Thursday, May 24, 2012

{ Meet Maddy Jack... }

Name: Maddy Jack

Age: 21

Hometown: Riverton, Utah

What I do for work and the best thing about it: I am an Account Manager at an advertising agency in Salt Lake City. Even though we have deadlines almost daily, I love that my office is easy going and that people don't take things too seriously. I like to work hard and keep busy, time always goes by faster that way, and it helps me feel more productive! It's a great feeling when I have worked hard on a project and the client really appreciates the work I have done, and I love seeing the client happy and successful. 

Why Kent and I are going to be soul mates: Honestly, I haven't read a ton about Kent, because I'd rather get to know him in person. But from what I have read, he seems great! The fact that he is continuing his education by going to dental school shows he is motivated and values education. I've never had a cavity, so he can use my teeth as an example any day! He seems to love his family, that is awesome that he realizes the importance of family. Loving and living the gospel also seems like a high priority to him. The gospel is extremely valuable to me as well, I'm not perfect by any means, but I do try my best and want to be with someone who does as well. I think we would have fun together and I'm always up for something new. I think that two ordinary people can become extraordinary together when they are living the gospel and lifting each other up. 


meredith c. said...

hahaha i love her!

CharGardenhire said...

Maddy Jack is by far my favorite person ever! She is so spunky, loads of fun, definitely compassionate, and everything she says she is.


CharGardenhire said...

Maddy Jack is by far my favorite person ever! She is sunky, loads of fun, super compassionate, and everything she says she is. We are like sisters!


Deveny said...

hahaha, this was the best video. She's hilarious - love her!