Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ Meet Courtney Childress... }

Age: 23

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Occupation: Marketing Assistant for Brain State Technologies
The BEST date I have ever been on would be:  We went the the Diamondbacks game, ate a classic hot dog, hung-out and had a good conversation.  We watched the fireworks after the game and then rode on our beach cruisers by Tempe Beach Park enjoying some people watching and the amazing AZ spring weather.  I loved this dated because it was a relaxing atmosphere, and I felt comfortable with my date.  We both seemed to enjoy each others company, the activities and conversation came easy.
The WORST date I have ever been on would be: I was set up on a blind date, So he came to pick me up at my house and we went to dinner. We went to go have Thai food which is not my favorite, but I was up for trying it again.  As we were having dinner, the converstation was became kind-of awkward, but tried my hardest to make the best out of it.  It was a pretty early dinner so I assumed we were doing some type of activity after UNTIL we got back into the car and he said "Hey, sorry to end this so early, but is it cool if I take you back home? I am actually heading down to Tucson with a few friends tonight".  So by 7 o'clock I was back home. This date was an epic fail in my opinion.  I felt like he just felt obligated to take me out because we were set up by mutual friends.  I felt rushed and he didn't seem to be too interested in me or what I had to say but only the time.
Why Kent and I would make a great match: Although I haven't met Kent I think we would make a great match because we both seem ready to follow our hearts and take the next big step in our lives in finding a best friend, spouse, and eternal companion.  We both enjoy sports, adventures,  and traveling.  We both cherish our relationships with our family.  Being close to our families is important and they really are our best friends.  We have strong testimonies of the gospel and want the gospel to be the center of our lives.  We both like to service others and want that to be a huge part of how we live.  I think we have both been let down in some of our relationships, so we both know what we are really looking for in a relationship that will last forever.  We are both motivated, loyal, have the desire to serve others, and tackle life's challenges together with a SMILE on our faces.  


Aaron said...

Very cute, fun girl. I think she has a good shot at going far with Kent.

Dan Hartsock said...

This girl Courtney is gorgeous and confident. She seems like an all-around good, fun girl. Can't wait to see how her and superman interact on a date. I think there is good potential here...

Anonymous said...