Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ DATE #15: Lisa Whitlock }

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You hear it all the time in life and in movies, “She makes me feel young again”. One of the best parts of love and romance is how young it can make you feel. To me it's quite beautiful because honestly no one wants to feel old. I think that is what I enjoyed most about my date with Lisa tonight. I felt like I was still in high school though we are both close in age. Being around Lisa Whitlock makes you feel young again in the best possible way.

I picked Lisa up at Salon L where she works in Newport Beach. We started off our date by going to a trampoline gym in nearby. Wouldn’t you have guessed it that the place was crawling with high school students. It didn’t matter to us because we tried to fit in by putting our heads in the mindset of 15 year olds. We figured that thinking young helped us brush up on our dusty flipping skills. It worked… sorta. We both did front flips but we could only do back flips into the foam pit off the steady ground as opposed to the trampoline. Either way, I felt like we were fitting in and having fun.

After our jumping we got in the car turned up the tunes and rocked out to some of our favorite high school jams. Nothing like some N’ Sync and 2Pac to take you back. Eventually we made our way to Balboa Island to enjoy some frozen bananas from one of 20 places claiming to be the original.

A little secret is that I met Lisa a few years ago. What a difference a few years makes? This wasn’t the party crazed Lisa that I had remembered. This was the new and improved Lisa. We talked about different aspects of dating, internet dating and how to stay away from creepy dating habits. We talked a little about religion and goals too. The point is I was having real conversations with Lisa. Our conversations years ago consisted of peoples' fashion and who we think is lame. I’ll take the conversations we had tonight any day.

By the end of the night I had to snap out of it because I was feeling 16 again. I was really enjoying the new Lisa. To put it in nerdy terms, I was really was enjoying Lisa 2.0. You see Lisa 1.0 was fun, youthful, and a partier. Lisa 2.0 has all the same good things but with an added sophistication. Lisa 2.0 is dating material! 


Kim Messick said...

Hilarious! Foam Pit! And she's pretty!

The House That Lars Built said...

oh darn! we can't see the video because the song is blocked due to copyright issues outside the US.