Monday, January 31, 2011

{ DATE #19: Tina Brummitt }

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Here is the truth… It’s hard to keep track of everything about twenty-two girls in one month. To give each girl a fair shot you have to be mentally in each date. Your mind gets tired and wants to check out sometimes, especially when it feels like its going through the same routine. Then after the date you have to remember them each individually when your mind wants to lump them altogether. It’s really nice when something stands out about a girl. Tonight’s date with Tina Brummit was good because she had many things that helped her stand out in the crowd.

Our night started with a home cooked meal. Due to my lack of cooking knowledge, I can only tell you it was chicken in a delicious green sauce. We got to talking about Tina’s previous experience as a volunteer fire fighter. How cool! She had studied fire science and explained to me how frustrating it was putting out a fire. She hasn’t done it for a while now since she moved to Utah. She moved there to go to LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. There she started up two businesses one of them being a traveling spa service. The other is a pet sitting business.

After dinner we did a normal Sunday activity and went to a Church Fireside. The speaker was interesting and inspiring. I don’t know if there was a central message but she talked about prayer, temples, and faith. Our favorite part I think was when she had her grandsons come up and talk. Very emotional.

After the fireside we were off to the Beach. Tina had never stepped foot in the Pacific Ocean. On the way she told me that she did horse gymnastics. “Wait! Back up the bus. What is horse gymnastics?” I asked. She explained but you can look it up if you want to know. When we were almost to the beach she then explained that the next day was her birthday! I couldn’t believe that she would come so far on the day before her b-day to a place she’s never been to spend it with me. That was flattering.

We got to the beach and she dipped her feet in the ocean. Or at least she tried to just dip her feet because the Pacific Ocean attacked her and got her dress wet. Well lastly we went back to where we started our date for a beautifully lit patio for some chocolate cake for dessert. I wanted to sing Happy Birthday but didn’t want to do a solo. Luckily, I wouldn’t have to sing alone because we sang it to each other even though my birthday isn’t til April. It was funny.

There are so many more things left to talk about. I might have to learn a little more about horse gymnastics. We shall see!


Kim Messick said...

Cute girl, cute accent, cute date! Loved seeing the Mormon Bachelorette with her fiance and the snuggie card!!! Awesome! Made me smile! I didn't see them using that snuggie though!

The House That Lars Built said...

love the cameo.

Unknown said...

Tina is so adorable! A sweet little southern girl with lots of personality

Janna said...

Horse gymnastics?! I loved the TMBachelorette cameo too!

Janey said...

snuggie...awesome TMB Staffers!

Mandi said...

The date card and cameo were awesome! Love it!

Julie Standley said...

i think the best part of this date. was the TMB message date card!