Sunday, February 20, 2011

{ In Melanie's Words }

I traveled, several times, from Ohio to California unknowing of the events that were about to unfold before me. Yes, I knew Rick was a great guy, that he was successful and that he was persistent in achieving his goals. Other than that, I myself questioned who is Rick Buck?

We first met last spring at a cookout in Newport. A basketball game was on TV that seemed to attract the majority of the people there, I had zero interest in the game, but I made my way towards that part of the house to mingle with new faces. Rick and I struck up conversation about the Phoenix Suns’ mascot, whom he went to high school with, his passion for being a dentist, his creative ideas about his future and what I enjoyed doing. I can tell you, it was all very memorable. Rick has a way to make others feel completely comfortable around him.

When I heard the news that Rick was the new bachelor, I thought this couldn’t be more fitting for him. He is in his profession, he’s stable, has a good sense of humor and handsome! EVERYthing I wanted in man! I thought some girl would be lucky to capture his heart. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be apart of his journey. But before I knew it, I was landing in Orange County. What was I doing? What if I fell for him? Sooo many questions, but it didn’t matter, I was coming after him!!

A friend helped me come up with my first date idea. It was tough trying to construct a date with a man who had just went out with 21 OTHER girls!! I’m not gonna lie, it sucked to think about me being the last girl, especially when I would come up with an idea that I wanted to do with him, only to realize he had ALREADY done that with date #7 or #13 ect..Yeah, not cool. But it only made me think harder and be more creative. And I’d say, it paid off! Haha

Round 2! Last minute we changed our plans from a boat ride to making a movie..hmm, being on a boat with him sounded wonderful to me, then I remembered, we were not going to be alone, at all, and that wouldn’t be romantic in the slightest! Shout out to “Raul” haha, thanks Charan, we couldn’t have come up with the movie idea or done this masterpiece without you! This date showed me that we could work together as a team and brought out our creative sides. Writing everything on paper was a lot easier then actually doing them. I.E kissing…no worries all you sweet spirits out there, only lips, not even one slip of tongue! Rick took the time to encourage me and made sure I was okay with doing all the scenes, including rolling down a hill filled with weeds and gravel, always a way to romance a girl! He continually made sure I was having a good time and made it clear that he loved doing this with me. Could this guy be real? I wanted to pinch him to double check. Him being so concerned about my happiness only confirmed that this man really did like me!

Of course, me being a woman, I automatically wondered if he was like this with the other girls.  The good thing was that I had seen a lot of their dates and I thought he was different with me and I was on cloud nine! NOW came the tough part, me going home, knowing he had several more dates. HA what fun this would be! NOT! It was hard watching someone who I had just spent so much time with, take out all these sweet, beautiful women. I loved the fact that he was such a gentlemen and kind with them, but darn it, I wanted to be in NY with him! He was on my coast and not with ME!

So now the juicy details! Our final date…kinda :)  He called me, sooo excited to tell me to pack up, that I’m coming back to CA. I didn’t have a say in the matter, he demanded! Within a week, I was BACK on a plane, all for Rick Buck!! However, this time, I was jumping for joy the entire trip. We were going to have a few days together before I met his family. This made all the difference. I don’t think it would have been as great as it was if we didn’t have that time together. Getting everything ready for dinner together made everything real. I gotta say, we were both nervous, they had no idea who he picked. We said a prayer together and were comforted by each other. The whole night was amazing!

Rick and I are always 100% ourselves when together. We have no problem telling each other what is on our mind. From him making fun of my frizzy hair (he totally says I put my finger in a light socket) to me telling him he smells like my grandpa!! Haha, ohh he hates me right now…

But we also share all the small details about our lives that make us who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, fears and triumphs. No story or question was/is off limits with us. We talked about our families, hopes and dreams for the future, the church and our expectations of a husband/wife. I know he loves the way he feels with me, the way he is able to be himself with me, the way I can always bring a smile to his face.

We learned a huge amount about each other in that short week. One my favorite parts was going to his offices and meeting the women that work along side of him everyday!! Ohh the tales they told me. This story will make him laugh at himself and quite possibly embarrass him, but this sums up why Rick needs to get married, asap! They were having a potluck lunch at his office and needed him to pick up some bread - simple enough right? Not for Rick Buck who NEVER grocery shops OR cooks meals, however.  He called them 3 times asking where to go to get bread and where in the store it was located!! No joke! And if you get a moment, ask him how he gets rid of wrinkles in his shirts or what his favorite part of dusting is and even maybe about his t-shirt collection and yellow pants… Something is different about this boy. I can’t put my finger on it, yet it’s so obvious.

I like him. I like him a lot.


Kim Messick said...

Awwww! I think I'm smitten with them! I really enjoyed your side of the romance so far Melanie! Thanks for sharing!

anna said...

aw! how cute. i hope you guys find happiness together!