Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A big thanks to everyone who participated in the single's survey! We are at 503 responses and still counting! While the contest is over, the survey will remain open indefinitely as we continue to gather feedback.

Congrats to  Miss Brittany Phillips for winning the movie tickets and a dinner-for-two gift card. Brittany also happens to be one of the wonderful women we highlighted early on in Kent's journey to find true Mormon love for Season 4 The Mormon Bachelor!  Please message with your address so we can get that right out to you! Remember, you must use the winnings on a date! Who is the lucky guy going to be? Send in a photo from the date - we love love afterall;)


The article will appear in the July/August issue of LDS Living Magazine. The book is in progress. We will keep you posted!

Also check out the article that posted today in LDS Living about Kent by Jenny Spencer.  It just keeps getting more and more exciting over here:).

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