Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was sooo hoping Mr. Napkin Head would make an appearance sometime during tonight's date. And of course, Dusty did not disappoint! What a fun date for us to enjoy together. Both Dustin and I have been to Medieval Times before, but not since we were little kids, so I'm glad we both had the chance to go back and enjoy the dinner and show together. Dustin is always such a good sport and I knew he'd have fun with this one!

Anytime I'm with Dusty it's pure entertainment! I think that's why I asked him back for a second date. He always makes me laugh and smile. Just try hanging out with him and not crack a smile. You just can't. His happiness is contagious!

The dinner and show were fabulous. Not quite as realistic as I remember as a wee one, but entertaining nonetheless. We of course lucked out and ended up in the cheering section of my favorite night, the Black and White Knight (didn't he used to just be the Black Knight?) who for some reason just seems the coolest to me. Too bad he ended up being the first one "killed" in the competition. Lame! But it was still fun watching all the jousting, sword fighting, and fancy tricks.

I hope Dusty had as much fun on our date as I did. He seemed to enjoy the dinner, the tournament, and my company as well so I'm guessing he did! The one thing I'm still not sure of is whether or not he sees our relationship developing into more than the wonderful friendship we have. And quite frankly, I'm not sure I do either, but I still think he's quite the catch! Any girl to end up with Dusty would be eternally lucky! And I mean that with all my heart Dusty Buns. You heard me right. Dusty will absolutely be someone's Prince Charming one day! Go Dusty!


emily said...

Fun date! Here are some of my favorite parts:

1. Those horses doing those kicks..hahah (Maybe I'm just tired from my baby teething and keeping me up all night...)
2. Mr. Napkinhead
3. The dancing
4. His interview at the end.... "I've never been asked out by a woman before" hahahahhaha
I love this guy!

Mandi said...

It sure looks like you live in an awesome area! There seem to be so many fun things to do there. Thanks for making this blog. It has been so fun to follow along. I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette and thought it was awesome to see that there was a "Mormon Bachelorette." Seriously, I have been impressed with all the work that has gone into this. How fun. You will have to keep us posted afterwards as well.

Steve and Lauren said...

I love that Dusty made Round Two! I hope he finds a great girl. He should be the next Bachelor hands down!

Bracken and Bracken said...

You know D loved watching this one, horses, sword fighting, dancing, Mr. napkin head :) Dusty is really an awesome guy and it makes me happy that you have a friend like him!!

TheSinglesWard said...

Dusty seems to use his funny and lighthearted charm as a bit of a shield. He needs to let it down and let Aubrey know if he likes her in a romantic way. He's the classic amazing funny guy that somehow always stays single. You're almost there Dusty.

The Jayroes said...

He always does things for the camera.. not loving that. Like he does something and instead of looking at you/smiling at you while doing it, he looks at the camera. He did it on date 1 too. It's like he's more into putting on a show or being funny than you.
Loved your polka dot cardigan!!

Melody's Voice said...

Great dong choice for this date! I love "The Holiday" I watch it every time it come on TV.