Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{ DATE #20: Adrian Harris }

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Going into this, I assumed that most of my dates, if not all, would be men that I had not previously met. So you can imagine my surprise when I found a familiar face on my doorstep. I was happy to see Adrian Harris, a baller from Sacramento that I had met about a month prior in Huntington Beach. I immediately knew it was going to be an enjoyable evening with Adrian by my side. And by baller, I can verify that he is a basketball star that knows how to get it done. I’d also been witness to his football abilities on the beach – this boy’s got skillz.

It was great to catch up with Adrian on the happenings in his life as we drove to the Cheesecake Factory. Over dinner I really enjoyed exchanging stories with him about traveling, college, and BYU football games. Each story gave a little window into who Adrian is and what he’s all about. We spent some time reminiscing on our freshmen year at BYU because though we lived in different dorms, we were there the same year and we had some friends in common. It’s always a joy for me to walk down memory lane to that part of my life. Never had I met so many great people in such a short time as when I lived in the dorms. To this day many of those people are still my close friends who have continually inspire and support me.

As we discussed Adrian’s experience with the process for the show, I learned that he had driven here all the way from Sacramento, and that he had stayed up until the early hours of the morning in order to make his application video. I was impressed and extremely flattered by his willingness to give it all for the date. I think that’s very indicative of Adrian and his approach to everything in life. He’s going to give all of his efforts to anything that he values. I know that he will be fully dedicated to a relationship and marriage. In a world of so much uncertainty, that kind of security is extremely desirable.

After a delicious piece of cheesecake we were off to the activity for the evening. I’d been told to bring a swimsuit and towel but still didn’t know what it would be for. As we drove west on the 60 I had my suspicions that we were heading to the local water park, Sun Splash. I was excited when we pulled off at Country Club Drive as this confirmed my thoughts. Though I’ve lived here for four years I’ve never actually made it to Sun Splash; pathetic, I know. So I was stoked at the opportunity to play in the waterpark with Adrian.

We easily agreed on our first ride of choice – the Sidewinder half pipe! We’d both ridden similar rides at other parks but this one looked especially good. Adrian had never ridden one going backward so I let him take the front seat. We plummeted down the incline and I felt that exhilarating moment of fear, when you think that you just might not survive the experience, only to quickly reach the bottom and then fly up the other side of the pipe. Given the fact that you drop 5 stories, I’m pretty sure that anyone would be a little nervous about the initial drop…

Adrian and I wanted to bring the audience along for these great rides and so we took turns wearing a Go Pro camera that was strapped onto us. I’ve always loved watching extreme sports on TV and getting the bird’s eye from one of the riders, which is exactly what you can accomplish with a Go Pro. It was funny to have people look at us and wonder why we had a camera strapped to our chest, but it was worth the inquiring looks to get the footage!

After the Sidewinder, next it was on to the Master Blaster, an actual roller coaster water slide. What an amazing innovation! We had a good ride, but at the end as I bailed off the tube into the pool, I think my exit led to Adrian getting fully dunked! I felt horrible. But Adrian just smiled and we laughed together. He’s got a great ability to laugh it off.

My first impression of Adrian in Huntington Beach was only confirmed on our date – he is a solid member of the church who knows how to work for what he wants. He showed me even more resolutely just how considerate and thoughtful his is. And I saw just how much fun he can be. But to be honest, after I’d spent some time with Adrian in Huntington when we’d met, I had put him in “the friend zone”. There’s not necessarily a solid rhyme or reason to it, but I just wasn’t really interested. I’m sure you’ve been there before where the guy or girl has everything on the “must have list”, and even has some of the “nice to have extras” like looking really good in a swimsuit (yes, Adrian certainly has that going for him!)…but for some reason the interest just wasn’t there. I was open to it during our date, and tried to see if I couldn’t find a spark in my heart, but I don’t think it every really came. I wish that it would have.

I had actually had a really hard day before our date, and I could not have had a more perfect date than Adrian that night. Since he was a friend, I was able to talk openly with him. I even cried a little bit in front of him…not a normal occurrence for a first date (or any subsequent date usually) by any means. But he was perfectly supportive and made me feel a lot better. I truly feel that Adrian was supposed to be my date that night. He was my angel that I needed right then. Adrian is a total catch and he’s going to make some special girl very, very happy.


Kim Messick said...

I must admit, I teared up a little bit when I read the write up on this date...so sad that it didn't work out for these two...he seems like a really great guy. I really like those GoPro camera shots! FUN!

Aaron said...

If he weren't in the friend zone, I for sure would have put him into the 2nd round and as a strong contender for Ashley's heart.

Rachel said...

oh too bad :( they seem like such a great match!

Stacie S-H said...

Aw man too bad bc you guys looked very good together and there was no awkwardness

Lane and Katie Eyre said...

Hey, if Ashley doesn't want him I've got a cute, tall, single sister!

Kari Lyn said...

I would've never guessed "friend zone" on that one! Things seemed to go perfectly. Dang!