Friday, August 31, 2012

{ 2nd Dates - Chris & Sharla }


In Sharla's Words:

Chris and I started off our relationship after we met through Skype for my interview. We continued to chat and build something from there. We got to know each other pretty well before our first date, and yes, I am fully aware I’m not the only girl he did this with. Well played Chris… well played.

Chris and I had an amazing first date and I anxiously waited for our second. He surprised me with a romantic dinner for two and made delicious salmon that was honestly the best salmon I’ve ever had. Not to mention its super sexy to see a guy cooking in the kitchen. He then gave me flowers and one of my favorite movies. After dinner, Jason was there to serenade us as we did a little slow dancing… Chris is quite the romancer. Later we snuggled up to watch the movie and laughed our faces off. Mr. Barbour did not disappoint, it was the perfect second date!

Each time I’ve been with Chris it exceeds my expectations. We have so much fun and I think we have a great connection. He and I have both been dating other people so I am not sure where our relationship will go from here. I guess if he asks me out for a third date we’ll find out.


Anonymous said...

this was an awesome can tell Sharla is really wise. she is my favorite aint gonna lie!!!

Geoff said...

You can tell they held off on kissing each other in a few moments.

What's with the overdone, washed out lighting during the interviews?

ConnieB said...

You can tell she's conflicted- her arms crossed when he went in for a kiss, he made most of the moves, etc. He's REALLY into her it seems so I'll guess he asks her back but maybe this'll be another tiffany where she finds love elsewhere!

mary jane said...

They have such great chemistry and you can tell they really like each other. Chris, don't let her get away! You need to win her over and woo her away from that other guy. She says she is interested in you too, but she is wanting a serious relationship...time to step up and let her know you are serious.