Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello to all of you loyal TMB followers! We hope you haven't been missing us too much. We know a lot of you have been asking for an update from the happy couple so we thought we'd give you just that. But instead of hearing it from Aubrey or one of the Staffers, we thought we'd let Aubrey's boyfriend, Matt Laidlaw take a turn. Here's a little something Matt put together to share his side of the story. We hope you enjoy!

Two months ago I was in Arizona at the Colorado River with some friends. We were all sitting on a dock late at night watching the water. I was thumbing through my phone looking at Facebook when I stumbled upon a post about the Mormon Bachelorette. I was instantly entertained at the idea that these girls were actually doing a Mormon version of the Bachelorette. I couldn’t help but think they were seriously going out on a limb (especially Aubrey) to find “True Mormon love,” while adding some entertainment value to it. After reading over the entire blog I was impressed by the amount of work that had already gone into this thing and how much thought and effort these staffers and Aubrey were dedicating to TMB. At this point all I knew is that I wanted to be part of it for the simple reason of having fun and possibly adding to the excitement of things.

Now Aubrey and I had met a few times and talked here and there briefly. We both attended the same ward so I saw her on Sundays. I can honestly say that I never got a good vibe from Aubrey during these short exchanges. Not that it was a bad vibe, but I always felt that we said “hi” to be nice and cordial but after that she was ready to move on to whatever else was happening around us. Because of this, I never would have asked Aubrey out on a date and I never in a million years thought I would be picked in the end. Again, my motivation to apply to TMB was purely to have fun and to be a part of something that I thought would get a lot of attention and make some waves. I have a lot of respect for the girls and guys who were putting it on and I thought that I might build some friendships as well.

Going into the first date I really didn’t expect much except to have a nice ride and eat some good food. After knocking on the door and seeing Aubrey, I remember looking into her eyes and thinking, “Wow this girl looks gorgeous.” We then got on my bike and headed down PCH towards the Rusty Pelican. I could sense she wasn’t even a bit afraid of being on a motorcycle. Her adventurous side came out almost immediately and I could tell she was genuinely enjoying the ride. During dinner a very mature side of Aubrey came out that I really wasn’t expecting at all. We talked about school, work, and pretty much everything in life that led us to where we are today. I started questioning her about her intentions and expectations with TMB. She said to me in a very serious tone that she fully expected to be in a relationship at the end of everything and that if she wasn’t then maybe there were some things that needed to be reassessed about her personally. My perception of things shifted slightly at that point, Aubrey was a woman who knew what she wanted and she was using very unconventional methods to get it! This was not a game or a joke to her. I was instantly impressed and found something VERY attractive about it all.

The ride home was like a foggy scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean or something, it was awesome. By the time I was walking her to the door I knew we had a bit of a connection and I felt like a quick kiss would be appropriate to make the whole night that much better. I had just been on one of the best first dates of my life and I never saw it coming. Riding back to Glendora that night I was doing 100 up the freeway, I was seriously on cloud 9. By the next morning I was really hoping to get another date and I had a good feeling about my chances.

For the next week I received numerous calls, texts, and e-mails from friends and family, many of whom I hadn’t heard from in years. I couldn’t believe the exposure that this small blog was getting! How were all these people finding out about it? I still haven’t figured out the answer to that question except for social networking sites and stuff. People were telling me how addicted to the blog they were and how they thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was hearing from people across the country and old missionary companions in other countries. People have contacted me that I don’t even know. I then realized that Aubrey, Erin, Emily, and the other “staffers” created something big, something that a lot of people were enjoying every day.

The next three weeks were a little tough and annoying at times. Never in my life have I been on such a great date only to watch the girl date 20 other dudes (and kiss some) before I could go out with her again. I respected the “show” though and Aubrey’s right to date whoever and have just as good a time as we did together. I was amazed at how far some of the guys traveled and I felt like they deserved just as good a shot as I did. During this time Aubrey and I communicated frequently via text and I could tell there was still a strong spark there so I wasn’t that worried. Aubrey and I also may, or may not have spent one morning together during the course of all these dates as well.

The second date we went on was absolutely perfect. Aubrey picked to go to the wave house in San Diego which was awesome! Justin and Emily filmed that day and they were great company. I can’t say enough good things about Aubrey’s friends and family who all helped with the immense work that this all took. Even Larry, who was some competition for me, thanks for all the hard work and late nights you put in to make TMB a success. Anyways, the date was incredible and I learned a lot more about Aubrey and some of the things she has been through in her life. Aubrey impresses me with something new I learn about her every time we go out. Plain and simple, she is a “doer” not a “talker.” That day Aubrey told me that she had chosen me to meet her parents and I gladly accepted!

Saturday night I went to Aubrey’s parent’s house straight from work. I had been wearing helmets that day and I probably smelt like exhaust. I hope that answers any questions about my hair and clothes. Aubrey’s family is pretty much picture-perfect. Her Mom, Dad, sister, and brother in-law were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Dinner was gourmet and the whole evening was very fun and relaxing. We did go swimming, which wasn’t on camera, but that was the best part of the night by far.

I want to express my thanks again to Aubrey, Erin, Emily, the film crews, Reality-Nephi, and everyone else involved who put in a ton of work. This was a serious project that involved a lot of work. It has been one of the coolest things I have ever participated in.

For everyone that keeps asking me if she is “The One;” I am a realist, Aubrey and I have only been on about 6 dates or so. That is far too early to tell if two people are compatible for the long term. That being said, I am crazy about Aubrey. Sometimes when we are out I can’t help but think we were meant for each other. I respect her in so many ways and I find new ways every time we are together. I look forward to seeing where our relationship goes. This whole thing ended completely different than I would have ever expected, and I couldn’t be happier.


Nicole P said...

Awe, I love this and I am so happy for you Aubs! You're a winner :)

Shayla said...

Love love love!
Ahh SO happy for the two of you!
Thanks for the update!!

ps. people seriously had questions about Matt's hair & clothes?

emily said...

Yay! So cute! Thanks for the shout out Matt. We had a blast with you guys and wanna go out on another double date soon! :)

Crystal said...

ohhhhhhhhhh so romantic and cute to read!!!

Florene or Lori said...

IF you are THE ONE for Aubrey, Matt, I couldn't be happier! I'm totally impressed. Aubrey holds an especially sacred place in my heart, and I pray every day for her happiness.
Go forward with faith, you two.
Love, from Grandma Lori!

Salins family said...

I love Matt's honesty. I think that they are a perfect match and wish them the best. So happy for the update! Keep them coming!!!

McMemories said...

Aww so cute aubrey!! You guys are adorable and keep having fun!! XOXO

Bracken and Bracken said...

I only met the guy for a few hours but he writes just like he talks and I was smiling the whole way through :) Love you guys together, keep going strong!!

Jenny Lynn said...

It has been fun to watch your journey Aubrey. I love your version of the Bachelorette much better than the TV version.

Best wishes to both of you in finding love.

Kim Messick said...

Can I just say "Wow"! That was a great write-up of the Bachelor tells all! Love his honesty and willingness to open up his heart and soul to this whole thing! I'm so happy that things are going so well for both of you!
And I hope you really do find your happily (for)ever after! It would be a great love story!

LisAway said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting this. And please keep us updated!! People all the way in Poland are thinking of you! (weird, eh?)

Kelly said...

Matt's words were heartfelt. I am happy to see them taking it slow but with such optimism for a future together. Wonderful job TMB team!