Sunday, September 26, 2010

{ DATE #10: Brad Green }

How many guys do you know that would be willing to fly all the way across the country to take you on a first date? Well I only know of one, Dr. Brad Green! Honestly, what a stud.

To me the date felt much like a three course meal, and ironically so. We started out with a cooking class in Venice, moved on to an art exhibit in Santa Monica, and finished up with a ride on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. Indeed, it was a very filling and satisfying date.

Let me clue you in on the details of my date with Dr. Brad. I hope he doesn't mind me calling him that. So Dr. Brad is one heck of a human being. He's 32, 6'5" (which meant I got to wear my 4" heels), grew up in Colorado, served his mission to Bogota Colombia, currently resides in New York City, is in his 3rd year of residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan working as an ER doctor, enjoys listening to big band music, operas, and sometimes mixes it up with a little rap.

One interesting little tidbit of information I learned about Brad tonight...he's had more surgeries than I can count on both hands. From cleft lip and palate surgeries to 2 knee surgeries recently, Dr. Brad has seen both sides of the operating table. He said these surgeries were the very experiences that motivated him to pursue a career in Medicine.  Something I find so inspiring!

So what else did I learn about Dr. Brad tonight? Well, I learned he's also Chef Brad, or at least aspires to be a better cook. Don't we all!  For our date we drove up to LA to participate in our first cooking class at the Venice Cooking School where we learned to cook a four course Mexican meal with famous chefs, Martha Rose Shulman and Clifford A. Wright.

Throughout the entire process I was reminded of what a terrible cook I am (I blame it on my Mother...and she knows it). But seriously, I really truly enjoyed the class and learning things like how to properly hold a knife, how to most effectively slice a mango, and a million other useful things I plan on putting into practice in the kitchen. Hopefully Brad enjoyed the learning as much as I did. But I think we'll both agree that sitting down together and eating our creations was the best part of the process. Delish!

With full bellies we said good bye to our new friends and moved on to courses 2 and 3 in Santa Monica. Apparently Brad did his homework (I can't even imagine how intimidating that would be to come up with a fun and creative date in a town you know nothing about.) Luckily, he picked a really popular art exhibit on the Santa Monica Pier called Glow where artists "integrate their works and vision into the familiar coastal environment of Santa Monica." While it was fun and I had a good time exploring with Brad, it didn't quite live up to all the hype. I think that's why we both decided to end the night with a ride on the Ferris Wheel. I still can't believe tonight was my first time on the Santa Monica Pier. I really need to get out of Orange County more, don't I?

Brad was an excellent date. Although it was a little long (8 hours first date!) it was well worth the sacrifice of time and energy. I mean, the guy DID fly nearly 3,000 miles to take me out. I still can't get over that! So will I invite Brad to fly all the way across the country again to take me out? Only time will tell...

{ Thank you again to Larry for following me around all night with a video camera and putting together this video montage of our fantastic date! }


emily said...

Guard and Protect your heart! hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaha! I thought that date was pretty creative. He definitely thought outside of the box. Pretty impressive. You have really had a wide variety of guys. It's great!

Kim Messick said...

Wow! What a GREAT date! Now that's what I call a date! And he even rented a red camero! Awesomeness all around! Do you even know how long I've wanted to take cooking lessons? And then walk along the Santa Monica Pier - back to my birthplace! I was just in awe of this whole date - you lucky girl you! Dr. Brad Green you are awesome in my book!!!

Bracken and Bracken said...

What an impressive man!! I hope he will always gaurd and protect your heart ;) hahah!!!

Steve and Lauren said...

Loved the whole idea behind the whole date! So much thought and effort. Seems like a great catch!:)

Seth Johnson said...

Doctor...chef...snappy dresser...AND intimately acquainted with past quotes from the Bachelorette??? That Dr. Green has got it all going on :)

Plus, you can tell he takes his duties very seriously.