Saturday, June 14, 2014

{ Meet Christy Brewer }

{ Christy Brewer - Potential Mormon Bachelorette }

{ 35 - Mesa, Arizona - X-ray Technologist }


Erin Willis said...

Like she said in her video, Christy has wanted to do this for a LONG time! As one of her close friends (evident by being in 3 of her pictures in the video) I have heard all about it! She even asked me to find some sort of hook up with the show when she found out I was dating Alex from Ashley's season. Christy is beautiful, funny, kind, a fantastic mom, and a true friend. It would be a guaranteed great season if she was chosen to be the next Bachelorette! And...she promised to send all the guys she doesn't choose my way...kidding (not kidding).

Peace Love Hope Joy said...

Year of miracles! Christy is amazing, loyal, compassionate, and fun. She's a catch fellas!

Katie Houston said...

You are an admirable person! Your child is lucky to have such an outgoing, fun-loving role model!