Monday, January 31, 2011

{ DATE #19: Tina Brummitt }

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Here is the truth… It’s hard to keep track of everything about twenty-two girls in one month. To give each girl a fair shot you have to be mentally in each date. Your mind gets tired and wants to check out sometimes, especially when it feels like its going through the same routine. Then after the date you have to remember them each individually when your mind wants to lump them altogether. It’s really nice when something stands out about a girl. Tonight’s date with Tina Brummit was good because she had many things that helped her stand out in the crowd.

Our night started with a home cooked meal. Due to my lack of cooking knowledge, I can only tell you it was chicken in a delicious green sauce. We got to talking about Tina’s previous experience as a volunteer fire fighter. How cool! She had studied fire science and explained to me how frustrating it was putting out a fire. She hasn’t done it for a while now since she moved to Utah. She moved there to go to LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. There she started up two businesses one of them being a traveling spa service. The other is a pet sitting business.

After dinner we did a normal Sunday activity and went to a Church Fireside. The speaker was interesting and inspiring. I don’t know if there was a central message but she talked about prayer, temples, and faith. Our favorite part I think was when she had her grandsons come up and talk. Very emotional.

After the fireside we were off to the Beach. Tina had never stepped foot in the Pacific Ocean. On the way she told me that she did horse gymnastics. “Wait! Back up the bus. What is horse gymnastics?” I asked. She explained but you can look it up if you want to know. When we were almost to the beach she then explained that the next day was her birthday! I couldn’t believe that she would come so far on the day before her b-day to a place she’s never been to spend it with me. That was flattering.

We got to the beach and she dipped her feet in the ocean. Or at least she tried to just dip her feet because the Pacific Ocean attacked her and got her dress wet. Well lastly we went back to where we started our date for a beautifully lit patio for some chocolate cake for dessert. I wanted to sing Happy Birthday but didn’t want to do a solo. Luckily, I wouldn’t have to sing alone because we sang it to each other even though my birthday isn’t til April. It was funny.

There are so many more things left to talk about. I might have to learn a little more about horse gymnastics. We shall see!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

{ DATE #18: Brittany Plothow }

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One of the best discussions that I had tonight was about marathon dates. (Marathon Date: A date packaged full of an overwhelming amount of ideas). Mormons are probably guiltier of the marathon date more than any other people. We seem to carry the tradition of high school dances into our twenties. They can be very entertaining and fun. However, one thing I have learned on this journey is how completely unnecessary they are. Normally there is a breaking point in the date. After that point you fall victim to the law of diminishing returns where the date starts working against you. This is the paraphrased version of one of many conversations I had with Brittany Plothow tonight.

Brittany planned a date here in my hometown of Rancho Cucamonga. She picked an evening spent at Victoria Gardens, one of the few landmarks we have here. We were going to start off the date eating at the Yard House. When we put our name in at the Yard House we had an hour and a half wait time. Instead of leaving we decided to leave our name in and enjoy Victoria Gardens during the wait.

The next thing we had to do was improvise during our wait time. I came up with the idea of going to Macy’s and both of us picking out outfits for each other. Then after we tried them on we had to model them off for each other. Well we weren’t to nice on each other. I think she picked out some ugly emo skinny pants for me. I picked out some lame stuff for her but of course she could pull all of it off. Also during our wait time, we watched this awesome Steven Segul look-alike and performing percussionist. He was intense and good for some entertainment.

Finally, the wait time was over and we got to sit down and do the most important part of a date: Get to know each other. Brittany is going up to school up at UVU and studying behavioral science. Also she is debating whether to go to San Francisco or New York as soon as she can get out of Utah. I argued against San Francisco but personally I think she shouldn’t do either and come to So Cal. We talked about the Band Neon trees who she has met and what they are really like behind their punk image.

I think Brittany and I learned a lot about each other and it was kind of fun to improvise our date. However, that’s coming from someone in an improv comedy group. At the end of the date I stuck around to talk with Brittany some more because she had a lot of interesting things to talk about. I love people with interesting opinions on things. Maybe she has some more topics for a possible second date.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

{ DATE #17: Jamie Robinson }

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Geology! So many ways I could go with that. Jamie was my date tonight and came from Colorado where she works as a geologist. In geology, one of the hardest components to predict accurately is the earth’s climate change. I find it just as hard to predict how the first date will go and what to expect. My date tonight ended where I’m sure neither of us predicted. Thankfully, we were two people willing to go with the flow so that good things could happen.

First thing Jamie and I did was walk over to Fritto Misto. During the walk not only did I learn that Jamie is a geologist but also she is works at a geothermal energy plant. We got to talk a little about how the earth can help us recycle energy. She thought it was nerdy but to someone that likes to learn new things, that is interesting. In return I was about to teach her about tooth decay. How is that for nerdy? But I decided we were about to eat and I wanted to keep my appetite.

Next on the list of things we decided to head on over to the Santa Monica Pier to go on some of the rides. For as many times as I had been to the pier I never had tried them. However, the rides were not the fastest or most exhilarating we had ever been on, but we did have fun mocking them. For someone that has been on lots of crazy roller coasters I was impressed at how fun the rides could be just by having someone to enjoy it with. My guess is we didn’t need the rides at all to have a good time.

After we went on a few of the rides and we were temporarily dizzy I had this random idea to continue the date on 3rd Street Promenade. It wasn’t part of the plans, but I’m glad that Jamie trusted me enough to go. I hadn’t been to 3rd Street in a while and I was hoping it would be just as I remembered. It was better than I remembered. What a great place to people watch and comment on a lot of the freak show that go on there. A few times we spontaneously danced with the street performers, including someone that was shooting bubbles in the air. As always the 3rd Street dancers stole the show. The good thing about street performers that makes for a good date is that they are always something to talk about.

Lastly, we went and had some dessert nearby. Here we got to make a new friend who served us and liked to talk to us. I forgot his name but don’t worry you will probably be seeing his name in lights soon. Translation: you probably won’t see his name in lights. Once again we laughed a lot about our new friend. There is nothing like some humor to make you want the night to keep going, but alas it had to end. Hopefully it won’t have to!

Friday, January 28, 2011

{ DATE #16: Jane Madsen }

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“A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So true. So very true! Now if you are a health expert you might want to sit down for what I’m about to say. For the last three years of my life, I eat out about 95% of the time. I’d bet it was even higher than that too. It’s not because I don’t like eating home cooked meals. It is because I am the world’s worst cook. The date that Jane had planned for me struck something in me that I needed: Good home cooked food. A lot of relationships could probably use a little more of us looking out for the other really needs in life.

Jane had flown in all the way from New York to go on a date with me. That in itself is very flattering. Though she was from far away she immediately established a connection that we had a mutual friend. From there we got in the car and conversation was easy. We were able to talk about how she works in advertising placement, how she is originally from Utah, and how she surprisingly doesn’t like to be on video camera.

We drove for a short while and went to a place called Sur La Table. If you don’t know it is a place to take hands on cooking classes and then at the end you get to eat your food. When we should have been learning Jane and I were talking up a storm. Eventually we made good friends with the people around us who loved the idea of this blog. Cooking and talking was just simple and fun.

The good thing about Jane is that she has this fun loving and playful nature to her. We had time to walk around the store while our food was being cooked. We saw these cookie cutters and made up a game of “Guess what this cookie cutter is supposed to be in the shape of”. I loved the spontaneity and quickness of that. Then, even better, these two old ladies came up and asked us a question about the cookie cutters. (Keep in mind we still had aprons and name tags on). I leaned over and whispered to Jane, “I think those ladies think we work here. We should roll with it.” Immediately Jane acted as if she worked there and started asking the ladies if they needed any more help. The kind of person that can do stuff like that is what I’m looking for.

Well we finished off the morning and ate our food. Most of it was really good. That was just what the doctor ordered. On our way back, we were sitting in the car and I looked over and our eyes met for a moment. That’s when I thought, “Hey! I kinda like this girl, I’m gonna kiss her.” Before I knew it I was walking her to the door, and I was feeling in control. Hoping she was ready I went in for the kiss. Success! After a moment it was over, but as I left I thought, “Dang I like the way she kissed. I think I might have to do that again.”

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ DATE #15: Lisa Whitlock }

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A big thank you to our sponsor Janna McFerson, Author of "There's no Place Like Home Evening" now available in the BYU Bookstore and online at

You hear it all the time in life and in movies, “She makes me feel young again”. One of the best parts of love and romance is how young it can make you feel. To me it's quite beautiful because honestly no one wants to feel old. I think that is what I enjoyed most about my date with Lisa tonight. I felt like I was still in high school though we are both close in age. Being around Lisa Whitlock makes you feel young again in the best possible way.

I picked Lisa up at Salon L where she works in Newport Beach. We started off our date by going to a trampoline gym in nearby. Wouldn’t you have guessed it that the place was crawling with high school students. It didn’t matter to us because we tried to fit in by putting our heads in the mindset of 15 year olds. We figured that thinking young helped us brush up on our dusty flipping skills. It worked… sorta. We both did front flips but we could only do back flips into the foam pit off the steady ground as opposed to the trampoline. Either way, I felt like we were fitting in and having fun.

After our jumping we got in the car turned up the tunes and rocked out to some of our favorite high school jams. Nothing like some N’ Sync and 2Pac to take you back. Eventually we made our way to Balboa Island to enjoy some frozen bananas from one of 20 places claiming to be the original.

A little secret is that I met Lisa a few years ago. What a difference a few years makes? This wasn’t the party crazed Lisa that I had remembered. This was the new and improved Lisa. We talked about different aspects of dating, internet dating and how to stay away from creepy dating habits. We talked a little about religion and goals too. The point is I was having real conversations with Lisa. Our conversations years ago consisted of peoples' fashion and who we think is lame. I’ll take the conversations we had tonight any day.

By the end of the night I had to snap out of it because I was feeling 16 again. I was really enjoying the new Lisa. To put it in nerdy terms, I was really was enjoying Lisa 2.0. You see Lisa 1.0 was fun, youthful, and a partier. Lisa 2.0 has all the same good things but with an added sophistication. Lisa 2.0 is dating material! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{ DATE #14: Erin Spencer }

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I’d like to start my blog from the end of my date with Erin Spencer. We were doing our interviews at the end of the date like usual when a cop came up and started asking what we were doing. Slightly worried about if were breaking any rules I told the truth about our dates for Mormon Bachelor. Immediately this cop started playing matchmaker. Asking both of us separately what we thought about each other. Then after that he started talking about his family. You could tell this man was completely in love with his wife and was the proudest father. He left us with an offer to contact him whenever we needed love advise. He’s the kind of person you definitely want love advise from. Its people like this man that make you want to be married and have a family of your own.

This cop kind of set the theme for the date. Spending time with Erin I felt happy and content about life. We started at In-N-Out my favorite restaurant. When we first walked in she saw a nickel on the ground so she picked it up and gave it to me for good luck. What a great icebreaker? Everything after that just came easy with Erin. We got our order and moved outside to eat. After finishing we stayed at our table and had the chance to paint some shoes. What a fun idea! It was there that I learned that Erin was blessed with a very artsy side. Just look at the shoes she made for me. It was no surprise that she is studying illustration at UVU as well as fashion design. I also found out that Erin does floral design and also works at Taco Amigo in Pleasant Grove. I was so excited because my sister lives near P.G. and we always eat at Taco Amigo when I visit. Side note: I love their combo burrito’s. Well we finished our shoes and I won’t blame her if she never wears them. Mine, however, looked amazing.

Here is a secret not many know about me: I love entertainers with random talents. The more random the better! Next we went to Downtown Disney to see a Comedian Magician and his Magic Parrot. I love the random idea of a magic parrot. He was pretty funny and entertaining. The best part is that he kept interacting and talking with us. It made things just a little more special. I had a lot of fun there and noticed that I was just happy to be there with Erin because she is one of those people that are just excited about life.

Well back to the end of the date. We went to a fountain where we made a wish and had our run-in with the love-guru cop. Tonight had shaped up to be a great night. The person that ends up with Erin I’m sure will feel as content with life as that cop does. Will that person be me? I’d sure be lucky.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{ DATE#13: Kristy Uzelac }

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Kristy Uzelac, also known as Uzi, one of the coolest girls I have ever known. Kristy and I go back to when I was in dental school up in San Francisco. There we became really good friends. We had tons of great memories and lots of stories to share. I’m sure even then we both thought about maybe starting a relationship but for one reason or another we never did. Since then sadly we have lost a lot of our communication because I moved to Southern California and she moved to Utah. The big question that has lingered is could we ever be more than friends.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Kristy was my date tonight. I told her early on, “you realize that we are now on a date?” We were both clear this was a date. Could there be a spark between both of us? Only time will tell. Meanwhile I knew we were going to have a great time. Kristy would not disappoint. One thing I learned a few months ago is that she had taken Trapeze classes which is such a “Kristy” thing to do! Due to my previous interest in that, she planned a trapeze class on the Santa Monica Pier for our date. I was so excited and nervous to do it because I have a fear of doing flips. After the first trapeze swing most of the anxiety had settled. By the end of the class I was doing back flips off the trapeze. Kristy must have had powers to help me overcome.

Writing this blog, I wish there was a lot of new information I could give you that I learned about Kristy on the date. The good thing is when we are together we mostly have fun and joke around. Maybe that’s why we have so many good memories together. However, I do know a lot from before about Kristy. She has a job as recruiter, lives in Utah, is really chill and constantly has the coolest commentary on things. Sometimes I think she stays up all night thinking of unique things to say! For example we each yelled something out loud on our last trapeze swing. I yelled at the top of my lungs “Freeeeedooomm!” She yelled, “I’mmmm Naaakked!”

Knowing me so well we next headed off to a Karaoke lounge where we enjoyed some dinner and sang our hearts out. Though its not included in the video due to lighting. Our first song was a duet by Human League called, “Don’t you want me?” It was entertaining and right on theme. Kristy has a great voice which is why she is starting to do some singing with a rapper named Simeon Lawrence. Honestly, we were having so much fun. Then Kristy sang a solo of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, which is always a crowd pleaser. We only got 2 songs in but we made them count.

The night was once again a success. How often do you get to go on a trapeze? I felt at ease the whole night and we were able to get some flirting and hand holding in. At first I was worried that might be awkward since we have been friends for so long. This was definitely a new chapter in our relationship that felt natural and nice. It was interesting that Kristy sang Bad Romance tonight. At the climax of the song Lady Gaga sings “I don’t wanna be friends” a few times. Which has me questioning can Kristy and I make it more than friends?

Monday, January 24, 2011

{ DATE #12: Alisha White }

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On this journey of being The Mormon Bachelor there are quite a few sacrifices that you have to make. Sleep, friends, and family time are just a few of those things. Then there are other things like sports that I have had to give up. I love playing sports. I play on a flag football team that I have given up on Wednesday nights. Also church basketball just started which I have sadly been missing. Lastly there are the NFL playoffs that I am not watching right now as well. I know most of you girls are rolling your eyes while reading this - stay with me. Today I was looking forward to my guilty pleasure of watching the NFC playoffs before church. I soon learned that was something I was going to have to give up to go on a simple date on Sunday morning. I of course obliged and went on the date later to find out it was Alisha White, whom I had never met.

I’ve never been so glad to give up my vice than I was on my date with Alisha.
I rolled up to a house she was staying at for the weekend since she came all the way from Scottsdale Arizona. The house was obviously familiar if you watched any of the last season of the Mormon Bachelorette. When she opened the door I was surprised to find it was someone I had never seen and had not sent in an application video before the season started. We introduced ourselves and it wasn’t long before I realized that she had some game. Which is good cause I’m up for a challenge. She told me that we were going to make breakfast for our date. While I was whisking away at those eggs I noticed we both had the same sense of humor. How awesome is it to find someone you can joke around with? If you want to know what Alisha’s personality is like picture someone that you can’t fathom anyone disliking. That is Alisha. She is positive, always smiling, and has a charm you can’t help but be drawn toward.

Breakfast ended up being really simple and great. I cooked the eggs and she cooked the waffles and then we ate. It is interesting that our meal was breakfast considering that Alisha does promotional work for General Mills. You know, the company that makes a lot of your cereals. Her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms by the way. Mine is Cookie Crisp. Conversation just came easy with Alisha and time was flying by through our already short date. It’s probably because she has a wit about her that kept me on my toes. Very impressive that she is able to roll with the jokes.

To keep this an appropriate Sunday date after breakfast we played a simple game of MASH. You know the game you played in elementary school to predict your future? Actually MASH is a really good way to get to know someone. Since you are probably wondering what MASH predicted, I will tell you. According to MASH Alisha and I are getting married. It was a statistic surety because ours were the only names to choose from. We will live in a mansion, have 20 kids, and I will support them on my unemployment checks. I hope it’s all true. Well maybe the unemployment checks, and 20 little Bucks running around sounds like a headache.

The time ended too quickly. I had a great time getting to know Alisha but its always best to be kept wanting more. The date just proves that it doesn’t matter how simple the date but how good the connection. By the end of the date I long had forgot the game was even on. You know what? I think I’d even miss the Superbowl if it meant I got to go out on another date with Alisha. Luckily she likes football so I probably wouldn’t have to! Score!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

{ A Little Mid-Season Reveal }

The journey has been fun - 11 girls so far and 11 to go.  How will Rick choose his one true love out of such a stellar group of ladies?  Here he reveals his "favorites" and some plans for the future...

{ Date #11: Christina "Beana" Hathaway }

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Early on in my date with Beana Hathaway she gave our date the title “A Piece of Paradise”. She couldn’t have picked a better day to have set up a date like that. I was feeling a little under the weather so I was in need of some relaxation. When most people think of me they have a picture of an outgoing and social person. Well that’s true but I definitely have a chill, beach-loving side as well. When I pulled up to her house she greeted me with a gift bag. In the gift bag were plenty of things to help me have a relaxing day at a health spa. We were going to spend our afternoon at the Glen Ivy health spa out in Corona.

Speaking of a piece of paradise, Beana was a nice piece of paradise herself. She had a comfortable spirit that just put me at ease on the date. That’s what you expect from someone that spent years living on Hawaii’s north shore. Would you believe that she even had the chance of teaching Jack Johnson’s son? Sweet! She’s so easy going that she applied to be a flight attendant as a joke, but when she got the job she gave up her previous career. For most people this might be a stressful choice giving up the career she studied for, but not for Beana. My point is that time spent with Beana is worry free, exactly how you would expect paradise.

We rolled up to Glen Ivy and immediately I felt like I was in a foreign paradise. I never had experienced a health spa. When we got there the front desk worker informed us that the Spa would not be open as long as they had told her the day before. Therefore we would only have an hour instead of three to relax. While Beana could have been really disappointed she just let it roll off her back. Immediately we went to the mud bath and covered our bodies with mud so we could exfoliate. Exfoliating to this point was something I never planned on doing, but it did make me feel really smooth. We then spent time in a mineral spa and then in a floating pool. By the end I was feeling like a million bucks

Lastly, we went to Beana’s house and she made some Acai bowls. How have I gone so long without ever having one of these bowls? They were so good. No joke! Eating our bowls, the remainder of the time we spent next to a fire on a couch she had in her back yard. It was completely relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was the perfect ending to our date and I felt completely better. I could really use someone that can put me at ease like that. Maybe I will have to have another date of paradise.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ DATE #10: Sara Olds }

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If you got it use it! But don’t brag about it. That’s how I feel anyway. We are each blessed with so much. Some are blessed with brains, some with money, and you get the picture. In my opinion we are each given many things in life so that we can use them to the best of our ability. The down side is that some people like to talk about what they have or don’t have for that manner. There is nothing more annoying than someone that goes on and on about how great they are. What I liked about my date with Sara Olds is that she had this concept down pat.

You may have been surprised that Sara planned a date to Disneyland keeping in mind that I took Aubrey there on the last season. She gets free tickets so why not use it. No worries, like a pirate of the Caribbean she blew my previous date to Disneyland out of the water. Seriously this girl had some knowledge of the ins and outs of Disney which is quite impressive.

Besides her free tickets to Disneyland you know what else Sara has? Tickets to Club 33!!! Just for your information, very few people get to go into this part of Disneyland. You have to know someone to get special entrance. When we arrived to Club 33 there were people even trying to beg there way in. It made it that much more prestigious for me. While both of us aren’t wine and diners, it can be fun once in a while. She worried if it may have been too much for a first date. No way! If you got the trump card you play it. I was blown away and Disneyland will never be the same for me.

While at dinner I found out another thing Sara had. She has a cool family that she likes to talk about. I caught wind of it so I asked her to talk more about her dad. Maybe a little odd but you can tell she has a deep love for her family which is quite impressive for a family oriented person like myself.

We were able to see World of Color where I heard another one of Sara’s talents. She started quietly singing to some of the songs and I could tell she had a good voice. As it turns out singing is sort of a passion of hers.

I can go on and on about all that Sara has but my favorite thing was her infectious smile. Perhaps it is a reflection of her positive personality or maybe it was because we were at the happiest place on earth. Whatever the case is, it works because happy people make me happy. Now… back to that voice. I wonder if I can unleash that on a second date.

Friday, January 21, 2011

{ DATE #9: Angie Pita }

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You don’t make it to age 29, being a single Mormon, without hearing enough dating advice to fill a library. I’m a big believer in the best dating advise is to just be your best self. If the other person doesn’t like your best self, so be it because someone else will. How refreshing it is going out with someone like Angie who you know that the person you are out with is who they really are. I automatically felt that this girl had nothing to hide and no red flags she was trying to bury.

Angie’s cousin Fallon filled out her application for the show. Thank you Fallon! She also gave her words of wisdom before her date. “Don’t be ghetto!” She told her. That I think is some sensible advice. Then she gave some more counsel, “Don’t tell him you were a boxer.” Bad counsel! Thankfully Angie decided not to take her cousins guidance on that. What cooler thing could set you apart from any other girl? This petite little Peruvian girl took boxing for 3 years. To me that’s impressive.

Don’t worry Fallon I didn’t think Angie was ghetto in the slightest. In fact, she took me to a Peruvian restaurant where she taught me some things about her culture. I learned that Angie is going to school to do something in the criminal justice department. Personally I think a lot of criminals could use a dose of Angie’s perma-smile ( says that is a word). The coolest thing I learned about Angie is that she is a family oriented girl and is looking for a family oriented guy. That’s refreshing to hear in a world deviating from the traditional family.

Next it was back to her apartment where we made crepes. One thing you should know about me is that my biggest incompetency is in the kitchen. I eat out for every meal and rarely cook. Angie found out the hard way. Apparently not every white fluffy substance in the kitchen is flour. That’s right, I mixed one cup of powdered sugar, instead of flour, into our batter. No worries, we got it right the second time and enjoyed some delish peach and banana crepes.

The night ended with a lot of laughs as I tried to do the Batacha dance. In fact, we laughed constantly through the whole night. I’ve heard many times that the number one thing girls look for in a guy is humor. I don’t know about it being number one but I can tell you there is some truth to it, because the opposite side of the coin is that guys love it when you think they are funny. I could tell Angie genuinely thought I was funny and that goes a long way! Into a second date? We’ll see.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{ Date #8 - Roxanne Truesdell }

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Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, “Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”. For those of us that prefer modern English the translation is, “Still waters run deep”. Let me paint a picture of a river that is wild and rapid. Now move down the river a mile and you reach an ostensibly calm surface. Most would think this part of the river lacks liveliness. The lesson to be learned is that the river isn’t void of motion, but the current runs deep. So too are relationships. When relationships feel rapid and chaotic you can bet they lack real depth. However, the most beautiful relationships are calm on the surface.

Take my date with Roxanne as an example. We started our date at the Hip Kitty Lounge in Claremont. It was a really laid back night where we got to eat Fondue and listen to Jazz music. I learned that she has a job in public relations and gets to work from home or wherever she pleases. I’m so jealous. Also, we both knew each other from years ago so we got to talk about relationships that we had and what went wrong. I realize for some people this may be a dating faux pas, but for us we had the chance to really learn something besides the more common dating questions. We had the chance to critique some of the art hanging in the lounge. One piece of art that she thought looked like a reflection on a lake, I thought looked like a spinal cord. I’m sure a psychologist somewhere would love to analyze that.

After we enjoyed a nice fondue dinner we enjoyed the style of the jazz band. We both found out we had a love for concerts and live music. The most impressive part was that the band would call people up from the audience to join their band. It was very impressive how well they could improvise a good jam session. Just to spice things up we got up and slow danced. I have to admit I was nervous to be the only ones on the dance floor.

When we left the lounge we found a cool hall nearby and decided to walk around there for a bit. It was fun to look in the random shops and talk about them. Who would have known there is a school for children chefs? Then we saw a vintage clothing shop which I wish had been open. I think the best part was that we discovered a cool little shopping district that brought some spontaneity to the date.

The night was a success and we both shared one of things we enjoyed most: Live music. Since tonight’s date had a music theme I will compare my life to Muse or Green Day. However having balance is important, and it would be really nice to find someone that could provide my life with some Jack Johnson or Mason Jennings. I think Roxy could do that very well (considering we have seen both in concert). Maybe we’ll both have to go see Jack or Mason together next time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{ DATE #7: Karen Hinkle }

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I don’t really understand where the cliché “a rolling stone gathers no moss” came from. Are there stones somewhere that are constantly rolling and therefore are moss-less? Well, I do understand its implication. There are some people that are constantly on the move and therefore have a vibrant spirit. I know because I am one of those people. I bet by now you have guessed that my date Karen is one of those people as well.

What better sign of an adventurous person than going on a roller coaster filled date? It was a perfect day to visit Knott’s Berry Farm. The weather was perfect and there were no lines on any of the rides. We were constantly on the move and were able to maximize the park and go on pretty much everything.

Being constantly on the move may have inspired a lot of our conversation. We talked about our ambitions and all the things that we have done. I told her about my idea to make a musical that appeals to men. She told me that she has a list of 30 things that she wanted to accomplish before her next birthday. Our date helped her accomplish one of those 30 goals (glad I can be of service). Then she explained all the places that she has been. She made me a little jealous she had been to Ireland and even gave me a little info to help me accomplish the same thing one day.

After we were worn out from going on all the rides it was time to eat. Dinner was pretty tasty and filling. There was some good conversation and we finished our meal and kept talking for about a half hour. We talked about the popular misconception people have about us, work, and our living situations. The only thing that cut our conversation short was that I was starting to feel sick. Blasted! So we left the restaurant quickly to find a CVS to cure my stomach of the greasy chicken I had just eaten. One of the perks of going out with an adventurous person is that they are really resourceful. In no time we found a CVS and she pointed me to the best tasting tums.

Soon my tummy was feeling better and I was ready to go. By that I mean I was ready to chill and watch a movie - True Grit. How we fit all this into one date I do not know. Then again there is no time to waste being a rolling stone, so what else would you expect?  Speaking of rolling stones, maybe I could “get some satisfaction” from a second date.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{ DATE #6: Samantha Goodsell }

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Sometimes the stars align perfectly. Today was the most stressful I had felt since I had taken my boards three years ago.  Truth be told, I was in a negative mood going into tonight’s date. That is until this pretty ball of positive energy came knocking on my door. I opened the door and realized it was Samantha Goodsell, who I had recognized from her video application and seeing her at a party or two.

Still in a somewhat negative mood, Samantha explained the date to me. I’ll call it a “choose your own adventure” date. Basically we got in the car and she flipped a coin. If it landed tails we turned right, or heads we turned left. On cards she pulled out of a can it said how long we would drive in that direction. We chose to do this 14 times. On the last one we would do her activity. Honestly, I thought this idea was a recipe for disaster. Yet, on the 14th card we passed right by this beautifully lit gazebo in old-town Upland.  What luck! You couldn’t have planned a better place than that for what she planned. So that’s where we parked.

We walked to the gazebo and held hands where she surprised me with a much needed dinner. She had “prepared” my favorite meal on earth with my favorite drink on earth: In-N-Out and Dr. Pepper. Someone did their research. Immediately my spirits were lifted! The stresses of reality faded away, as my mind slipped into a romantic dreamland. Then we talked about her adventures in her career as an actress. I couldn’t believe this girl was Miley Cyrus’ double for her music videos. Um… can someone pinch me?

Next we went to Scandia (a small amusement park near me). I’d say the park had around ten people in it. For the most part it was ours alone! She had me pick from cards which attraction we would do next. First I picked the bumper boats, which were good for some playful flirting. Next, I picked miniature golf, but instead we did the go karts. Lastly, we played miniature golf where we would tee off in random ways. It was so much fun I wasn’t about to let the moment pass me by. On the eighteenth hole I leaned in and kissed her. Picture perfect.

Sometimes the stars align perfectly! Some burn out quickly and others endure the test of time. The question is which star is Samantha?

Monday, January 17, 2011

{ DATE #5: Keri Murrey }

Disclaimer: To this point Rick has not had a Sunday date.  Lucky for Rick he had a few dates on the same day last week, one of which is highlighted above.  Enjoy!

You know your date is gonna be wild when they show up at your door in disguise. I answered the door around the time for our date and who was it? The Fed Ex woman. I don’t remember ordering a package. Then this “employee” threw the package to the ground. I was still confused! Just kidding. I then remembered Keri’s Fed Ex audition tape. In a way packages are a lot like first dates. Sometimes you know what is coming, sometimes you don’t. In the first moments you know what it looks like but its what is on the inside you are trying to find out.

It didn’t take long before I started to see the “Keri Package”. This girl is fun. Don’t worry, she didn’t stay in her work attire the whole date. After she changed we got in our car and went to the shooting range. This is where my masculinity was called into question. I had been shooting a few times but I am no avid gunman. Thankfully I picked it up really quickly. We used Bin Laden as our target and I let her go first. She did pretty good nailing Bin Laden right in his hat. Then it was my turn. I wasn’t the marksman I had dreamed about but we both improved as the night went on. This was important for me - apparently I have a superhero name to uphold.

All through the night we had a lot to talk about. Most of the conversation happened over dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Both of us, being extroverts, went to try out for American Idol on the same day in Pasadena two years ago. We recounted our experiences like getting fried in the sun that day. Keri, like me, also has a geeky-tech side to her. She even wants to open a non-profit one day to help kids with computers. I think our biggest commonality is that we both have a hard time answering the question, “What do you like to do?” That is a hard question to answer when you pretty much like everything. I guess you just have to answer the things you are most passionate about. Still not easy for us though.

Our date ended at my house. It was a good night. I got a surface knowledge of what Keri was all about. Luckily with Keri she is not a one dimensional character and there is a lot more to know and enjoy. That’s where there is a problem with my analogy between a package and a first date. A package has two layers: The box and its contents. A person is more like a package within a package, within a package, and so on. I could tell by the end of the date I had many more layers to discover. That alone is a reason for a second date.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

{ Date #4: Andrea Candrian }

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The quickest way to spice up your life is to do something completely out of the box. A great big thanks to the staff who were able to convince Andrea Candrian to go on a public date with me. Also to her twin sister who filled out the application. While Andrea is very comfortable being in front of the camera this was a big risk to her. I don’t blame her for having been a skeptic. She is already an accomplished press secretary of a senator and traveled all the way from DC just to go on a date with me. I am humbled that she would travel so far to go on a date with me, but so glad she did.

As I drove up to the place where we would be going on our date I looked to the left and noticed a long line of weirdos in front of a Hollywood studio. I figured I would soon be one of the weirdos in that line. Sure enough we stood in that line for a few hours before being on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal”. I guess it doesn’t say much for me that I felt comfortable. However, getting in costume was something out of the box for Andrea. She had made us both our own Washington DC attire. As we waited in line we had a lot to talk about. I love talking about politics and her involvement gave me the opportunity. While we differ a little on our feelings about Glen Beck I think we actually had a lot to talk about. As long as we weren't too far apart on views I didn't mind at all. In fact it made the date all the more interesting.

We finally made it to the producers who spent about 10 seconds interviewing everyone. Once they got to us we told them we were on a blind date from different sides of the country. They were intrigued and took over a minute talking with us, writing a ton down. We thought we were a shoe in! We sat through the show and I had a blast flirting a little here and there. Though we never made it as contestants I felt like a winner being there with Andrea.

Just to make things a little more out of the box I decided to hold her hand on the first date.  Later we found out that holding hands on a first date is a little different for both of us. I explained that lately I have been learning to do that. My reasoning is this: Some people take a lack of touching or being slightly forward on a date as a sign that you aren’t interested. If you want a girl to know you don’t want to be put in the friend zone sometimes you have to do that. Hopefully we will both avoid that friend zone and make it to date two!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

{ DATE #3: Sara Borg }

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Nothing is better than a girl that can socialize. When I am in a relationship with a girl I often pay attention to how well they interact with others. Sara Borg and I first met up at the Cowboy Surfer Grill for some brunch. Immediately I noticed how well she interacted with the waitress and the other customers in the restaurant. We had some of the best service I have ever had at a restaurant because of the connection she established with the waitress. It was pretty impressive for a restaurant whose motto is “Come for the food, not for the service.” For the record their food was really good.

Have you ever been on a date and looked around at other couples? I have, and I do it a lot. Sara and I went horseback riding on our date, something I have wanted to do on a date for a long time (good job Sara). There was another random couple that went with us. I couldn’t help but notice that we were having better conversation and more fun than the other couple. Actually I don’t think the other couple said a word the whole hour and a half of the ride. Maybe that’s their thing (who am I to judge), but the only time they talked was when Sara talked to them.

One good thing about horseback riding is that there was plenty of time to talk. I found out a lot about Sara. She grew up in Utah, but has lived in New York and obviously California. Her family seems to work in the cosmetic field, which is good because I like a girl with some fashion sense. Sara herself does eyelash extensions. Yes guys, girls have a process that they make their eyelashes look naturally long. I’m not talking about those obvious ones we see sitting on top of their real ones either. It’s a great idea, but it makes me thankful to be a guy.

One thing we talked about was what qualities we like in other people we date. I talked about how I like adaptable girls. Meaning girls that know how to react in any situation they are in. Example: A girl that cheers at a sports game, dances at a dance, cuddles on a romantic date, and socializes at a party. She talked about how she likes playful guys. It was there I told myself, “if there is a date two we are doing something very playful!” Will there be a Date 2? Dun Dun Dun…

Friday, January 14, 2011

{ DATE #2: Sara Foster }

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Every once in a while I get a deep thought that I normally never get to share. Now that I have an audience I will share a thought I had with you. You see I’m a person that wears his heart and mind on his sleeve. In other words, I live a very vulnerable life. As a consequence I get critiqued a lot, and sometimes even made fun of. I know that’s hard to believe. What’s strange is most people I see go about their life protecting and hiding that vulnerable side of themselves. I wonder why that is. Aren’t the people that love us the most the same people with whom we let down our guard? My closest relationships are the ones where people know my every flaw and appreciate my every quirk. It’s so much easier for me to establish a connection when I don’t have to first tear down the walls of an image trying to be upheld.

This leads right into my date with Sara Foster. Sara came up with a creative date of Geo Caching. Most probably won’t know what that is. Basically it is a world wide scavenger hunt where people go around finding mementos that other people have hidden. You can find the coordinates on a website and go around looking for them. So we both got on our bikes and headed out to Geo cache.

Toward the middle of the date I noticed something different. I found myself not asking that many questions to Sara, nor was I taking normal steps I would make on a first date. Then again, I didn’t have to, because Sara has little if any “walls”. I was able to get to know her just by interacting with her. She was refreshingly vulnerable. If she wanted to make a silly beeping noise while backing up her bike, she did. When she saw the statue of a nude person, she pointed it out. She thought I was terrible at riding bikes, so she made fun of me for it. It didn’t take long for me to feel a connection with Sara. She was vulnerable and it gave me a chance to see who she was whether I liked it or not.

After Geo caching we went to a small ice cream sandwich shop. There we had time to just talk with each other. I learned that a girl can grow up in a small town, run in track, be an engineer and still be socially adept. She found out I didn’t like musicals and wasn’t a Batman nut. We also had fun analyzing the random couple at the table next to us. After little debate we labeled the couple “friends with benefits.”

Before I knew it it was the end of the date and I hadn’t even made a move. Dang it! I hope she doesn’t mistake that for not being interested because Sara is beautiful inside and out. I really wanted the date to keep going, but I guess it’s always best to be left wanting more. Hopefully she felt the same. We hugged at the door, and like you always do at the end of a date, she said “I’m glad to know you aren’t into musicals!” But, for some reason that works for me. Date #2 with Sara? Strong possibility.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

{ DATE #1: Sarah McDermott }

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Maybe it’s an odd place to start, but a lot of thanks are definitely in order for making it to the first date of The Mormon Bachelor. Thanks to Erin who has put in more hours coordinating than a full time job. I give thanks to her team, to the camera people, and to the girls who willingly participate. Thank you to random people like my dental assistants who have had to cut back hours at work. They all do this with little if anything to gain. What for then? I don’t fully understand. My guess is the enjoyment of sharing my crazy and fun love story. Which reminds me - thank you to everyone for following this journey as well.

All the months of preparation and anticipation led up to this moment. With the knock of the door it started. ”Who would answer? Would I know her? If I’ve met her, will I remember her name? Are we going to be a match? What am I doing???” Then the door swung open and we looked at each other. Silence. I didn’t think I recognized her. “Hi, I’m Sarah McDermott.” Nope! Never met her and I can’t believe I have missed out on this beautiful girl all this time in Southern California!

Perhaps the reason for all the gratitude I have been feeling tonight is because the first thing that we talked about was our new appreciation for the opposite gender. You see, there are some definite role reversals in The Mormon Bachelor process. Mainly, the girls, instead of the guys, are planning the dates. Even though I knew to dress nice casual, I was blind as to how nice or how casual. Then I knew I would be eating at some point, but would it be earlier or later? Should I snack on something beforehand? Not so easy! Then Sarah, keeping in mind my financial responsibility, tried to keep the date around $50. She discovered it doesn’t take long before most dates quickly surpass that mark.

Sarah and I had a lot to talk about on our way to the Griffiths Observatory. This girl has done everything! Literally. She’s traveled, served a mission, studied, worked, taught, etc. I could go on and on. In fact, one of my favorite things in a relationship is when I feel like there is too much to talk about. When it feels like you can’t really finish one conversation until you are onto the next. My favorite part of the conversation was our mutual love for Ireland. The only difference is she has actually been there. “One day Rick!”

Conversation - check! Cute - check! But could she have fun? Check! In fact, I don’t think we actually grasped the concept of the observatory. We turned that learning facility into our personal playground, as we held hands and took in the view. I don’t think we actually learned a thing, not even during the educational/psychedelic movie we saw. Afterward we replenished ourselves over a delicious yet meager dinner. However, what the dinner lacked we made up for with conversation until we hugged goodbye on her doorstep. Is date #2 in the future? I would certainly be a lucky guy. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{ TMB Eve is Here!!! }

The time has arrived - we are all waiting on the edge of our seats. Will Rick find true love? Will he be popping the question in a few short months after asking all the typical first date questions for the next 22 days? Only time will tell. Join us starting tomorrow, Thursday, January 13th at 8am to watch the magic unfold. Good luck Buck - we are counting on you to find Mrs. Right...

{ Plain JANE? We think not... }

This stylish New Yorker is anything but plain.  She lives a life of fun, work, play, fun, adventure, and... fun.  We think Rick needs this street-saavy beauty in his life don't you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{ The world is CHRISTINA's Playground }

Meet Christina - a blond beauty with an adventurous spirit AND a buddy pass for life? We think Rick will be soaring high after spending some time with "Beana".

Monday, January 10, 2011

{ KERI is the total package }

This girl has got everything - a great job, great friends, a beautiful smile and STYLE... Watch out Rick Buck, you are in for a fun adventure with Keri by your side!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

{ SAMANTHA the Actress }

We thought Rick Buck was dramatic until we were introduced to Samantha - talk about a match made in heaven! The question is - if Rick and Samantha starred in a romance, would it end in eternal bliss?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

{ Rick Buck Ex-Girlfriends Tell All... }

With only a few short days until go-time we wanted you to get the real deal about Rick - straight from best source - his ex-girlfriends.  Please join us this Thursday, January 13th when Rick begins his journey to find true Mormon love.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

{ JAMIE is a Gem... }

This girl's talents never end! Not only is she a very intelligent geologist, but she is also an incredible wedding photographer! The question is, if Rick and Jamie marry, who will take pictures at their wedding?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{ This Week In Mormons ... Part Dos }

Aubrey had her podcast of glory 3 months ago when she started out on her love-quest but this week it was Rick Buck's turn to wow "This Week In Mormons" followers with his motivations to find true love.  Click on TWIM to listen to co-hosts Geoff and Al interview Erin Elton and the Mormon Bachelor himself Rick Buck as he sets out on a quest to find true Mormon love.  We love you TWIM!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{ Will it be Endless Love with... KAREN??? }

A skydiving, Michael Buble-loving, world traveling, dark-haired beauty from Arizona?  Karen looks like a total catch.  Will she catch Rick's heart?

Monday, January 3, 2011

{ Introducing ERIN... }

Not Erin Elton this time and we are excited to have another one in the mix! Think she is a good match for the Buckster? We already love her because she has some really cute shoes:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

{ Featuring BRITTANY... }

The only reason Rick Buck wouldn't want to go on a date with Brittany is if he hated beautiful, funny and outgoing women.  Case in point... meet BRITTANY...

What say you?