Saturday, January 29, 2011

{ DATE #17: Jamie Robinson }

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Geology! So many ways I could go with that. Jamie was my date tonight and came from Colorado where she works as a geologist. In geology, one of the hardest components to predict accurately is the earth’s climate change. I find it just as hard to predict how the first date will go and what to expect. My date tonight ended where I’m sure neither of us predicted. Thankfully, we were two people willing to go with the flow so that good things could happen.

First thing Jamie and I did was walk over to Fritto Misto. During the walk not only did I learn that Jamie is a geologist but also she is works at a geothermal energy plant. We got to talk a little about how the earth can help us recycle energy. She thought it was nerdy but to someone that likes to learn new things, that is interesting. In return I was about to teach her about tooth decay. How is that for nerdy? But I decided we were about to eat and I wanted to keep my appetite.

Next on the list of things we decided to head on over to the Santa Monica Pier to go on some of the rides. For as many times as I had been to the pier I never had tried them. However, the rides were not the fastest or most exhilarating we had ever been on, but we did have fun mocking them. For someone that has been on lots of crazy roller coasters I was impressed at how fun the rides could be just by having someone to enjoy it with. My guess is we didn’t need the rides at all to have a good time.

After we went on a few of the rides and we were temporarily dizzy I had this random idea to continue the date on 3rd Street Promenade. It wasn’t part of the plans, but I’m glad that Jamie trusted me enough to go. I hadn’t been to 3rd Street in a while and I was hoping it would be just as I remembered. It was better than I remembered. What a great place to people watch and comment on a lot of the freak show that go on there. A few times we spontaneously danced with the street performers, including someone that was shooting bubbles in the air. As always the 3rd Street dancers stole the show. The good thing about street performers that makes for a good date is that they are always something to talk about.

Lastly, we went and had some dessert nearby. Here we got to make a new friend who served us and liked to talk to us. I forgot his name but don’t worry you will probably be seeing his name in lights soon. Translation: you probably won’t see his name in lights. Once again we laughed a lot about our new friend. There is nothing like some humor to make you want the night to keep going, but alas it had to end. Hopefully it won’t have to!


Kelly said...

I so enjoyed the bubble dancing!

Kim Messick said...

I was wondering when you were going to hold her hand!!! Finally!
Good job Buckman! :)