Sunday, April 29, 2012

{ Help Eric and Seneca! }

Kent's best friend Eric Wood is getting married!  Since we are all about marriage on The Mormon Bachelor we wanted to help them win their dream wedding in Utah!  Here is how you can help...

1. Go to and watch the video for couple #2
2. Vote for couple #2 on the left hand side
3. Repeat on as many electronic devices as you can
4. Share with friends

Kent and Eric met playing little league football together when they were 10.  They had always been good buddies, but became great friends before their missions.  In Eric's words "I've always looked up to Kent and counted him as one of my closest and kindest friends.  We've been college roommates and I've seen Kent in so many phases of his life.  I can say honestly he is ready for love and all the wonderful blessings that follow it.  Girls would be crazy to not take the risk of getting the chance to date him."

Good luck Eric and Seneca!  We hope you win!!!


Anonymous said...

Eric I am so happy for you and Seneca. You guys have so much faith and devotion to each other. Cant wait till all the talking and dreams become reality real soon!!!

The Dark Family said...

I went to vote, but the voting had already closed. :( Sad that I missed it, but I sure hope they win. They have a touching story that brought me to tears!

Sara Borg said...

They won!!!! Yipee!

Anonymous said...

Darling couple!