Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ DATE #10: Sara Olds }

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If you got it use it! But don’t brag about it. That’s how I feel anyway. We are each blessed with so much. Some are blessed with brains, some with money, and you get the picture. In my opinion we are each given many things in life so that we can use them to the best of our ability. The down side is that some people like to talk about what they have or don’t have for that manner. There is nothing more annoying than someone that goes on and on about how great they are. What I liked about my date with Sara Olds is that she had this concept down pat.

You may have been surprised that Sara planned a date to Disneyland keeping in mind that I took Aubrey there on the last season. She gets free tickets so why not use it. No worries, like a pirate of the Caribbean she blew my previous date to Disneyland out of the water. Seriously this girl had some knowledge of the ins and outs of Disney which is quite impressive.

Besides her free tickets to Disneyland you know what else Sara has? Tickets to Club 33!!! Just for your information, very few people get to go into this part of Disneyland. You have to know someone to get special entrance. When we arrived to Club 33 there were people even trying to beg there way in. It made it that much more prestigious for me. While both of us aren’t wine and diners, it can be fun once in a while. She worried if it may have been too much for a first date. No way! If you got the trump card you play it. I was blown away and Disneyland will never be the same for me.

While at dinner I found out another thing Sara had. She has a cool family that she likes to talk about. I caught wind of it so I asked her to talk more about her dad. Maybe a little odd but you can tell she has a deep love for her family which is quite impressive for a family oriented person like myself.

We were able to see World of Color where I heard another one of Sara’s talents. She started quietly singing to some of the songs and I could tell she had a good voice. As it turns out singing is sort of a passion of hers.

I can go on and on about all that Sara has but my favorite thing was her infectious smile. Perhaps it is a reflection of her positive personality or maybe it was because we were at the happiest place on earth. Whatever the case is, it works because happy people make me happy. Now… back to that voice. I wonder if I can unleash that on a second date.


Kim Messick said...

Awesome date!!! I loved the music choice for this video! So cute! I don't know how Rick will pick...but he should pick her to go to round two!

anna said...

what?! club 33? i'm so jealous!
great date sara!

Natasha and Jesse said...

So fun! Yes, make the second date happen! Lots of roller coasters for Rick on the dates so far. Good thing he doesn't get sick... :)

Aubrey Messick said...

What a fun date!!! Loved all the hand holding. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to watching it all over again on a 2nd date! Go Sara!!!

Matt Laidlaw said...

Sara Olds is by far the best catch that Rick will go out with this season.

Anonymous said...

Sara Olds is pretty much amazing! What a lucky man to spend a moment with her.