Friday, October 8, 2010

{ Mid-Season Mocktail Party }

We danced, we mingled, we voted.  We had an unforgettable night with each Bachelor that could make an appearance, our lovely Aubrey Messick, and many wonderful friends.  Enjoy our highlight reel and stay tuned until the polls close tonight when we reveal the Top 8.  Round 2 will begin immediately and will include a series of second dates that Aubrey and the staff at The Mormon Bachelorette have meticulously planned and paid for.  We hope you have enjoyed the adventure so far - it is about to get even better:)


Kim Messick said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at this party! I can't wait to meet the one! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aubs,
Shouldn't we know the seven chosen and then vote on the 8th from the remaining bachelors? Maybe I am just confused on the voting.... it just doesn't seem fair to vote on the ones you would choose anyway.

Maybe it won't make a difference in the end anyway... it looks like Larry stole the show! :)
Love you girl...

Aaron said...

Though that might be the most effective way to vote for #8, it would also make it very obvious who the #8 bachelor is, which wouldn't be fair to him in the public sphere. This way she can gauge our opinion and still allow the final 8 to be on equal footing for the viewers.
Sidenote: Awesome how Larry is the only one without a last name. Gives him a Bono-ish feel. haha

Bracken and Bracken said...

Watching that made me want to be at that party SO bad!! Love you.