Sunday, February 13, 2011


I think everyone must have an inner desire to be a Rock Star. I know I do. I think it would be kind of fun to be on stage singing out to thousands of fans or see people rocking out to my music. The only problem is that I was born with a mediocre voice at best. Though I can’t fill up stadiums and have people copying my every move, I can find one person that would make me feel like a Rock Star. When I called Angie to go out on a second date she not only replied yes but also said, “I feel honored to go out on a second date.” Talk about making a guy feel good about himself.

Our date started out at Dave and Busters. Angie and I started off by talking about past relationships and why some of ours had not worked out. We started on the topic about dating people with ex’s in the picture. I explained how most of my relationships in the past few years the girls had been in lingering relationships with ex’s in the picture. One thing I ask a girls early on is do they have an ex in the picture. Nothing is more unattractive and makes a new relationship unwelcomed than when someone else is still occupying their emotions. Well its funny because Angie also has had that same problem but with guys. It makes us want to scream “Come on people! It’s not hard just break it off completely!”

Okay back to the date. Next we were off to the games. Like I remembered from our last date, Angie likes to laugh. We fooled around playing a lot of the games at Dave and Busters. I really liked to goof off and really get into whatever it was we were playing. Angie let me be the goof I wanted to be and I could make her laugh just as I recalled.

So our date was going great and we started playing that basketball competition game. Now I remember being pretty good at this game. Then we started to play and she beat me, not just once but three times. Humiliation. I was robbed of my masculinity, I was too macho to not try my hand and something else to win my ego back. So we headed over to one of those impossible games where you control a crane and try to pick up a teddy bear. On the first try it was a success. I had one her a stuffed animal and my ego was back to 80%.

The way Angie makes me feel about myself is incredible (except for the whole losing at basketball thing). It is so nice to just be with a girl that you feel wants to be with you. So many times girls make me feel like they are owed a date by me. With Angie she is just appreciative of all you do for her and you feel how she feels about you. I gotta feeling that I have a tough choice ahead of me!


Cammie said...

What a fun, chill date. Angie is a cute girl... seems to have her head on straight. Rich has a hard decision to make. Dating can be hard enough, now he gets to "break up" with 7 girls. Good luck Rick... and bachelorettes. I am so excited to find out Rick's choice!

Fei said...

Rick, I think you hit the nail on the head - the biggest key to having a happy marriage is being married to happy person and being happy yourself. Not silly at all.

It's been wonderful getting to know all these great girls, and getting glimpses of these great potential relationships. Doesn't seem like you can go wrong no matter who choose, good luck!

p.s. Why don't you sit with the girl on the same side on the booth on the second date? It's more intimate because you can hold hands throughout.

KEJ Photo Impressions said...

What is the song and the artist? Cute girl, Angie.

The Mormon Bachelorette said...

"A Love That Will Last" by Renee Olstead