Monday, September 17, 2012

{ 3rd Dates - Chris & Danielle }


For the 3rd dates the producers of The Mormon Bachelor decided to take my dates to the blessed state of Utah. I go to school at BYU and the summer was actually winding down so I thought there was no better place to go to take the 3 girls that I thought had the most potential for a 3rd date with me out on the "town" of Provo and surrounding cities.

It was difficult for me to choose the 3rd girl out of the original 11 to take out on a 3rd date because I see a future with 2 of the girls I took out but 3rd place was such a toss up.  I had fun with everyone on the show so I had to make a quick decision about who I might connect with for a last try before the finale.  I really want to find love through this show and I don't want to make the wrong decision.  As I narrowed it down and wrote out a "pros" and "cons" list, Danielle always seemed to rise to the top.  I am highly attracted the Danielle, I love her original laugh, and she has so much to offer.

I did originally think that there could be a romantic possibility with Danielle even though I was feeling stronger feelings as friends but when I called her to ask her on a 3rd date she quickly made it known that she didn't have that spark for me so I decided that I would take her out anyway as friends.  It's always hard to hear that a beautiful girl doesn't want a relationship with you but at the same time I am glad that she was honest.  The silver lining is that in 2 days I am taking out a girl that I have strong romantic feelings for and another a few days after that I can absolutely see as my future.  So in the meantime I am glad that I could take out a new, good "friend".

Glass blowing with Marge in her garage was AWESOME!  She made us each little replicas of our favorite temples to take home.  I thought it was so cool that she started this business and shares her talent with the world and with us that day.  I can't wait to put my little temple on my desk so when I study every day I can be reminded of where I want to get married someday and hopefully soon - the temple.

Even though Danielle and I will only be friends from here on out I can't help but think maybe there is a future?  After all you marry your best friend right?  If it never works out I am glad we have met through this experience and she will make some guy very happy someday.  If it isn't me then it better be someone cool.

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Jenny said...

chris, I like that you are very optimistic about this whole process i hope you , find true love and your best friend in the end of all this, you are AWESOME
p.s. where can you find the lady that did the hand glass blown temples? I would love to find the website, I would like to get one.

Geoff said...

Absolutely. Bring the girl back for a an openly-platonic third date on a DATING show. Punch me in the face.

The Mormon Bachelorette said...

Jenny - you can find the temples at

Anonymous said...

Thank you TMB :)