Friday, August 24, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris and Tiffany? }

The Winner of the Lockets by Misty giveaway is Rachel Ashmore!  Rachel - you guessed all of Chris' 2nd dates right!!  E-mail us at to claim your prize:).

When I showed up to the shoot for Chris and Tiffany's date I had no idea that Tiffany was not coming!  Fortunately for Tiffany she now has a serious boyfriend and just moved to Utah to continue that relationship and we couldn't be happier!  It was also a nice surprise because Chris decided to take me on the date instead!

Chris had no idea when I showed up to the scene of the date that I had had a really stressful day!  I was just starting to learn what it was going to be like living the life of a military wife because my "almost" fiance Seth had just left for a 2 month training somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and we weren't able to talk the whole time.  We e-mailed every day but no talking.  It was so hard.  Missing him, following Chris around on dates, and working like crazy at my full time job became really stressful and I love that Chris thought of taking me on a date when Tiffany fell through so I could get a relaxing facial and stop worrying about all the crazy (and wonderful) things going on in my life.

Through this experience I have really enjoyed getting to know Chris Barbour.  I told Chris when he started this journey that people were going to say whatever they wanted about him and the girls on this journey, whether good or bad.  Whenever you put yourself out there that is bound to happen.  I mean when I watched this video I was like "why do I chew with my mouth open? - ew!  People are going to make so much fun of me for that!"  But at least I can make fun of myself right?:)  There are many things I can say about Chris but there is one thing that always stands out above all else - he is a good man.  He has good intentions, and he is a lot of fun to be around.  He is a great person to help find true Mormon love.

Thanks Chris for a great and relaxing "date".  Seth is even grateful too although I think next time I get a couple's facial it will be with him:).

Thank you Oil Essentials for sponsoring this date with Chris and myself:).  Every time I start getting stressed out I bring out my peppermint, lavender and lemon oil and diffuse which instantly makes me feel better.


V-Ron said...

Did Tiffany not say anything til the last minute?

Misty said...

Erin you are super cute! What a fun surprise!

Congrats to Rachel Ashmore for willing my locket! I hope you enjoy it!!

I couldn't agree with you more about Noelle. I love that girl. I also love her family. Her Mom is my BFF! We are kindred spirits!!! A great family who has gone through A TON! I love them.

Stacey said...

When is the next date going to be posted?

Kelly said...

Really? You're starting to lose us.......too long between new posts. Let's get on with the dating.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Saunders Family said...

COMPLETELY agree with Kelly... ANNOYING!

Melaine said...

Is there any kind of schedule for when dates will be posted?

Molly Campbell said...

I hate to be picky because I know this is a major time commitment for everyone involved, and I'm sure everyone has full schedules on top of the work it takes to run this show. But we all know Mormon love can move fast - for all we know, Chris could be married, and we're still waiting to see his 2nd dates! :)