Monday, May 16, 2011


Most memorable childhood moment: I had a wonderful childhood. All of it was memorable. When I was 7 my family moved from California to North Carolina. My friends and family in California had me fully convinced that in North Carolina I would be speaking a new language. To this day, if I hear someone say “Mash that button” I think of my mom telling me that I would grow up using this phrase. For the record, I never have.

Your best physical feature: Smile or eyes. You decide.

Your best quality: I am horrible at writing about myself, so I asked some good friends and here are their responses:
· Infectious joy
· Friendly
· Outgoing and I like to meet all sorts of people and am very accepting.
· My ability to laugh at bad/awkward situations
· I genuinely care about people and are personally interested in them 100%
· Positivity
· I can walk into any room and within 20 minutes I will have become best friends with someone, know their life story, know someone’s cousin, have a date lined up and may have already made out with someone.
· Fun, spontaneous, helpful/supportive.

Why are you ready to find Mr. Right?: I have been in a handful of serious relationships in the past 10 years and I feel like I’m in a good place in my life to add someone to the mix. I am happy, I have a good job, I love where I live and am trying to do what is right.

What would your last boyfriend say about you?: Well, 100% of the guys that I have had as boyfriends and broken up with me have said that they want to remain friends. In most cases this hasn’t been ideal for me so it hasn’t happened. I asked the last guy I dated what he would say about me and here is his answer: “I would say… you are sexy, considerate, sexy, fun, sexy, very enjoyable to be around, sexy, hot, sexy, one of a kind, sexy, most caring, sexy....”

Most embarrassing moment?: I am a huge klutz and have fallen (down/up the stairs) more than I’d care to admit. The most recent time this happened I was in Paris running down the subway stairs to get on a train after church and I missed about 6 stairs and landed face first on the platform with my skirt around my waist. Well hello, Paris.

Greatest accomplishment so far: Running a marathon in a downpour a few days after I had been dumped.

What is one of your quirks?: I laugh at everything. You think I’m kidding.

Worst Date: A few years ago I went on a double date with a few friends. My date was in charge of planning the activities for the evening and by the time we were all in the car heading to dinner, we realized that we had no plan. We ended up at an IHOP in the ghetto and afterward, I asked him to take me home because it became apparent that he did not want to be there with me anymore. He drove really recklessly back to my house, abruptly stopped the car and asked me if he had to walk me up to the door. I said yes and before we said goodbye for the night, he asked for the other girl's phone number right in front of me.

Best Date: I definitely don’t need money spent on me for a date to be good. One of the best dates I’ve been on consisted of walking around little Italy in San Francisco, reading beatnik poetry to each other in a bookstore and having a nice casual dinner.

What did you study in school and why? Where did you go to college?: I got my Associates Degree at Ricks College in Family Studies, then went to Utah State as an Interior Design major and ended up at Utah Valley State College as an English Literature major. It took me a while to find my niche in college and once I finally found it, I was in heaven.

What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you that you want to share here with the world?: My favorite movies are old musicals or super cheesy chick-flicks. I will not watch scary movies. Don’t try me – this is not an open invitation. Have I mentioned my stubbornness?


Geoff said...

Glad to see Michael Scott's favorite New York-style pizzeria there in the background.

Sidenote: I speak Castilian Spanish. Just sayin'...

heidikins said...

If you want an epic Mormon Bachelorette, you absolutely must choose Steph! She'll rock the socks off this entire thing!


Steph said...

Steph C here! Let me tell you about Steph Z. She ROCKS! We've been friends for YEARS and I still think she's great!:) She is one of the best pillow talkers I know (though none of these men would experience that on this show, they might have that to look forward to!). She's outgoing and fun and sassy. Yes, crazy sassy, in the best of ways! So, if it's not to be me, I vote Steph Z! I'm definitely a Zundel fan! Even better, how about two MBs! Steph C and Steph Z for MB? Totally catchy, right? :)

Bud & Kim said...

This girl is my BFF and she is seriously amazing! Not only would this be an awesome opportunity for her this season would be hilarious and entertaining for sure!

Karlie said...

Awesome! Go Steph!!! Must pick her.

Derek and Ang said...

Choose Steph!!! Love this girl. Might be the friendliest and most outgoing person I have ever known. She's not kidding when she says she can walk into a room of people she doesn't know and be best friends with someone within 20 mins. And guaranteed wherever you send her, she will run into someone she knows.

Uzi said...

There is only one thing better than Flying Trapeze on TMB, and that is Steph Z! As the other half of Zundelac, I will have to say that there would not be a dull moment and you will most likely get the most hits and followers of ANY TMB to date. And let's be honest, those that don't know Steph Z either wish they did or have been living under a rock for the past 12 years. 'Nuff said!

Sherry Ashford said...

I love this video...she would be perfect!!

Debsie Doodle said...

Great video! She would be perfect for this!

Deveny said...

Oh my word, she's adorable! Pick her!!

rebecca said...

I vote for this girl. I can't think of anyone I would rather watch go on a bunch of dates.

Anonymous said...

Steph is pure magic! I would be so riveted if she were the next bachelorette! Seriously, she's your golden ticket:)

Lew said...

Just voted for you! Hope you win!!!