Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{ Congratulations New Sony Media Player Winner! }

Along with all the excitement surrounding our latest announcement that ASHLEY CHAPMAN is our new Mormon Bachelorette, we ALSO have exciting news for one of our newest followers!

Congratulations to Michelle L. Taylor who commented on The Mormon Bachelorette Facebook Page.  You are the proud new owner of a Sony Network Media Player!  Now you can watch every episode of The Mormon Bachelorette on your TV screen which we think is very exciting:).  Please e-mail us your address so we can send you your prize - themormonbachelorette@gmail.com.

From now until Ashley's first date we will be bringing you new content featuring our incredible Mormon Bachelorette, giveaways, and previews of some of the potential Bachelors who will try to win Ashley's heart.  Also stay tuned later this week for a special "TMB Giving Back" post.  We are so excited to begin this journey with Ashley and glad you are all part of the fun!

Monday, May 30, 2011

{ And the next Bachelorette is... }

The last three months have been AMAZING! We have met and developed friendships with dozens of eligible women that all deserve the best chance at finding true love. The decision for this next journey was made after a lot of thought, prayer and time. We feel like we have an incredible bachelorette for Season 3 on our hands and we couldn't be more excited to get started on July 1st!


Friday, May 27, 2011

{ Social Giveaway }

We like being social and we love giveaways so what better way to end a work week and kick off Memorial Day weekend with a SOCIAL GIVEAWAY!

Here is how it works:

- Follow us on Twitter (@mbstaffers) and retweet something that we have said and you will be added to a drawing for a Sony Network Media Player!  It's just like an AppleTV but BETTER because you can watch episodes of The Mormon Bachelorette straight on your television screen :)

Your name will be added to the drawing AGAIN if you:

- Like our Facebook Page "The Mormon Bachelorette" and leave a comment.
- Leave a comment on this blog posting.

A Sony Network Media Player is just one social network interaction away.

Monday, May 23, 2011


It was SO difficult to choose only 14 finalists from all the amazing women that submitted videos to be the next Mormon Bachelorette but there can only be 1 this season.  We wish we could choose each one to be the next Mormon Bachelorette!  Here they are in no particular order.  Vote for the woman you want to watch on this season's Mormon Bachelorette by voting on the side bar at the left.  Keep in mind that there are many factors we are considering in choosing the next Mormon Bachelorette - not just voting.  We will announce our girl on Monday, May 30th.  Meanwhile - all you eligible Bachelors out there apply!  You never know how true Mormon love can be found... just ask Aubrey and Rick!

Steph Zundel
New York, NY
Event Planner

Joleen Kremin
Lubbock, TX
CPA and PhD Student

Heather Kane
Salt Lake City, UT
Account Executive

Sara Olds
Huntington Beach, CA
Corporate Marketing

Stefanie Rasmussen
Sandy, Utah
3rd Grade Teacher

Alisha White
Scottsdale, AZ
General Mills Sales and Promotional Planner

Stacey Wismer
Portland, OR
Dental Hygienist

Ashley Wood
San Dimas, CA

Jane Madsen
New York, NY
Media Planner

Megan Whalen
Phoenix, AZ
Advertising Account Manager

Beana Hathaway
Salt Lake City, UT
Flight Attendant

Steph Conran
Palo Alto, CA
Civil Engineer

Ashley Chapman
Mesa, AZ
Marketing Events Coordinator

Ashley Elliason
Orem, UT
Real Estate

Saturday, May 21, 2011

{ Accepting all MORMON BACHELORS! }

In about a week we will announce our next Mormon Bachelorette. However, LDS men from all over the world have already started applying for a chance to woo the woman who is about to embark on the love adventure of a lifetime. If YOU want to have an opportunity to steal our next Bachelorette’s heart away apply on our website through the link at the top left of the site. All chosen Bachelors will plan and pay for the first date and need to be able to visit the hometown of our next Bachelorette to participate. On May 30th we will announce our girl but in the meantime THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM so get started now! We will be accepting Bachelor applications until June 15th. If you have any questions please e-mail us at themormonbachelorette@gmail.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Most memorable childhood memory: This story basically sums up how I was as a little girl; "boy crazy". I was 4 years old and taking a nap. My mom laid down for a nap too and something in the kitchen was on and the house filled with smoke! I woke up outside on our front bench with my Mom and asked how I got there. She told me the house had filled with smoke and a fire truck came and a fire fighter carried me outside. Instantly I asked if he was cute. My Mom said he was around 50. My response, ok but was he cute? My family can tell numerous stories just like this.

Your best physical feature: MY LEGS!!!

Your best quality: I'm observant of others and try to fill their needs.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: I've dated a lot and I feel like I know what I need and want out of a relationship. I have a lot of love to give and I can't wait to share that with somebody with the confidence that they love me equally.

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: My last boyfriend says he would tell people that I am very trustworthy. I always look for ways to help out and be supportive. I am laid-back/easy going and not high strung. I am smart and funny. I am a great kisser and was always willing to scratch his back. --wow how nice of him :)

Most embarrassing moment?:
I think I've blocked a lot of embarrassing moments out of my mind but I can remember a time I met a date at a movie theater. After the movie got out and I was driving away I remembered that parking lot always confuses me and I ended up pulling out of the parking lot and going the wrong way around a roundabout. There was a car right behind me so I tried to hurry and get out of the way, unfortunately that car was a cop and he pulled me over. My date saw the whole thing and was laughing at me as he drove by. The story ends well, I didn't get a ticket and the cop reminded me to just go where the road takes me haha.

Greatest accomplishment so far: Getting my Bachelor's Degree in 2 years.

What is one of your quirks?: I take a bath every night and read in the tub.

Worst Date: The worst date I've been on recently was when my Bishop set me up with a young man he knows. The guy called me a couple of times before our date and we got along great. When he picked me up though he let me know his favorite sports team was playing a really big game right then. Even though he planned and set this date he was clearly annoyed to be missing the game and anxious to get home and watch it. Most of what he chose to talk about was his lady friends and the activities he likes to do with them. This is one of those dates when you are mentally counting the minutes until its over.

Best Date: I don't want to set some unattainable standard for what would qualify as a fantastic date with me, I'm easy to please. My favorite dates include walking around a farmer's market, zoo, going to a baseball game... Basically anything outside with food and great conversation.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?: I studied accounting because I like budgeting and financial planning. I went to Utah Valley University.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: I am actually pretty shy. I really try hard to make people around me feel comfortable and at ease. Because of this, even a lot of my close friends don't realize how shy I naturally am.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment - For Christmas one year, my sister and I were given a pink Barbie Convertible that we could driver ourselves. Being older and quite in charge, I would make her sit on the back so my best friend could have the front seat.  I was such a brat.  Don't worry, I grew out of it!

Your best physical feature - Is it inappropriate to say my butt? Yes? Okay, than I'll go with my hair.  It's long, full and red. It tends to garner the most attention, minus the aforementioned asset. 

Your best quality - I'm surprising.  People can never quite pin me down. I'm a tad sassy (in a good way, not a rude way), which keeps people on their toes. I say and do things that are unexpected but always pleasant.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right? - While this life stage has been fun, I'm ready for the next one. Plus, I've been in love with Mr. Wrong, and I'm over it. Let's just skip to Mr. Right, because who wants the broken heart that goes with Mr. Wrong?

What would your last boyfriend say about you? - He would say I am a lovable klutz, and honestly I am.  On one of our first dates, I tried to jump on a love sac and ended up in the fireplace with the heat guard on top of me.  No really, that happened. That wasn't my last mishap during our relationship, and I guarantee there will be more to come.  He found it endearing, and I know someone else will too.

Most embarrassing moment? - I was living in NYC, and there was an impromptu soccer event where NBA players played pro soccer players.  The streets were packed, and the police shut down the entrance with guard rails.  I thought I could be sneaky and jump over them quickly before they noticed. I was half way over when the rail tipped with me on it.  I crashed, and about 200 people turned to watch.  In retrospect, climbing over a railing in a skirt wasn't my best decision.

Greatest accomplishment so far - My volunteer abroud.  It was nerve racking to fly completely alone to Russia when I didn't speak the language. I lived with a host family, which was super awkward at first. Teaching English didn't come naturally to me, but I worked at it. By the end, I could tell I was making a difference those kids lives. 

What is one of your quirks? - I hate feet. I can't stand when someones feet touch me. Random, I know.  

Worst date - To tell the whole story would take too long, so I've opted to put it in list form for easier viewing.
1. Didn't call, but texted to ask me out.
2. Called me from me driveway and said "I'm here."
3. He asked me where to go for dinner.
4. When I said I didn't know, he said "Well I don't know the area, so you are going to have to tell me where to go."
5. He lived 4 miles away.
6. There was a forty min wait until we were seated. So, he asked me what I knew around there. When I said "There's a Barnes and Noble," he said, "Oh you like to read?" in a condescending voice.
7. He made multiple jokes about making me pay.
8. After dinner, he took me back to his place and made me watch Jacka**
9. He squeezed my thigh while making a joke at my expense.
10. He asked for a massage.
11. He offered to give me a massage.
12. He turned on Ultimate Fighting Championship.
13. He dropped me off on the street.
14. He didn't even put the car in park.
I wish this was an embellishment.

Best Date - My best date was to the Phoenix Art Museum. There was a dark room with mirrored walls and LED lights that flickered in colors and reflected off the mirrors; it was disorienting at first.  We sat in the corner for an hour watching and laughing at people who would come in, be surprised and try to feel there way out. We discussed art, literature and music.  There was an undeniable chemistry.   I think sometimes the best dates aren't really about what you're doing; it's about who you are with or the connection you have with them.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?
I took a business marketing class in high school that I loved. So, that's what I wanted to do at BYU.  After taking and despising all the business courses, I took an Advertising class on a whim.  I loved it. I changed my major and never looked back.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world? - I once had a dream that I was an anthropologist who travelled the world and wrote about dating customs and wedding traditions in different cultures.  Since then, I've thought seriously about how to make that happen. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: I had a wonderful childhood. All of it was memorable. When I was 7 my family moved from California to North Carolina. My friends and family in California had me fully convinced that in North Carolina I would be speaking a new language. To this day, if I hear someone say “Mash that button” I think of my mom telling me that I would grow up using this phrase. For the record, I never have.

Your best physical feature: Smile or eyes. You decide.

Your best quality: I am horrible at writing about myself, so I asked some good friends and here are their responses:
· Infectious joy
· Friendly
· Outgoing and I like to meet all sorts of people and am very accepting.
· My ability to laugh at bad/awkward situations
· I genuinely care about people and are personally interested in them 100%
· Positivity
· I can walk into any room and within 20 minutes I will have become best friends with someone, know their life story, know someone’s cousin, have a date lined up and may have already made out with someone.
· Fun, spontaneous, helpful/supportive.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: I have been in a handful of serious relationships in the past 10 years and I feel like I’m in a good place in my life to add someone to the mix. I am happy, I have a good job, I love where I live and am trying to do what is right.

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: Well, 100% of the guys that I have had as boyfriends and broken up with me have said that they want to remain friends. In most cases this hasn’t been ideal for me so it hasn’t happened. I asked the last guy I dated what he would say about me and here is his answer: “I would say… you are sexy, considerate, sexy, fun, sexy, very enjoyable to be around, sexy, hot, sexy, one of a kind, sexy, most caring, sexy....”

Most embarrassing moment?: I am a huge klutz and have fallen (down/up the stairs) more than I’d care to admit. The most recent time this happened I was in Paris running down the subway stairs to get on a train after church and I missed about 6 stairs and landed face first on the platform with my skirt around my waist. Well hello, Paris.

Greatest accomplishment so far: Running a marathon in a downpour a few days after I had been dumped.

What is one of your quirks?: I laugh at everything. You think I’m kidding.

Worst Date: A few years ago I went on a double date with a few friends. My date was in charge of planning the activities for the evening and by the time we were all in the car heading to dinner, we realized that we had no plan. We ended up at an IHOP in the ghetto and afterward, I asked him to take me home because it became apparent that he did not want to be there with me anymore. He drove really recklessly back to my house, abruptly stopped the car and asked me if he had to walk me up to the door. I said yes and before we said goodbye for the night, he asked for the other girl's phone number right in front of me.

Best Date: I definitely don’t need money spent on me for a date to be good. One of the best dates I’ve been on consisted of walking around little Italy in San Francisco, reading beatnik poetry to each other in a bookstore and having a nice casual dinner.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?: I got my Associates Degree at Ricks College in Family Studies, then went to Utah State as an Interior Design major and ended up at Utah Valley State College as an English Literature major. It took me a while to find my niche in college and once I finally found it, I was in heaven.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: My favorite movies are old musicals or super cheesy chick-flicks. I will not watch scary movies. Don’t try me – this is not an open invitation. Have I mentioned my stubbornness?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment:  I have a lot of fun childhood memories.  The one that comes to mind first involves me and my older brother.  We are very close in age so my brother was definitely my partner in crime.  I remember we both got in trouble one day for digging a hole in the side yard, filling it with water to make mud, stirring the “pot” of mud with broomsticks, and then “painting” the front of the house with the muddy broomsticks.  Since the front of the house was white, and broomsticks are not ideal for painting and covering an area in color, our work of art was quite noticeable when my dad came home from work.  Needless to say my dad was not a happy camper…

Your best physical feature: Either my eyes or my rear end.  I think it depends who you ask…

Your best quality:  I’m loyal, almost to a fault.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right? It feels like good timing.  I’m really happy with and in my life right now.  Finding “Mr. Right” would only make me happier.  There are a lot of things that I would like to do in life that require a Mr. Right as well…It would be nice to get started on that list.

What would your last boyfriend say about you? Never give me caffeine and sugar when all you want is peace and quiet.  It’s a bad idea.  He would also say that I’m nice to everybody, compassionate, loyal and patient (I asked him…is that allowed? J ).

Most embarrassing moment:  Awkward conversations with my mother…in front of friends…mostly in Jr. High.  I’ve blocked them from my memory...

Greatest accomplishment so far:  Surviving life in general thus far? And with a positive outlook on life.  My mission, teaching myself guitar and how to write music/lyrics are also accomplishments I’d put toward the top of that list.

What is one of your quirks:  When I’m happy, and eating, or eating and like what I’m eating, I swing whatever utensil happens to be in my right hand back and forth.  I’m not conducting a symphony in my head or waving people off, I’m just happy.  Or happy with my food.  I do it without realizing it.  Once I realize it though I stop so as not to further embarrass whoever happens to be eating with me.

Worst date:   This guy from institute asked me on a date.  That is an important detail.  HE asked ME on a date.  It was one of the first dates I’d been on in college.  He picked me up and we went to dinner, which was actually fun.  We had good conversation.  After dinner he asked if I knew this girl whom I will call…Sarah.  As it turns out, I did know her.  He then asked if I knew where she lived.  As it turns out, I did.  He then wanted to drive by her house and see where she lived.  So, thinking this was a little odd, I showed him where she lived.  He then drove by her house over, and over, and over.  He circled the block several times, while telling me how much he wanted to date Sarah.  Wanting to do something other than waste my time counting the number of times he drove by, I asked if he could take me home.  He said yes, but asked me to chip in with gas money since he came all the way out to pick me up (which wasn’t that far I should add).  Epic. Fail.  Stalking your crush NOT a good date, especially when the crush is not your date.

Best date:  I’ve been on a lot of really fun dates and I don’t know that I could really narrow it down to one best date.  The best dates usually involved a lot of laughing, good conversations, potentially embarrassing moments, photo-bombing, and/or absence of awkwardness. 

Did you serve a mission?  Yes.  If so where did you go and what would the Elders say about you?  I served my mission in Belgium.  The Elders would say I laughed a lot, LOVED being there, and worked hard.  They would also say I was easy to make fun of but I welcomed it since it usually ended up with me laughing to the point of tears. (I had a district leader who would actually tally the number of cry-laughs they could get out of me in a district meeting). They would say I wasn’t a “paper-bag missionary,” meaning at no time did I panic or get to the stress point of hyperventilating, aka needing to breathe into a paper bag.  Oh, and I didn’t bake cookies. J 

What did you study in school and why?  Where did you go to college?  I started out as a double music/dance major.  After coming to the conclusion that I am not a prodigy, not cut out for teaching high school, and had a desire to hold a regular everyday job so I could live somewhere other than with my parents, I switched my major to Communications (after of course giving French as a major a try as well).  That’s also about the time I switched from attending BYU to UVU.  In the end I did stick with Communications, and UVU.  I picked Communications to help me in my current career and businesses as well as leave the option open for me to go to grad school someday in another area I am interested in. 

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?  I’m a singer/songwriter.  Music has always been a huge part of my life and my family’s life.  Growing up I wanted to be a country singer, so when I got the nerve and the money to buy a guitar, I did.  I taught myself to play (rather poorly but refer to the “not a prodigy” comment above) and decided to write my own music (because that’s what all the cool country singers did).  With the way life goes and the circumstances that happen, I haven’t been able to ever really focus on that as a career option but I am now able to at least focus on it more than before.  Now that I have several songs written and can play more than just 3 chords the opportunities are becoming more frequent to share my music.  I’m now working with a Grammy-Award winning producer so I’m excited to see where it all goes.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: How do you choose just one moment?  Childhood was a very eventful time in my life. I think one of my favorite memories was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My parents were just poor kids living in Vegas (they were both younger - and maybe poorer - than I am now). For family night we used to drive the strip, or drive to the edge of town to look at the city lights. One night we piled in the car like usual, with my uncle and his wife, to “go for a drive.” About 30 minutes in to the drive they started asking me if I wanted to go home. I wanted to keep going. All the adults were whining like little kids to go home, but I was insistent that we keep going! 2 hours into the drive, the roles reversed and I was ready to go home, but “no! lets keep going!” they insisted. 2.5 hours into the drive I was asleep. Four hours after we left my mom woke me, shaking my shoulder and saying, “Sara, wake up. Look where we are!” I opened my eye to find we had driven all the way to California to visit my grandparents and - thrill of all thrills - my aunt, who is a year younger than me. It was the best surprise and the best trip ever!

Your best physical feature: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Your best quality: Humility.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: Recently someone said to me “We don’t marry the right person, we become the right person.” I love that. Life is a constant journey to try to become something better than we were yesterday. I’ve been on this journey for a little awhile. It would be fun to have someone to walk along
with. Journeys are always more fun when you have someone to share it with!

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: I am a sweetheart, and I’m dangerous.....you decide what that means.

Most embarrassing moment?: I get embarrassed so easily. It is all the little things that make my most embarrassing moments. Like falling down every (and I mean EVERY) staircase at BYU....I even fell down a subway staircase in New York while a crowded platform of people just watched me. Every time was
mortifying. Me and stairscases - not friends. Those are the things that embarrass me. Fainting while singing in church - no big deal.  Greatest accomplishment so far: I feel like a 21st century Elizabeth Bennett listing my accomplishments... Making it to -- single. That is probably my greatest accomplishment. I never aimed to be single this long. It was my dream to marry at 23 (hopefully to a 26 year old man). That was perfect in my young little mind! But being single a little longer than 5 years post-high school has given me a world of experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have learned so much about myself, aboutpeople, about the world - so much that I would have never been able to learn or experience if had married sooner. It is not what I would have wished, but I’m grateful it is what I have been given.

What is one of your quirks?: I had to think about this for awhile. I’m sure my friends could come up with some quirks for me, but the only thing I can think of is: I lick gum wrappers. I don’t know why. I put a piece of gum in my mouth, lick the wrapper and fold it back up. Weird. .....I’m going to stop doing that right now.
(but probably not)

Worst Date: I have had not the best dates for sure - everyone has, guys and girls - but I would hate for my worst date to read this and know it was him. Besides, my worst dates weren’t that bad....just an awkward couple of hours. I’ve had worse. The only thing I will say about bad dates is the difference between a
bad date and a good date is genuine thoughtfulness about the other person. Be interested in your date. Talk to them (you think that’s obvious, don’t you). Be conscientious of their time (marathon dates are rarely good). A plan is always good. Most importantly (especially for girls) always be grateful and thankful. Even if it is not the best date in the world, everyone appreciates being appreciated.

Best Date: A friend asked me out for my birthday one year. I had been out of town on my birthday so it had been kind of overlooked and he wanted to make sure we celebrated. We had never been out before so it was a fun surprise. He took me to dinner and then latin dancing (I didn’t know anything about latin dancing so thankfully they offered a class before). It sounds simple enough, but the date was so much fun! Every part of the date was great. The restaurant was amazing. Dancing was a blast. Every part of it was something new for me. But the best part of the date was realizing I didn’t really know the guy I thought I knew so well. I was discovering someone completely different than I thought I knew.  That, to me, is the best part of dating. Discovering people.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?: I studied Humanities with an emphasis in Art History at BYU. I thought I’d go to BYU and study Accounting or Finance like the rest of my family, or maybe even do pre-med, but my dad encouraged me to study what I love. I am so grateful for that advice. It may not have lead to an obvious career choice but it has definitely enriched my life and led to fun experiences.  I love Humanities. It is the study of everything I love about life - beauty and people. In Humanities you get to study people, eras, and/or a cultures through their art. You learn about how they thought, how they felt, what they valued, how they expressed themselves, and how changes in the world - changes in their lives - affected them. It is all expressed in their art. I never felt like I learned enough in college, so a few years ago I went back to school and received my Masters in American Fine & Decorative Arts from the Sotheby’s Institute.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: They say not to judge a book by it’s cover. That is definitely true of me. I am not exactly what I appear to be.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{ And then there were 5 }

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our potential Mormon Bachelorettes as much as we have over the last few weeks.  5 more of our finalists will be showcased before the polls open on Monday, May 23rd when you will be able to vote for who you would like to see as the next Mormon Bachelorette.  She will be announced officially on Monday, May 30th.

Enjoy the rest of our finalists' videos and get excited for another season of true Mormon love!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: When I was five, I had a birthday party at McDonald's. It doesn't take much to make a kid happy. Also, the best part of my childhood was having four sisters to play with. We came up with all sorts of different games and also loved playing outside, rollerskating, riding our bikes and scooters and all other sorts of fun contraptions we had as kids.

Your best physical feature: My hair, I come from a long line of good hair genes.

Your best quality: My honesty. If you want an opinion, I'll give it to you straight.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: Going on lots of dates has helped me see which qualities are a good fit for me. I think I have a pretty good grasp on what I'm looking for and I am ready for this journey to find true love!

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: He would say that I was the best thing that ever happened to him... and then he met his wife.

Most embarrassing moment?: Hm, let's see, well I've taken a couple good spills. In high school I was walking up the stairs with a bag of cheetos in my hand. It was a crowded staircase with people all around. I tripped and fell on my face and cheetos went flying everywhere. Other than that I don't have anything too embarrassing  well um actually I think I do, but I'm not going to share it on this website. I'll save that moment to share later.

Greatest accomplishment so far: Being the very favorite aunt to my 11 nieces and nephews. (Don't tell my four sisters, but I'm pretty sure I'm the favorite :)

What is one of your quirks?: I like to wear flip-flops year round. After growing up for 10 years in California, I still consider myself a California girl at heart.

Worst Date: One time I went on a blind date and he picked me up in the family mini van. And his entire family was actually in the mini van. Yep it was a blind date with the whole family!

Best Date: My date took me on a helicopter ride over Salt Lake City and temple square. Very Bachelorette-like, don't you think? That's going to be hard to beat, but don't worry, I'm always down for dinner and a movie too, best time to get all snuggly!

Did you serve a mission?: I did serve a mission in Belgium. If so where did you go and what would the elders say about you?: The elders would say, Elle est tres gentille et elle a travaille tres dur au cours de sa mission. (That's right, I speak French, the language of love!)

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?: First I went to BYU and studied broadcast journalism. After I graduated, I ended up working in a medical office. I loved the healthcare industry so much, I decided to go back to school for dental hygiene. I thought it would be rewarding to interact with patients on a daily basis and it is.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: When I was at BYU, I got into the Police Beat section of the newspaper. The story was so good, it made it into the best of Police Beat for the year. If you want details, ask me on our date!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: So many to choose from! But this one will always stick out to me. I was a child of the 80s, which of course meant that my sisters and I had a crimper. We came up with this brilliant idea to crimp our Barbies' hair. Well, that didn't turn out too well for the Barbies and melted their hair right off. And sadly, our crimper was never the same.

Your best physical feature: My smile. A shout out goes to my orthodontist for that one!

Your best quality: I am a great secret keeper. Don't even try to get it out of me.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: Why wait?

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: He'd probably say something along the lines of, "I'm absolutely devastated! Living life without her is just pointless, and clearly I can't go on any longer. (long sigh, tear wipe...)"

Most embarrassing moment?: The most recent one would have to be when I accidentally set off the emergency alarm in the elevator. At work. Of a 38th floor building. In a very crowded elevator. Oh, and it was Monday morning. What a great start to the week!

Greatest accomplishment so far: As Mr. Sinatra sings, "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..." Having lived and worked in New York City for a few years now, I think I can "make it anywhere."

What is one of your quirks?: If you found me awake in my apartment at 2:00 in the morning, there's a good chance I've fallen into one of my spontaneous deep-cleaning sprees. No seriously, toothbrush in hand.

Worst Date: (Disclaimer: The guy did plan this date, it was just a series of unfortunate events that were out of his control.) My friend set me up with this guy she taught with at the MTC. The plan was to go to the hot pots in Midway, UT. The short version of things: his friends got there about an hour late (they had the firewood for the fire); our tinfoil dinners only cooked half way before we had to leave; we got to Provo Canyon five minutes after it closed for the night for construction (yes, that's how long ago I was at BYU); we drove all the way back through Midway, Provo and Salt Lake City before finally getting to Provo. Poor guy---he kept apologizing and none of it was his fault. Needless to say, when he dropped me off was the last time we saw each other.

Best Date: My favorite dates are ones that are just fun, without too much fanfare (this does not mean unplanned). All I need is good conversation, good food, and lots of laughing.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?:
I went to BYU and studied Advertising & Marketing Communications. My older and wiser sister was actually the one who suggested that I try it. Turns out I loved it!

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: I have this life-long desire to visit all the countries whose names end in "-land". Like Thailand, Iceland, Swaziland...And I've already knocked a few off the list.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: I have many wonderful memories growing up with my two brothers. The most memorable childhood moment would probably be vacating in Mexico. We would, and still go, to San Felipe Mexico several times a year. Over the years many family friends have joined us. The beaches are almost complete barren which provides the most perfect environment for young children to run free in bathing suits, swim in the warm ocean, ride motor cycles over the sand dunes, explore, have firework shows and huge bonfires. These memories of Mexico and my brothers are priceless.

Your best physical feature: On my first date with Rick Buck, the dentist, I asked if I passed the dentist inspection for my teeth. He told me I have very nice teeth. I figure I better have decent teeth after five years of braces. Still to this day, I wear my retainers!

Your best quality: Many of my close friend say I have "Beana Charm" which I believe is really just my ability to connect with people. I genuinely LOVE people and have an interest in them and think people really feel that.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: I need an eternal travel companion!!!!

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: That I am sweet. That I did a lot of nice things for him. That I am a good time, all the time and that everyone in his family love me. He probably also has some funny stories about me hitting my head or falling.

Most embarrassing moment?: During my sophomore year of college, I had come home on Halloween night and a boy who lived next to me was locked out of his apartment. I told him he could wait in my apartment until his roommates came home. "Jarad" and my roommates and I visited for an hour until his roommates got home. To my surprise, "Jarad" called me a couple days later to go on a date. I was so excited and impressed because I never would have thought he would be into me. We talked a couple of times over the week to discuss the date. I was waiting on my couch the night of the date when another "Jarad" from the ward came over. I didn't bother to get up to make any effort because I thought this "Jarad" had just come over to hang out. All of a sudden, "Jarad" asked if I was ready to go. Then it hit me, "Oh crap the Jarad that had asked me out was not Halloween Jarad, but was the awkward Jarad from my ward." Later that night my roommates and I died laughing over my mistaken date with "Jarad".

Greatest accomplishment so far: My greatest accomplishment so far is being true to myself and being completely happy. I know that many people look at my life and think how pathetic it is that I am a flight attendant. I know, it doesn't take a great brain to serve Diet Coke to people in the sky. However, I can honestly say I am truly to the depths of my soul happy. I have two college degrees. I had a career. It wasn't my cup of tea; I was not completely fulfilled. I was not completely happy. So, I made a change. I quit my job, which meant a HUGE pay-cut as well as a huge loss of security. If in the situation again, I would do it the same because happiness knows no price.

What is one of your quirks?: I snort when I laugh hard. People (even my own brother) have accused me of faking it. So not true. In fact, I think it may run in my family because when I get my Mom or Dad to laugh REALLY hard, you will occasionally get a snort out of them.

Worst date: Ha. I LOVE bad dates and bad date stories. They build character and make for delightful stories later on in life. One of my worst dates ever was within the past year. The date was a dead end from the start. I was tired from work and wasn't really feeling up to a date anyway. This guy picked me up and brought me flower (it was a first date).

Best Date: I believe simplicity is the best. My first semester at BYU-Hawaii a guy came and got me (he did not have a car, as many students don't in Hawaii) and we rode our bikes to a overgrown area that was full of hundreds of flexible trees. For two hours we climbed tress like we were little kids. That was it. It was simple and I loved it!

Where did you go to college?: Where didn't I go to school? I started college off with a semester at UVSC (now UVU) then went to BYU Provo for a year and a half. I was fortunate enough to go to BYU- Hawaii where I feel like I fully evolved into myself. I LOVE BYU-Hawaii! What did you study in school and why?: I got a degree in Elementary Education and a degree in Special Education because I value the family unit. I value nurturing and raising children. My Mother quit teaching so she could be at home with children, but the reality is that she never stopped teaching. She taught everyday of her life, just in a different and more influential facet, within the home.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?:
Two life goals I have are to 1) write a book and 2) become a motivational speaker.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: So one funny thing about me is that I have a terrible memory. Terrible. It could be an undiagnosed medical problem, but it has some benefits, so I haven't checked it out. Back to the point - I don't remember too many stories, except the infamous ones that get repeated often. The MOST infamous story is one where my dad and I were at the grocery store (a very rare thing) and I was about 3. I wanted a cereal and my dad had said no. The story goes that I stood looking at him from a couple of feet down the aisle, froze with a murderous expression on my face and then suddenly threw the box down and took off running the other direction screaming "don't beat me anymore, daddy.... don't beat me anymore." My dad is pretty shy and it was pretty traumatic for him as I don't think he has ever so much as spanked me. Needless to say, no more trips to the grocery store.

Your best physical feature: Umm... my eyes?

Your best quality: Genuine.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: Building a life with my best friend sounds pretty perfect to me.

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: I tend to stay pretty good friends with guys that I have dated for a while. I think that most of them would tell you I'm great and they can't wait for me to get married so someone else can help me drag my Christmas tree in every year! :)

Most embarrassing moment? Probably posting my video to a website to find Mr Right....

Greatest accomplishment so far: Renovating my house. It was a super stressful six months and I'm still sane - kinda.

What is one of your quirks?: I love romance novels - no shame.

Worst Date: 2am, lost in Elko Nevada, trying to get bail money to "spring" my date.

Best Date: Good company, good food and a sonic diet coke! Paris couldn't hurt.

Where did you go to college?: I went to BYU Hawaii, BYU Provo and University of Utah. What did you study in school and why?: I studied business and am pretty sure that I don't remember one thing I learned (please refer to the first question).

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: Except for the people who know me well, people seem to think that I am strong and independent and have all it all together - which always surprises me. I am actually pretty sensitive, vulnerable and am looking forward to having a partner to lean on.