Thursday, October 7, 2010

{ DATE #22: Andrew Loper }

Way to go Andrew Loper! I just spent the entire morning and afternoon doing everything I love to do: yoga, eating delicious food, getting pampered at a spa, and doing it all in the company of an incredible guy. Seriously, just enjoyed the date I needed to finish off these 22 first dates!

Andrew drove in from Modesto yesterday, leaving behind his landscape business to take me on this awesome date. The first thing he did right was show up in his Audi A3, my favorite car on the steets right now. I'm just a sucker for a sexy, sporty car. For a few months I thought about trading in the Benz for one, but alas, the thought of a car payment far outweighs the joy of owning a new vehicle. But it was fun to be carted around all day in his Audi and envision what it could have been like.

First stop was CorePower Yoga in Huntington Beach. I absolutely love yoga and love CorePower (party because my roommate is an instructor there) so it was nice to start off the morning with a good sweat. And boy did we sweat. He took me to a heated C2 class and we got quite the workout! If you want a good cardio experience, make sure to go to Aileen's Yoga/Pilates class. Girl knows what she's doing!

We obviously couldn't finish the rest of the date looking like sweaty messes so after yoga we headed back to my place for a quick shower and wardrobe change and got back on the town again for some lunch. The original plan was to stop at the market and pick up some stuff to make food at home, but I decided that my kitchen was too messy to be seen and opted for dining out. Andrew immediately suggested Sugar Shack on Main Street which I was excited about because in all the time I've lived here in Huntington, I've still never been to this local dive. The food was great, conversation was nice, and before we knew it, it was time for our spa appointments at the nearby Hyatt Hotel.

That's right! He treated me to a mani/pedi while he sat beside me and got a pedi too. Major points right there! How many 37 year old men do you know that are comfortable enough with themselves to not only take a first date to get a pedicure, but then join her yourself! Kudos to you Andrew.

What a great date! I feel energized, alive, and surprisingly relaxed, given the night I have ahead of me in choosing 7 guys to go forward into the 2nd dates. I had such a fabulous time and felt like a queen being treated to all my favorite things. I am confident that should I ask him to accompany me on a second date, he would continue to show me the same respect and thoughtfulness he did all throughout today.


Janey said...

Andrew, nice callback to the "pure smoothness" joke!

korth fam said...

I think he should get MEGA points for pampering you. There have been lots of references to how tiring it is to go on lots of dates and someone finally caught on. Kudos to Andrew!

Bracken and Bracken said...

These guys do the nicest things for you!! You are so lucky :)

Julie Loper said...

I know I'm bias'd.... but the Best Bachelor was definitely saved for last! I vote for #22 Andrew Loper who is the most deserving guy I know, and would make any girl very happy.

Calluna Vulgaris said...

Wut!? You didn't take me to get a pedicure on our first date! ;) If there is a second, ask him to play the guitar for you. :)

Florene or Lori said...

I have had so much fun watching my beautiful Granddaughter connect with so many different personalities and doing it so beautifully! Aubrey, you are amazing--and to think we are related! Like I said before, you have a big job ahead of you, picking! Good luck, and listen to tat still small voice inside of you! Love you, GL