Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{ Calling All Bachelorettes! }

By now most of you have heard that our Mormon Bachelor Season Four is KENT TUTTLE!  Now comes the fun part - setting up the ladies that will be going on dates with him!  We have received a lot of questions so here is the 411:

1. There will be 5 rounds of dating this season:
- 12 first dates - the Bachelorettes plan these first dates which will take place in Los Angeles, CA
- 6 second dates - Kent will plan these second dates which will take place in Los Angeles, CA
- 3 third dates - the Bachelorettes will take Kent to their hometowns and plan a date and to meet their families
- 2 fourth dates - Kent will take each Bachelorette to his hometown of Sacramento to meet his family
- 1 final date - Kent will reveal his dream girl and will introduce her to Mesa AZ where he currently lives

But right now we are FOCUSED on finding the right 12 BACHELORETTES for this journey of love.  Get your applications in (upper left-hand corner) of this site.  Each Bachelorette will be asked to create a video all about them and why they want to date Kent. E-mail us at themormonbachelorette@gmail.com if you have any questions.


LisAway said...

I love this format. Fewer people to remember and more chance to spend time with the ones that have a chance. :)

Bre said...

Awesome! Love this!

Roxanne said...

i love this new format...way better!!!

Unknown said...

Just to be clear on the when/where/and how's... During what month would each round of dates take place? For anyone who would have to arrange coming to California from out of town/state, it would definitely be helpful in the travel planning process.

Jenn said...

Ohhh I like this new layout! I'm excited!

Unknown said...

Ugh! I don't like the new format because it makes one of the final two girls a loser. That's what ABC does, not a nice internet Mormon show. Unless you plan on offering loser girl her own show. That's what ABC does. Is your nice internet Mormon show going to be as benevolent as ABC?