Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{ Date #11 - KAT RAMOS }

Todays date with Kat Ramos was a lot of fun!  She planned out a nice active date in which it was really easy to get to know each other.  I also like a girl who can keep up with me on the court so this was a perfect date.  The day was somewhat humid and really sunny which made it even more interesting.   Kat has a pretty fun personality,  She is very easy to have a conversation with and she has some interesting dynamics about her. 
After picking her up from the house she told me we were going to go play a little game of basketball which wasn’t hard to guess considering she was holding a basketball when I picked her up.  We drove down to Ocean Park and asked a few of the guys playing down there if we could cut in and play a game of HORSE.  It was imediately obvious that Kat was an athelete when she made me look like a fool for a little bit on the basketball court.  I was trying to be a gentlemen and let the lady win but then Kat kinda hit a cold streak.  So knowing that if she was going to stay cold than we could have all been witnesses to the longest game of  HORSE ever played I decided to not miss and win the match so that we could move on to the next part of our enjoyable date.  A girl has never beat me in the end of any game - I'm just really good at sports what can I say?

After I won at HORSE we mounted up and headed toward Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and ate at a local sandwhich shop.  It was funny because for the longest time we couldn’t find the place and even though we had an address we had no idea where we were going.  The great thing about Kat is that when we were lost it was like I didn't care.  I just enjoyed spending time with her.  When we finally arrived we enjoyed a fanstatic dinner and then made our way to the city walk.  We decided to grab some pinkberry frozen yogurt and went on to enjoy the street performers and some of the shops around the area.  The street performers were great and it was an absolute blast to get to see some of the amazing talents and skills of a lot of the people out there. 
In all the date with Kat was a lot of fun and it was great getting to know about her and her family.  She was a rad girl with a lot going for her and I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know her and enjoy a very nice afternoon with her.  I didn't feel the instant connection that you feel when there is intense chemistry between two people but I definitely felt something.  We will see if she accepts a second date so I can explore it a little more.


Geoff said...

"You have to be careful about what you say because of age differences and maturity differences."


Either Chris was erring on the side of accidentally making jokes that Kat is winding down on child-producing years, or he was calling himself immature. Not sure what is going on here.

Hooray for honesty from both parties, though.

Deveny said...

Dang, your body language during lunch couldn't be more obvious. Yes, he's going on a bunch of dates - but at least make the effort to be interested in listening to these girls. They're spending their time on you too.

Jennifer Romero said...

I am confused! You said in the video that you are NOT interested in going on a second date and then at the end of this post you say you hope she accepts you second date?

Roxanne said...

My thoughts exactly Jennifer Romero!

rachel said...

KAT AS THE NEXT BACHELORETTE!!!!! I don't know her so this is not a personal endorsement but I am so impressed with her maturity and poise. Waddya think?!?!?