Monday, July 2, 2012

{ Sistas Beehive and Laurel - We Love You }

With all of the press that The Mormon Bachelor has received in the past several months, yesterday we were guests on one of the most fun!  Sistas In Zion is entertaining, spiritual, HILARIOUS and informative - you should all follow them!  Here is the link to our interview yesterday (Mormon Bachelor on Sistas In Zion) - and a sneak peak into one of Chris' dates this season Tiffany.

Sista Beehive ---------------- Sista Laurel
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Sistas in Zion said...

We loved having TMB on our show, it was so much fun! We've got the first episode of season 4 TMB on our calendar all that is left is for the 5th to arrive, the popcorn to be popped and the Mormon martinis to be poured! We can't wait!

Brit said...

Maybe I'm crazy but the 'Mormon Bachelor on Sistas in Zion' link isn't working for me. Excited to read more about Sistas in Zion!