Monday, August 15, 2011

{ DATE #14: Dave Mortensen }

Dave Mortensen quickly found the way to my heart when he brought me pink star gazer lilies. I, like most women, am a sucker for flowers.  How can you not feel happier when you have a bright and cheery looking flower sitting on your kitchen island?  The perfect start to the date soon found it’s bumps in the road, as we missed our exit in Scottsdale.  Cool as a cucumber, Dave assured me he didn’t need the GPS, despite being from Utah and not being very familiar with the area.  He’d already scoped out the area earlier in the day (such a sweet gesture! In fact, several of my dates have done this), so he felt sure he could get us back on track.  I was impressed by his composure.

The plan was to go to the riverwalk area of Scottsdale where they have an Art Walk that is supposed to include vendors setup on the bridge on Thursday nights.  For some reason, the bridge was empty.  Still unflinching, Dave led me to stroll down the streets of Old Town Scottsdale, walking past interesting flower shops, art shops, and even wig shops.  This is a great area of the Phoenix valley and I really haven’t spent much time in it.  It was a warm summer evening but Dave did not complain.  He stayed fully engaged in conversation with me.   Dave’s calm and easy going nature was rubbing right off on me.  I felt relaxed and unconcerned with any plans.  I just focused on Dave and getting to know him.  

Dave had made a reservation at Tapas Papa Frita, a restaurant right in the area that I had never been to.   He’d found it through careful research online.  Upon walking in I instantly knew that I was in for a dining experience!  This is where things got back on track and everything was going right.  The server, Nicholas, was personable and obviously knowledgeable.  Rather than us ordering from the menu, Dave requested that Nicholas order for us – to give us his favorites. I loved his willingness to entrust our dinner to the expert.  For the next hour we were showered with 7 different plates of amazing food – eggplant lasagna, ox tail, calamari, fancy things that I can’t even remember how to say.  It was a delightful culinary experience.
The owner of the restaurant, Joseph, a true Spaniard, came to check on us.  He then apologized that the Flamenco dancers who normally perform on Thursday were currently in Spain.  I looked at Dave and gave him a knowing look.  Wow, another part of his masterful plan had fallen through, but he had made no mention of it. Because Dave had just rolled with the punches I never felt concerned.  We just enjoyed our time, conversing, swapping suggestions for teaching Gospel Doctrine (we were both recently called to that position in our wards), and eating some great food. 

On our way back to the car, we paused to look out over the bridge.  Dave had some pennies so we chose to do the quintessential wish on the penny and toss it in the river.  However Dave did want to just toss them in, we needed to flip the coin.  Well, somehow I made it through 27 years without learning how to really flip a coin.  So he patiently tried to teach me.  Can’t say that I did it right, but I gave it a try.

Tonight really was great.  The date just felt so classic – like what every girl is told about when she’s little and when she’s in Young Women’s.  The guy arrives on time, brings you beautiful flowers, opens your door, has a wonderful evening planned, never makes you worry about any amount of money that is spent, because you are a queen for the night and no expense should be spared.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect that for every date, by any means.  But it is the quintessential, “perfect” date.  And Dave came through looking like a champ.

Dave is such an interesting person, someone who works full time in software and then dedicates many of his evenings to a theater production company.  He obviously knows how to prioritize and accomplish a lot – qualities that I certainly admire.  But at the same time, he knows how to enjoy the ride.  I think Dave has life pretty well figured out.   Was it a love connection between the two of us?   It’s hard to say actually.  I really enjoyed my time with Dave and can see potential.  So I guess time will tell.


ktaycall said...

Yea for being back! This brightened up my day. :)

Kim Messick said...

I like them together! He should have held her hand! And I love Ashley's blouse! So cute!
And I'm glad you're back!


Glad you're back, as well.
Glad the music wasn't overpowering in this video.
However, I could not hear Dave very well. I could hear Ashley fine.

Tina said...

I was wishing for some hand holding too. Yay for being back!

H said...

FINALLY a guy who seems genuine with good intentions! I get the impression from interviews with these guys that some of them applied primarily to get their 15 seconds of LDS internet fame, not specifically for Ashley. Not cool, and I hope they know it is totally obvious to the audience. Way to be, Dave!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you're back!

Geoff said...

I wouldn't exactly say Dave was worth the wait (kinda duddy, in my opinion), but it's nice to have some fresh content again. I'm sure you are all breathing sighs of relief!

Steve Cox said...
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Dave said...

Ha! I will agree. I do come off as rather "duddy" in that video. I was a bit bored when I watched it myself. Where are the smiles? the humor? the charm? Heck, where's the personality in the interviews even? It just didn't carry through.

All the promise I thought I saw in my app video kind of disappointed with these videos.

But hey! I enjoyed my night, and while it was clear that spark wasn't there, I was glad to head down to AZ take Ashley out. What a story! (and who can't learn from watching a play by play)

Best of luck to Ashley and this trippy experiment in dating!

Laceski said...

Dave! Your wit and charm and warmth didn't come through in that edit, I have to agree. Annie and I just watched it and we almost had to start a drinking game for every time one of us said, "This video does not do him justice."

The Dave that we know and love and who makes us laugh and lights up a room didn't come across in the video, but we won't hold that against you. ;)

In the backs of our minds, we're just really happy you won't be moving to Mesa anytime soon. We're keeping you, whether you like it or not. :)

Suzanne said...

Dave, you are a sweetheart! And a true gentleman! :)