Monday, May 23, 2011


It was SO difficult to choose only 14 finalists from all the amazing women that submitted videos to be the next Mormon Bachelorette but there can only be 1 this season.  We wish we could choose each one to be the next Mormon Bachelorette!  Here they are in no particular order.  Vote for the woman you want to watch on this season's Mormon Bachelorette by voting on the side bar at the left.  Keep in mind that there are many factors we are considering in choosing the next Mormon Bachelorette - not just voting.  We will announce our girl on Monday, May 30th.  Meanwhile - all you eligible Bachelors out there apply!  You never know how true Mormon love can be found... just ask Aubrey and Rick!

Steph Zundel
New York, NY
Event Planner

Joleen Kremin
Lubbock, TX
CPA and PhD Student

Heather Kane
Salt Lake City, UT
Account Executive

Sara Olds
Huntington Beach, CA
Corporate Marketing

Stefanie Rasmussen
Sandy, Utah
3rd Grade Teacher

Alisha White
Scottsdale, AZ
General Mills Sales and Promotional Planner

Stacey Wismer
Portland, OR
Dental Hygienist

Ashley Wood
San Dimas, CA

Jane Madsen
New York, NY
Media Planner

Megan Whalen
Phoenix, AZ
Advertising Account Manager

Beana Hathaway
Salt Lake City, UT
Flight Attendant

Steph Conran
Palo Alto, CA
Civil Engineer

Ashley Chapman
Mesa, AZ
Marketing Events Coordinator

Ashley Elliason
Orem, UT
Real Estate


Unknown said...

Go Stefanie R!!!!

Unknown said...

Joleen Kremin!!!!!!! You got this!!!!!!

olivia:] said...

Go Joleen Kremin!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie Housley said...

Ashley Chapman!!

jeanine said...

I'm hoping to see Jane!

Kim Messick said...

Can I have 2 votes?! I vote for Ashley Chapman and Alisha...

Sharon said...

Stef R!

Karen said...

Hands down STACEY STACEY STACEY!!!! She has it in the bag. She is by far the stand out! And what's up with all the 24 and 25 year olds??? Lets see a hottie 31 year old as the next bachelorette!!!

Unknown said...

I thought you already chose Beana to be the next Bachelorette? If so, what are we voting for?

Dawn said...

Ashley Chapman...for the win!!!!

kwily said...

Heather! Heather! Heather! She's beautiful and hilarious! Can't hold the caffeine addiction against her!

Pemberley Court said...

Ashley Eliason!!!!!!

Caytee said...

Joleen is hands down the best choice! Not only is she Beautiful, talented, and smart... I would also bet that she would make this the most exciting and entertaining Mormon Bachelorette! It's a given!

Uzi said...

STEPH Z is the only one I want to see! The only one worth following that is!

Weston said...

It has to be said, Stacey is by far the hottest chick and from all the guys perspective she's the one we want. I'm sorry to the other ladies but they aren't at the level Stacey is. Please put Stacey in! She us our choice.

Meg Ruth said...

Heather Kane!! I think she would be a great choice!

Karen said...

Stacey!! Pick Stacey! We are so excited for her to be the bachelorette. She is so GORGEOUS, talented, intelligent, witty, has an awesome sense of humor, so fun to be around, postive, has a huge caring heart, happy, and so creative. She has so much support from her family, friends, and fans in doing the bachelorette. STACEY, you are awesome!!!

Lee Harmon Waters said...


Unknown said...

Ashley Chapman, miss amazing shoulder blades by far!

Brian said...

Heather Kane - Salt Lake City.

Laura said...

Stacey Stacey Stacey the world wants Stacey! I scream, you scream, we all scream for Stacey!

Taylor Family said...

Go Joleen, I love ya!

Justin and Silvia said...

Hi I vite for Stephenie Zundel. New York, NY. Love you Steph

Erin said...

GO ASHLEY CHAPMAN!! We're all voting for you, girl!! :)

Karen said...

Stacey, Stacey, Stacey!!

Unknown said...

Ashley Chapman!! She seems super sweet!

The story of a girl said...

Steph Conran gets my vote!!

Marshall Family said...

Go Stef R!!!

Unknown said...

Stef R has the biggest following worldwide! Pick her, pick her!

Four Seasons Finds said...


Lindy Yam said...

Jane Jane Jane!!!!

Brian said...

Heather - brains, beauty and style! The honesty is a plus too. She drinks diet coke in SLC?

Karen said...

Stacey!!! She's the best pick. Her birthday is Tuesday, what a great present to be announced the next bachelorette on Monday!

Lucy Lybbert said...

Heather!!! there is no other way

Momza said...

Ashley Chapman, HANDS DOWN!

heather warren said...

Sara Olds no contest!

Terry said...

Sara, only Sara

Wendi said...

One thing no one has mentioned is that Heather has a great singing voice! Good luck Heather!

Andrea @ strawberry-chic said...

Heather Kane! Good luck!

Andy said...

Heather! Heather! Heather!

Kjrsten said...

fer rills!