met her I could definitely see potential. As a disclaimer, now that everyone is able to watch our 3rd date video it has come out that I kept in really close touch with Courtney after our dates. I even went to visit her in her home town of Arizona because I have been feeling so strongly for this girl.

I chose a Real Salt Lake soccer game for our date because major league soccer is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world and I wanted to share it with Courtney. Going into the game I had really high hopes and expectations especially since we have always had such a strong connection and I have always seen Courtney, as well as Danielle and especially Sharla, at the end of all of this dating.

So I was a little surprised that things were a little bit awkward during the game. I think it's my fault because I was so nervous. This is the last date before I have to decide who I will choose to be my girlfriend and hopefully more after that and I want to make sure the feelings are real on both sides. At the end of the date I decided not to take the awkward as a sign that things aren't right between me and Courtney and I am going to still give some serious thought about whether or not to choose her at the end of this journey. I really think we have eternal potential and I need to take the next several days to make sure I am making the right decision if I pick Courtney, try to convince Sharla to give me another chance or choose a stronger friendship with Danielle that may lead into something much deeper with more time.  I really don't know what to do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{ 3rd Dates - Chris & Sharla }

When I first met Sharla at the beginning of The Mormon Bachelor I was blown away by how beautiful, smart, vibrant, and fun she was.  She is also extremely passionate which is something I am looking for in a future wife.  She seemed to fit the description of everything I wanted, which is why I am really disappointed in myself that I let our relationship slip through the cracks.  

I guess I turned into the "typical guy" - we went on our dates, and we held hands, and I kissed her and enjoyed every second of it.  But then I didn't call.  I didn't text.  I didn't keep in touch and let her know that she was important to me.  There are a lot of reasons why - I was busy thinking about one of the other girls on the show and it was definitely distracting my ability to show Sharla affection.  But I still really liked her and wanted to see where things could go.

I would be the first person to tell you that I thought Sharla and I would be standing at the end of this hand in hand and preparing for our future.  Without attention and work at the relationship it didn't quite get there.  I am not sure how my last date will go but I still have hope that Sharla will change her mind and reconsider if there is an opportunity.  I was glad that Devin, the Producer of TMB was able to spend time with her since I didn't but I don't think I can shut the door on Sharla.  She is a such a great girl.

Monday, September 17, 2012

{ 3rd Dates - Chris & Danielle }


For the 3rd dates the producers of The Mormon Bachelor decided to take my dates to the blessed state of Utah. I go to school at BYU and the summer was actually winding down so I thought there was no better place to go to take the 3 girls that I thought had the most potential for a 3rd date with me out on the "town" of Provo and surrounding cities.

It was difficult for me to choose the 3rd girl out of the original 11 to take out on a 3rd date because I see a future with 2 of the girls I took out but 3rd place was such a toss up.  I had fun with everyone on the show so I had to make a quick decision about who I might connect with for a last try before the finale.  I really want to find love through this show and I don't want to make the wrong decision.  As I narrowed it down and wrote out a "pros" and "cons" list, Danielle always seemed to rise to the top.  I am highly attracted the Danielle, I love her original laugh, and she has so much to offer.

I did originally think that there could be a romantic possibility with Danielle even though I was feeling stronger feelings as friends but when I called her to ask her on a 3rd date she quickly made it known that she didn't have that spark for me so I decided that I would take her out anyway as friends.  It's always hard to hear that a beautiful girl doesn't want a relationship with you but at the same time I am glad that she was honest.  The silver lining is that in 2 days I am taking out a girl that I have strong romantic feelings for and another a few days after that I can absolutely see as my future.  So in the meantime I am glad that I could take out a new, good "friend".

Glass blowing with Marge in her garage was AWESOME!  She made us each little replicas of our favorite temples to take home.  I thought it was so cool that she started this business and shares her talent with the world and with us that day.  I can't wait to put my little temple on my desk so when I study every day I can be reminded of where I want to get married someday and hopefully soon - the temple.

Even though Danielle and I will only be friends from here on out I can't help but think maybe there is a future?  After all you marry your best friend right?  If it never works out I am glad we have met through this experience and she will make some guy very happy someday.  If it isn't me then it better be someone cool.

You can buy the LDS Mission Tees Rated RM t-shirt that Chris is wearing on DailyLDS for $8.97 each - 55% off through the end of the month!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris & Kirsty }

In Kirsty's Words:

When Chris called and asked me on a second date, I knew that no matter what we did, it was going to be a blast! We had a great time on the first date, even though he was totally exhausted from the night before. I was hoping on this second date, I would have some time to get to know Chris better. I thought beforehand about all the things he might choose to do, but when Chris said he wanted to take me to Disneyland I was pleasantly surprised! Even though I was born and raised in Southern California, my family did not go to Disneyland all the time. I was excited to spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth with someone who really likes to have fun.

One thing that I really like about Chris is that he has an amazing sense of humor; it also doesn’t hurt that he’s 6’4”! Being a tall girl, that is a definite plus. We had a great time, even though a lot of time was spent waiting in the many lines found at Disneyland on a busy summer day. Among the fun highlights of our day was the super crazy look on Chris’s face in our picture taken on Space Mountain. It had all of the people around us totally laughing! Chris was a great sport. We also had a good laugh when we were trying to squeeze into those tiny elephants on the Dumbo ride! I would have to say, however, that our ride on Splash Mountain was the best. I had forewarned Chris that when it comes to Splash Mountain, I’m CURSED! It seems like every time I go on this ride, regardless of where I sit, I always get soaked. Well the curse continued; not just for me this time, but for Chris also!!! Both of us got drenched from head to toe. We couldn’t help but laugh our heads off looking at each other with our clothes dripping wet!

At the end of the night Chris and I took a stroll down Main Street towards an amazing hidden gem that he had learned about a year or two before. We stopped at a cute corn dog stand and ordered one for us to share. Chris swore by these corn dogs and they didn’t disappoint. All in all it was a fun day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris and Courtney }

In Courtney's Words:

When Chris asked me to come back out to LA for a second date, I was super excited to see him again.  He told me to wear workout clothes, which my first thought was great, he is trying to punish me  for making him look silly by going paddle boarding on our first date but still looked forward to the adventure.  Apparently our dates are themed, outside and windy and we are the physical activity duo.

When I saw him again, it was like picking up right where we left off, not awkward at all.  He told me we were heading to the Culver City Stairs, and were going eat lunch at the top.  I was nervous, what if the hike was hard? But to my surprise it was a pretty easy staircase to climb.  Chris and I had fun hiking it together we just made fun of each other and laughed A LOT! I was a tad slap happy which I warned Chris of because I drove all night from Arizona and didn’t catch a wink of sleep.   I gave him a pretty hard time joking with him but he wasn’t afraid to dish it right back. I loved that.  Right before we got to the top he told me he had a surprise.  (I hate surprises, I get so embarrassed but this was a welcomed surprise).  There we were walking up to the top and I saw the picnic all set up.  It was the most adorable thing EVER, and he is seriously such a sweetheart and it shows.  After our trek up the stairs we got to sit back and relax, cheers to a gorgeous view and good time with each other.  We shared funny stories during lunch and got to know each other in another way. 

As we finished up lunch and started to head back to the car, we put all our stuff in the bag and about half way there the straps snapped, it was funny but cute that he let me help him carry it the rest of the way.  When we got in the car he had me open a present to guess where our next stop was… I opened it to find nail polish and other nail accessories and my first thought was a PEDICURE? Wait, Chris was going with me to get a pedicure? That is exactly what we did, together.  He is such a man to go do that with me!  When we got to the nail place, I had him pick out the color for me.  He decided on a blue, he’s reason “that was the color you were wearing when I first met you”.   How cute is that.  I gave him a little attitude for being so sentimental but it was really thoughtful. The best part was when Chris was getting his feet scrubbed and he was laughing well it was more of a giggle because he was so ticklish on his feet it made me laugh. 

He took me back and we said our goodbyes.  I had such a good time with Chris, we laughed a lot, we’re complete goofs and you could tell we were both so much more comfortable around each other and the cameras.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Chris, and excited to see what the future holds for the both of us.

A huge thanks to Truth Treasures for sponsoring this date!  Visit for up to 50% off until the end of September at Truth Treasures.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{ Maybe This is LOVE - Tarrish Potter }

Hello TMB followers!  Many of you have been asking for a link to download our new theme song for Season 4 - "Maybe This is Love" by Tarrish Potter.  She is amazing!  You can download this song and Tarrish's other hits on iTunes here.
Tarrish Potter Music

Friday, August 31, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris & Sharla }


In Sharla's Words:

Chris and I started off our relationship after we met through Skype for my interview. We continued to chat and build something from there. We got to know each other pretty well before our first date, and yes, I am fully aware I’m not the only girl he did this with. Well played Chris… well played.

Chris and I had an amazing first date and I anxiously waited for our second. He surprised me with a romantic dinner for two and made delicious salmon that was honestly the best salmon I’ve ever had. Not to mention its super sexy to see a guy cooking in the kitchen. He then gave me flowers and one of my favorite movies. After dinner, Jason was there to serenade us as we did a little slow dancing… Chris is quite the romancer. Later we snuggled up to watch the movie and laughed our faces off. Mr. Barbour did not disappoint, it was the perfect second date!

Each time I’ve been with Chris it exceeds my expectations. We have so much fun and I think we have a great connection. He and I have both been dating other people so I am not sure where our relationship will go from here. I guess if he asks me out for a third date we’ll find out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris & Danielle }

In Danielle's Words:

I was really excited to go on date number two with Chris. I had a great time with him on the first date so I was interested to see how things would go this time. He picked me up at my house in Utah and we drove through the night to LA. We only got a couple hours of sleep before we had to start the actual part of our date. Chris took me to a golf course in Beverly Hills to hit a bucket of balls. I wouldn't say I was terrible, but I'm no pro golfer by any means. Then we grabbed some lunch at Chipotle. Afterwards, we were just walking down the street chatting when all of the sudden a guy jumped up from drinking his coffee and started taking pictures of us. At first Chris and I were confused then we realized it was the paparazzi. Another photographer popped out from behind a car and together these two paparazzi followed us down the sidewalk snapping pictures. We thought it was hilarious. Chris and I finished off our marathon date by going to Six Flags and running around the park like little kids. I can say this was the longest date I've ever been on lasting 28 hours, but it was really fun and I'm glad I was able to spend more time with Chris. I can see myself with Chris but not sure if we will go on a 3rd date or not.  He talked a lot about how things were going with the other girls on the show so I wasn't sure if that was a reflection on how he was feeling about me or if he felt comfortable enough with me to talk about anything.  I hope he asks - we will see!

Chris and Danielle's date sponsored by 

Friday, August 24, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris and Tiffany? }

The Winner of the Lockets by Misty giveaway is Rachel Ashmore!  Rachel - you guessed all of Chris' 2nd dates right!!  E-mail us at to claim your prize:).

When I showed up to the shoot for Chris and Tiffany's date I had no idea that Tiffany was not coming!  Fortunately for Tiffany she now has a serious boyfriend and just moved to Utah to continue that relationship and we couldn't be happier!  It was also a nice surprise because Chris decided to take me on the date instead!

Chris had no idea when I showed up to the scene of the date that I had had a really stressful day!  I was just starting to learn what it was going to be like living the life of a military wife because my "almost" fiance Seth had just left for a 2 month training somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and we weren't able to talk the whole time.  We e-mailed every day but no talking.  It was so hard.  Missing him, following Chris around on dates, and working like crazy at my full time job became really stressful and I love that Chris thought of taking me on a date when Tiffany fell through so I could get a relaxing facial and stop worrying about all the crazy (and wonderful) things going on in my life.

Through this experience I have really enjoyed getting to know Chris Barbour.  I told Chris when he started this journey that people were going to say whatever they wanted about him and the girls on this journey, whether good or bad.  Whenever you put yourself out there that is bound to happen.  I mean when I watched this video I was like "why do I chew with my mouth open? - ew!  People are going to make so much fun of me for that!"  But at least I can make fun of myself right?:)  There are many things I can say about Chris but there is one thing that always stands out above all else - he is a good man.  He has good intentions, and he is a lot of fun to be around.  He is a great person to help find true Mormon love.

Thanks Chris for a great and relaxing "date".  Seth is even grateful too although I think next time I get a couple's facial it will be with him:).

Thank you Oil Essentials for sponsoring this date with Chris and myself:).  Every time I start getting stressed out I bring out my peppermint, lavender and lemon oil and diffuse which instantly makes me feel better.

Monday, August 20, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris & Noelle }

In Noelle's Words

When Chris called and asked me out for a second date I was excited to travel back down to Los Angeles to go out with him again. It was a little different than before because I met him at a park. Chris was actually late - which I gave him a bit of a hard time for :)- but I didn’t mind; it was good to see him!  He had brought us dinner which we ate at a small table and chairs which were set up in the park by a pond area as well as a grassy area with some music playing. Right off the bat it felt like we were old friends that were catching up after some time apart. It felt natural to talk to him about what had been going on in our lives and talking about our families. 

After we ate Chris had a board game called “LDSopoly” which we set up and started to play. As we learned the differences of this game and regular monopoly we laughed and joked and had a lot of fun with it.  Chris let me take the date home and I can't wait to play with my family:).
Once the game was over we were able to just relax, talk, and walk around the park. The park wasn’t like any other park I’ve ever been to and it was so much fun to explore with Chris. I mentioned that Chris should crawl through the tunnel on the playground and he was such a great sport about it! He is so laid back and can just go with the flow which is one of the things I like about him. Because the date was more laid back I noticed the camera a little more. Chris picked up on this and tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible even though it was hard.

Overall I enjoyed the time I spent with Chris on my second date. I know that we definitely have a friendship, which is great. I’m not sure if we have the connection needed for a relationship so I am not sure if I would come back for a 3rd date or not.  I haven't quite made up my mind and I don't think Chris has made up his.  I guess only time will tell...

Chris and Noelle's Date Sponsored by DailyLDS and Missionary Novelty Company

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{ 2nd Dates!! }

Hi TMB fans!  Chris' 2nd dates will start airing this Monday, August 20th and we will also be featured on ABC Nightline the same day!  Exciting on all counts:).  In the meantime we are doing a giveaway of custom jewelry from Lockets By Misty if you can guess which girls Chris brings back for a 2nd date!  You have to like their Facebook page here and then click on the link below to guess!  The winner will be announced on Friday!










Monday, August 13, 2012

{ Interrupting our Current Programming For Another Love Story - Mine:) }

So our little Mormon Bachelor, Chris Barbour has finished his first round of dating with 11 AMAZING women:) - 12 originally but you may have noticed Kent had to step in to fill the shoes of one lovely lady that couldn't make it last minute.  Round 2 dates will start airing next week and we will be announcing a contest from tomorrow until then to guess who he brings on for a 2nd, but for today I wanted to indulge a little since The Mormon Bachelor/ette has been a huge part of my life for the past 2 years.

When the beautiful Aubrey Messick became the first Mormon Bachelorette it was an answer to her prayers and mine.  I was almost 30 years old and had really struggled to find Mr. Right.  I was so focused on the fact that I wasn't dating that I was miserable until we started TMB.  Putting so much work into helping other people find love helped me feel like I was making a difference and sharing the LDS Church standards of dating (modest dress, no smoking/drinking, no sex before marriage, etc.) at the same time which I hadn't been able to do in a big way since my mission in 2002 to Wellington, New Zealand.  It was the best - one of my best friends in the world Aubrey found the man of her dreams and they started an eternal family.  Others joined us along the way and several of them are married now too.  It has been the biggest blessing of my life and not to be a spoiler but I believe that our Mormon Bachelor now has also found true love:).

Many people have asked me since our 1st season with Aubrey why I don't put myself in the position as The Mormon Bachelorette.  My usual response is "because I don't know anyone that can run this thing while I go on 22 dates!" but now I have a better excuse ... I'M ENGAGED!!!

Yes, it is true - you can find true Mormon love at the ripe old age of 32.  I was 31 actually when Seth Schurtz came into my life - a blind date - and swept me off my feet.  We both talk about how crazy this journey has been - Seth is 31 and also LDS and has been in the military for the past 6 years which has kept him out of the typical LDS single's scene.  I couldn't believe he had stayed single for so long even though I always hated it when people would say "I can't believe you are still single!"  But he was so handsome and smart and kind and a gentleman.  I truly felt blessed that he and I found a connection and 5 months later made it official.

Yesterday morning he picked me up in a limo which had scattered rose petals inside and a box with a beautiful ring in it.  He helped me inside the car and sweetly asked me to be his eternal companion.  Of course I said YES and we were on our way to some mysterious location that turned out to be an airfield in San Diego.  I thought maybe he was going to fly us somewhere (Seth works as an F-18 pilot in the Marine Corps) but he sat in the backseat with me and we took a helicopter ride all around San Diego.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever done!  You can even see sharks in the water really close to shore from up there - creepy.  It was so romantic.  I feel so blessed and excited to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man and grateful that I can tell people that I can't be the next Mormon Bachelorette because I have found the man of my dreams:).  We are getting married in the Los Angeles Temple on September 29th and will live in sunny San Diego while he serves our country (which makes me so proud:).

Here are some pictures of our wonderful day yesterday - I hope you enjoy them and know that true Mormon love can come to those who wait:).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

{ Date #12 - KIRSTY FERRELL }

This has been a great experience so far and I knew that when I picked Kirsty up for my last date that it was only going to get better.  Kirsty is a great girl with a brilliant mind and a personality to match.  From the beginning I knew this date was going to be a little different than the others because The Discovery Channel and their crew joined us throughout most of the date.  Unfortunantely one of the crew members let me know a little bit of what we were going to be doing today, so being my mischievious self I played some games with Kirsty.  I tried to make her believe that I hated boats and that I hated the water, which I could tell immediately concerned her.  I kinda chuckled to myself a little and kept playing along with what the date was going to be. 

We drove down to Long Beach through all the traffic and she made me do some of the voices that one of her friends divulged to her that I could do.  After laughing and chuckling for a good little while after doing my Schmegel impersonations we arrived at PF Changs where we had a good dinner and got to know each other little by little.  The dinner was fun but unfortunately a little rushed because of filming stuff and a little of the drama that went down with having the proper permits or whatever.  After the dinner we walked around the pier  and continued to enjoy each others' company.  She seemed a little apprehensive because of the comment that I made earlier about not liking boats or water which led to the next part of our date which was the sail boating. 

Boating with Kirsty was awesome because I really love boats and I was having a blast with this girl, but this was my very first opportunity to go on a sail boat and ride around Long Beach.  This had to be one the best ideas that any of the girls came up with and it was such a beautiful afternoon out there that I don’t think the activity could have gone any better than it did.  Kirsty planned a fantastic date and the boat just made it better and better.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much wind and we weren’t able to do too much sailing, so it mainly consisted of us making fun of each other and running around the docks.  Kirsty was a very pleasant date and I had such a good time with her and I was able to connect with her in many ways.  I can see us continuing on this journey together and going on a second date.  I have gone on dates with 11 amazing women and it will be hard to decide who to take on a 2nd date but I feel good about Kirsty and I am not ready for our relationship to end.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{ Date #11 - KAT RAMOS }

Todays date with Kat Ramos was a lot of fun!  She planned out a nice active date in which it was really easy to get to know each other.  I also like a girl who can keep up with me on the court so this was a perfect date.  The day was somewhat humid and really sunny which made it even more interesting.   Kat has a pretty fun personality,  She is very easy to have a conversation with and she has some interesting dynamics about her. 
After picking her up from the house she told me we were going to go play a little game of basketball which wasn’t hard to guess considering she was holding a basketball when I picked her up.  We drove down to Ocean Park and asked a few of the guys playing down there if we could cut in and play a game of HORSE.  It was imediately obvious that Kat was an athelete when she made me look like a fool for a little bit on the basketball court.  I was trying to be a gentlemen and let the lady win but then Kat kinda hit a cold streak.  So knowing that if she was going to stay cold than we could have all been witnesses to the longest game of  HORSE ever played I decided to not miss and win the match so that we could move on to the next part of our enjoyable date.  A girl has never beat me in the end of any game - I'm just really good at sports what can I say?

After I won at HORSE we mounted up and headed toward Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and ate at a local sandwhich shop.  It was funny because for the longest time we couldn’t find the place and even though we had an address we had no idea where we were going.  The great thing about Kat is that when we were lost it was like I didn't care.  I just enjoyed spending time with her.  When we finally arrived we enjoyed a fanstatic dinner and then made our way to the city walk.  We decided to grab some pinkberry frozen yogurt and went on to enjoy the street performers and some of the shops around the area.  The street performers were great and it was an absolute blast to get to see some of the amazing talents and skills of a lot of the people out there. 
In all the date with Kat was a lot of fun and it was great getting to know about her and her family.  She was a rad girl with a lot going for her and I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know her and enjoy a very nice afternoon with her.  I didn't feel the instant connection that you feel when there is intense chemistry between two people but I definitely felt something.  We will see if she accepts a second date so I can explore it a little more.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


While we prepare to watch the last of Chris Barbour's dates starting again this Tuesday, August 7th, we wanted to bring you a special announcement...

If you would like to date the next Mormon Bachelorette on Season 5 TMB apply today!  We are currently gearing up for Season 5 which will be filmed October 2012 in Park City, Utah. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

{ Date #10 - NOELLE THIEL }

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A day at Venice Beach couldn’t be any better than the day that I spent there with Noelle.  It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and the weather was so sunny!  I am loving this Southern California I wasn't expecting.  Noelle was a pleasant surprise because after seeing her on the season premiere I thought she was going to be timid and a little more reserved. Boy was I wrong!  I could not have been happier than being wrong like I was today.  

Noelle is a beautiful and pleasant girl to be around.  She is sassy and has a spunky side to her that shined through on this date.  We started by driving down to Venice Beach which was a challenge all in its own.  It probably took us a good 45 minutes to find a parking spot and you know what? It was a lot of fun trying to find that spot - we pretty much laughed and teased each other the whole time.  I didn't mind at all:).

She made fun of me everytime I passed and spot that we could have parked in which I found hysterical the entire drive so I started missing them on purpose.  From the very start I was very comfortable around Noelle and I felt like she was comfortable around me as well.  There was not one moment of awkward silence between us and it was really easy to connect to her.  
After finally finding the place to park we went to this amazingly delicious sandwhich shop which makes some of the best sandwiches I've ever tasted in my life, and they are well known for their famous mini donuts.   Then we went and had a great picnic on a grassy knoll right off of the Venice Beach boardwalk and just talked and got to know each other.  She was a ton of fun and just made me laugh the entire time.  She was quirky and snappy with her comments and has a truly sassy independent personality which immediately caught my eye.  I like a girl with spunk.

After our little picnic she had her friends and family put together this photo scavenger hunt and we proceeded to make idiots out of ourselves asking to take pictures with some of the most random people.   It was a ton of fun to laugh at and with each other.  She was so much fun and she was completely herself throughout the entire date.   I thouroughly enjoyed our entire date and I felt a good connection with her throughout.  We will see if a second date will happen between us, as of right now I would really love to enjoy more time with her.  This girl is a girl I can see myself really liking at the end of all of this.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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The date with Natasha was fantastic.  When the production team of TMB told me that most of the footage from my date with Natasha was damaged in the uploading process I was really bummed out because I feel like Natasha and I had a natural chemistry that doesn't really show in the footage we had left.  I will try my best to describe how great it was here and hope there will be a second date so we have another chance to show how much of a connection we have on the screen. Since I watched the Season Premiere I was really excited to meet the beautiful brunette that kicked butt at Roller Derby.  I have to admit an athletic and competitive girl has always been very attractive to me.

Natasha is a super fun girl with a ton going on for herself.  As soon as I opened the door the date started off wonderfully and just continued to get better and better.  The best thing that I remember about picking her up was the beautiful and enchanting smile she had when I opened the door.  As soon as we got to the car we started talking about each others' passions and interests.  Natasha had planned a wonderful date - we drove down to Anaheim to a restaurant called the White House and then spent some time in Downtown Disney.  I know this is kinda of sad after such a well thought out date, but the drive down was one of the most interesting parts. The traffic was absolutely terrible and a drive that should have taken us no more than 40 minutes took us nearly 2 hours because of Southern California traffic.  We were laughing the whole time mostly with each other but often at each other as well.  

When we finally arrived to the restaurant we were greeted by the owner and founder which was a really cool experience.  The dinner was wonderful and one thing among many that I loved about Natasha was that she wasn’t afraid to try Escargot for the first time.  We enjoyed sharing our dinners and getting to know each other throughout the entire meal.  After dinner we went to Downtown Disney.  When anywhere near Disneyland I turn into a little kid so she chose a very good place to take me.  There was live music, people and the best of all the fireworks.  Before the fireworks started Natasha bought me Mickey Ears and bought herself some as well.  Watching the fireworks with Natasha was spectacular and majestic.   Being around her was so natural and easy that there is no doubt in my mind that I will ask her back for a second date.  I hope she accepts my invitation...  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{ Date #8 - HEIDI KULICKE }

Spending the evening with Heidi was really nice.  She had planned a wonderful date in the crazy city of Venice Beach, where the people watching is entertainment enough for a whole night and the restaurants are outstanding.  The date started by us driving to Venice Beach and eating at a wonderful restaurant by the water called C&O Trattoria.  The dinner was amazing but the conversation was a little bit awkward which I knew was partly my fault because I found it difficult to find things to talk about.  The food was amazing and the atmosphere was really cool.  

After dinner we fought our way through traffic to the Venice Canals.  I had never been to the canals and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  LA being such a crazy and wild place it was nice to find a place of tranquility and peace.  I am very thankful to Heidi for introducing me to a place that brought me that feeling.  While we were walking along the canals we had a great missionary experience when a group of young adults called at us while sitting on their porch.  We discussed what we were doing and why we had cameras following us around.  We were able to share a bit about the gospel with them and it was a nice touch to see Heidi interact in a situation where she might have been caught a little off guard.  

After our walk along the canals we went onto the pier and painted with spray paints and poster board.  We both made some really good pieces of art and I really enjoyed that part of the date because it wasn’t in an awkward romantic setting but it was a place in which it was easy to play and be myself.  Heidi made a fantastic poster of the galaxy.  She is so artistic and talented.  It was great getting to know her better as the night progressed.  I think Heidi was a little nervous throughout the date but the times when the camera was turned off she was a little more comfortable and natural so the art project gave us an amazing opportunity to just have fun and be ourselves. 

Overall the date with Heidi was a really nice time getting to know a wonderful girl but I really don’t think there is any chemistry there so there will probably not be a second date.

Monday, July 23, 2012



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The Nightline date - haha.  This date was a much anticipated date in which the crew at Nightline was joining us for the whole night.  Before the date started I had the opportunity to sit down with them and get comfortable with additional cameras and directors asking me questions all the time.  During all the fun and craziness I was really excited to see who my date was and to see what she had in store for us.  

To my pleasant surprise my date was Melissa Morales.  Melissa has a big and bright personality and she was the perfect girl to take out on this date.  Her ability to be comfortable in front of the camera made the date even better and made it easier and more enjoyable to be around her.  She has a lot of sass and attitude which is all I could expect from a Dodgers' fan going out with a Giants' fan like me.  We had a great time poking fun of each other all night long and we just goofed around throughout the whole date. 

We drove to downtown LA and enjoyed the atmospher of the a parking lot filled with food trucks, which apparently Los Angeles is famous for.  Melissa did a great job of planning which ones to go to and I enjoyed every delicious bit of the three trucks we visited - neither one of us were afraid to eat a lot and enjoy every bite.  It was pretty funny because we had to spend so much time with Nightline that we ate quickly at each truck to get through all 3.  Melissa handled herself very well and very professionally in front of the camera which made the date better and better.  

After enjoying the food truck fair we walked through the streets to the Art walk and entered a few galleries.   We were lucky enough to rub elbows with some of the artists themselves and get to know where their inspiration came from and the story that they have behind each of their pieces.  It was a really good experience and it was good getting to know Melissa through the activities that she had planned.  She was a great date and the only questions I have for myself is whether she is my type or not.  Shes fun and spunky and has a rocking attitude about so many different aspects of life, and she was very enjoyable.  Overall I had a blast and although dating a Dodger's fan is on my list of red flags, I might just make an exception for Melissa.  I think there is a good chance for a 2nd date to find out for sure.

Friday, July 20, 2012

{ Date #6 - Kent Tuttle??? }


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This entire process has been a great experience so far but it has most definitely taken a toll on me physically and emotionally.  I came to Erin's house today excited to see the next girl on this love journey I am on, so when I opened the door to find Kent there I was shocked and confused.  He told me that my date was held up in Utah which basically means I got stood up.  I know that the switch of me becoming the Mormon Bachelor not only affected me but also the girls involved and everyone has had someone stand them up on a date, so I chalked it up to the reality of dating.  But I was also relieved that Kent was there to lessen the blow and take me on a man date.  It was a nice break from the crazy dating process, and I really got to unwind and tell him about how I have been feeling this last month.  I’ve been running on empty for a few days and I needed something to fill my tank back up. 
The time I spent with Kent was well needed and we were able to catch up on not only his new romance, but my possible 12 new relationships.  We were able to talk again about the reasons he dropped out of the show and how everything was going with he and Carlie, better known as CarlieStylez on YouTube.  He was able to get some information out of me that I hadn’t shared with anyone else about how I have been feeling about the show and some of the feedback people have been giving me over the comments I had made in past dates, specifically my honesty about my attraction to Jessica, which I felt horrible about after it aired.

It is amazing how the intent you have comes across completely the wrong way that you intended and you only realize it after it is too late.  I reached out to Jessica that day and sincerely apologized about hurting her feelings.  What none of you know yet is that a few of the 12 girls I have gone on dates with have not accepted 2nd dates, because they simply weren't into me.  I haven't taken it too personally but I know that women are really tender with their feelings and I should have been much more respectful about that when I talked about Jessica after our date.  The fact is I really enjoyed our date and hoped that we could be friends.  I think that ship has sailed on her end but I really apologize for any harm done.

Kent has been here for me through this whole process and it was good for us to sit down and take some time for ourselves so he could help me realize that it isn't always important what people say to try to get you down - especially in online conversations.  We went to Churros Caliente off of Santa Monica Blvd. and just sat down and enjoyed some of the finest churros anyone makes.  Churros brings me back to my mission in spain where we used eat them all the time so I just felt a lot better after a few stressful days with my best friend, eating my favorite food. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{ Date #5 - SHARLA KLIMT }

After I was named The Mormon Bachelor for this season I knew that I would have the chance to date some amazing women.  This had never been clearer in the journey than when I opened the door to date #5 - Sharla.  Sharla has such a positive and beautiful attitude toward everything and I knew that she would be one of my favorite dates.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Los Angeles and the weather was more than ideal for what Sharla had planned for us.

Being so near to the 4th of July I knew that fireworks or 4th festivities would be worked in somehow to one of my 12 dates. Sharla directed us down to Santa Monica college where they were having a free concert and fireworks show.  From the beginning of the date it was very easy to be around Sharla because she has a sweet and sassy personality with a lot of amazing qualities.  It was super easy to see that I had instantaneous physical chemistry with her, which is really important to me, and that was very apparent throughout the entire date.  We couldn't stop touching each other's arms or hugging the entire night.  It felt so natural to be affectionate with Sharla but more than that - I felt sparks. 
It all started when we arrived at SMC and Sharla made the move to hold my hand which kind of caught me off guard a little bit but in a good way.  We laughed and continued our conversation all the way to the grounds where we laid our blanket down.  The music was fun and it was magnified by the time spent with Sharla dancing and goofing off amidst crowds of random people.  We then went to the food trucks and spent an endless amount of time standing in line wondering if the line would ever start moving.  I didn't mind really because it seemed like we had so much to talk about.  It never became dull and there was no awkward silence.  We made our food order just in time for the fireworks show which was hands down one of the greatest firework displays that I have ever seen.  It went on for a good 15 minutes and I couldn’t have asked for someone more wonderful to share it with than Sharla.  After all was said and done we made our way slowly back to the car and continued to just get to know each other.  The drive back was just as pleasant as the rest of the date and if you ask me I wish I could have spent a little more time with her.  It was easy and natural to be around Sharla and nothing felt forced in the least.  There may have been friends who speculated that there was some kissing behind the scenes of the camera.  I have never been one to kiss and tell so I cannot confirm such rumors, but I can say that I would have felt comfortable kissing Sharla even though it is not my norm for a first date.  I was definitely taken by this beautiful girl.
Sharla was an absolute blast and there is no doubt in my mind that I want to bring her back for a second date but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Monday, July 16, 2012



Courtney was such a pleasant surprise for my 4th date and our date was planned to perfection. It was a beautiful and cool breezy day in Marina Del Rey which made for an interesting date with what she had planned. From the beginning of this whole process I was excited for the opportunity that I had to have Courtney take me out on a date. Our interactions through the casting process were funny and pleasant. She was one of the last girls I interviewed and to say the least I probably came off a little jerkish and done with the whole thing. On the date she didn’t let me forget that, and we laughed over it and over the fact that everything worked out the way it did.

Courtney took us down to the harbor where we laughingly and playfully enjoyed a nice little session of paddle boarding. I love anything that challenges me and I’ll just say paddle boarding was a little bit of a challenge for me. I looked awkward and shaky the entire time and nearly fell in a few times. Setting the awkwardness and shakiness aside the time and laughter Courtney and I enjoyed was beyond memorable. She was so funny and sassy, constantly making fun of me and my, let’s just say, unorthodox style of paddleboarding. The wind was pushing us all over the place and we discovered a little hiding spot for a group of local sea lions. In an extreme effort to impress my beautiful date I began to speak sea lion and surprinsingly enough got a response from them. They just told me that Courtney is a keeper and and a gem in so many different ways and I completely agree with their consensus. We laughed and enjoyed each others company for quite awhile out on the water. Courtney has such a beautiful countinence and she carries herself in such a confident manner. She planned a wonderful date.

After getting back to the dock we playfully skipped up the ramp and back to my car. The drive up to the restaurant was a blast. It was a beautiful day and driving up the 101 to Malibu with Courtney couldn’t have been more perfect. We soon found ourselves at Gladstones Fish House on the coast. The restaurant was so beautiful and was at a perfect location. We arrived at sunset and just enjoyed each others company as the sun was setting over the pacific. The food was only magnified by the presence of Courtney and the light and fun that she brought to the entire date.

It wasn’t easy saying goodnight to Courtney because I just wanted the date to continue. Courtney was an absolute breathe of fresh air and I am crossing my fingers and wishing on a star that she accepts a possible second date.

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