Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello to all our faithful TMB followers! It's been quite some time since we last updated you on your favorite Mormon Bachelor, Rick Buck and his adorable girlfriend Melanie. Rick sent us a few recent pictures and an update of what they've been up to these past few months so we thought we would share them with all of you.

And here's a shout-out to all you ladies out there.  Don't forget, TOMORROW, April 15th, is the deadline for your video submissions to be the next MORMON BACHELORETTE! So step away from the Turbo Tax, because submitting your application video is infinitely more important than filing your taxes.  Trust us!  So what are you waiting for? True Mormon love could be just around the corner!

For a refresher on the rules of the video application, click HERE! Good Luck!

Surprise! We’re back. After a long break from the Mormon Bachelor it is time for an update. I regret to give you the following information. Melanie and I, after a few months of dating, have decided that it is best that we continue dating each other exclusively and not go our separate ways. Haha. Actually things couldn’t be better for Mel and I. So let me give you the scoop on what’s been going down the last little while.

After the last filmed date Mel and I had a week to spend together. That week was amazing! We spent every last minute we could crushing on each other. From an outside point of view you might be confused that we even like each other. We constantly make fun of each other and for some reason we both love it. Don’t worry though, we are as sweet as can be at the perfect moments. The only bad part of that week was the day she left to go back to Ohio. It was the most depressed I had been in a long time, especially because we had no idea how the whole long distance thing would work out.

It didn’t take long for me to buy a plane ticket and two weeks later I was on my way up to Ohio. I was slightly nervous to see what would happen with us. Would we pick up where we left off? Or was our excitement just from the show? However, I’m a pretty confident person who knows what he wants and I knew deep down it was going to be fine… And it was! I met most of Melanie’s family and got to see how she grew up. Her family is full of people that care for her a lot, are easy to get along with, and just plain awesome. Because we needed more time to see where the relationship would go, we made plans for her to visit California after she took care of some business in Utah. The week in Ohio ended on a very high note with feelings flying high. That high note was needed for what would happen next!

Let’s just put it this way: If there was ever an amazing couple that was horrible at long distance it is Mel and I. Communication started great but began to break down. With such busy schedules, our phone calls became shorter and shorter. Then, with almost a month apart, our minds started playing tricks on us about how we actually felt for each other. By the end of the month we wondered what we were actually doing, but ultimately she made it to California. It only took one day back for our relationship to be right back where we left off in Ohio. The funny thing about our month apart is that I have never dated someone that I have had better communication with and that has understood me as well as Mel.

Now Mel has been back in California a few days and let me tell you, we are crazy about each other. In fact, we drive each other crazy too! She makes fun of me because I eat fast food for every meal. I on the other hand make fun of how she “turbo jets it” to the car so I can’t get the door for her. While we poke fun at each other the subtext is how much we care for each other. Then again, she does tease about other things that don’t have a cute underlying message. She laughs at me because I get lint stuck in my belly button which she thought was a myth. I guess its okay because I constantly joke about her unstylish shoes. Don’t tell her this, but I’d date her even if she wore clown shoes. Yep! We are either crazy, or crazy about each other.

Now I know most reading this are Mormon so you all have the same question on your mind. Will The Mormon Bachelor be 2 for 2? We both hope so!


Kim Messick said...

So happy to hear! Happy dating to a happy couple...

Caity said...

Sounds like an interesting relationship. Glad they're happy and having fun though!

And Melanie, let the man open your door for crying out loud!!!

The Dark Family said...

Yay. So glad things are going well! My husband and I had the same communication stress while we were apart for two months(during our courtship). Just know it will and can work out. Good luck to you both and can't wait to hear about the engagement whenever is DOES happen! :)

Unknown said...

They're still together?

crush said...

I agree! Let him open the door for you! Gee whiz!!!!! :o)